Weekend in Review: Recipe Testing and the Super Bowl

I feel like my weekend ran over into today… still catching up! What started out as a weekend with no plans ended up being packed full of fun and lots of cooking. So, here is my weekend in review. Remember, if you’d like to link up YOUR weekend in review… do so in the Linky below!

Friday— Don’t those pictures just make your mouth DROOL. I’m working on a fun project with a couple of friends that requires a LOT of recipe and taste testing. The coconut curry and vegan lettuce wrap are two of the creations that came out of the testing as winners! We had a few other tasty items that I will be sharing on the blog as the project forms. So, be prepared to see more and more recipes on this blog and tasty food pictures in my Instagram feed.
Saturday— I laid low Saturday… but, I still ended up making these delicious Ham and Swiss Sliders for lunch. Oh dear… they were amazing. I also helped a friend research information on self-publishing his writing and in the process learned a lot of the hoops I am going to be jumping through in the semi-near future. Then as the night was winding down and the kiddo was tucked in I got to work on a gift for a friend. I did several versions of this hand-lettered wall hanging. And, after some Instagram feed back I finally wrapped it up and put a bow on it!
Sunday— Super Bowl Sunday!!! It may not be a surprise…. but, while I am not a HUGE fan of football I do love a good party. I was happy to head out to a Superbowl/ Birthday party. I made these tasty mini corn dogs and mustard dip for the party. They were tasty enough that I am going to share the recipe with you tomorrow. :) Aren’t I sweet?
Sometime this weekend I also did my taxes. Yep… they are DONE!
Many more weekends like this and there is no way I’ll ever have Beyonce’s legs. They are amazing, aren’t they?

Enough about me… How was your weekend?

Friday Finds: Ready for Spring

I’m soooooo ready for winter to be over and to get into Spring! This pretty invite from West Elm got me even more excited. I’ll be heading out to bask in the pretty Spring decor next Wednesday… if you are in the area you should totally join me!
Here are some other things that are getting me excited about Spring: 
  • Cherry blossoms… Portland gets the most beautiful cherry blossoms all over the city during the Spring. While I am not looking forward to all the allergies that come with flowering trees, I am excited about the pink and white flowers peeking out everywhere.
  • The Spring Portland Bloggers’ Meet-Up… this March we are going to have SO MUCH FUN. Last year’s Spring Cocktail Party was a blast and one of the first times we were really amping things up for fun. I hope that this March’s meet-up is even better!
  • My blog’s 3rd birthday is April 26th…. I should do something fun! Ideas?
  • Fresh vegetables and pretty garden parties… ahhhhh
  • Mother’s Day…. I am actually really looking forward to it this year since I know I won’t be working! ** Hubby… take note! There are some great resources out there to make it a fun, inexpensive day!**
And, while this isn’t a Spring party necessarily .. it is AWESOME. I wish I had this cool of a party and this kid is 2!— Favorite Things Second Birthday Party

What are you looking forward to about Spring?

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