The Transition to Toddler Bed Day 1

Over the weekend I woke up at 5 AM to the whine of the little guy. I groggily got out of bed and walked out into the hallway on the way to his room. Standing in the middle of the hallway with a grin on his face was my son.

“Did you forget to put the kiddo in his crib?” I asked Brian. “No, why?” he responded.

Yep, the kid learned how to escape his crib. We later caught him on video swinging his leg over the top railing and dropping to the ground smack on his butt. He had thoughtfully thrown his pillow beneath the crib so that he had a soft landing.

Today, in fear of him hurting himself escaping the crib, I decided it was time to convert the crib into the toddler bed. Kiddo thought it was the coolest thing ever to be able to run and get into bed. He sat on his bed all proud. Later he brought books over and I sat on his bed with him to read. It was great!

But, the fun of the bed wore off by nap time. X did not like the freedom the new bed gave him. He usually fights his naps a little, but falls to sleep fairly quickly. Today was not like that. He kept leaving his room. And, if I shut the door to his room he fell to pieces.

So, today Brian and I made efforts to spiff up his room a little more and added in a new night light that shines a pretty picture on the ceiling. We prolonged his nighttime routine a little longer to include a cuddle in his new bed.

As soon as the door shut though the screaming started. LOUD screaming. Like, I’m worried he is going to lose his voice screaming.

I went back in the room and laid down next to him in his bed. He smiled and nearly fell asleep. But, a moment after I snuck out of his room… the screaming started again. This happened three times… Right now, as I’m writing this, I am listening to his little screams and tears and my heart is in a knot. He is now no longer screaming by the door at least, he seems to have made it to his bed for his screaming. **Update** Two hours AFTER bedtime…. B went in there and cuddled him in bed for a bit and he finally fell asleep. That is 5 times of us going in and cuddling. I could do it all night long, except I want him to be able to become independent enough to fall asleep without us.

I really hope that this is just a short transition period and that I made the right choice to move to the toddler bed. I like the idea that he can now get around and play with his toys if he wakes up. But, will the freedom make him less likely to go to sleep? If I had chosen to leave him in the crib I fear that he would have hurt himself… but, maybe not?

Have you had to do the toddler bed transition? How did you decide when was the right time? Any tips or tricks for making the transition easier?

I’m hoping I sleep tonight!

Happy, Happy Day

Yesterday, 12/12/12, was my birthday…. today, I am still smiling from the wonderful day I had yesterday. It was a happy, happy day. Thanks to all my friends and family that made the night possible and came out to celebrate. You made a day that I had been looking forward to for years and years be extra special! I’ll share some party details next week… in the meantime I hope your day is extra happy!

Photo by my brother-in-law @furiousjonny

Tips for Hosting a Holiday Party

Ahhh…. the holidays! It is time for mistletoe, eggnog, cozy sweaters, sparkly dresses and PARTIES! I love the thousand excuses that the holidays give us for celebrating. Basically from October til February it is party central in my brain.

There is no end to the different types of parties that are thrown during the holidays. And, whether you are having a cookie exchange or an elegant cocktail party there are a few simple tips that can make hosting a holiday party less stressful and much more fun. The following tips are items I try to keep in mind when hosting events during the holidays.

1. Schedule well— Yes, the holidays are the time for parties…. which means that your guests will probably have other holiday parties to attend as well. You might have a few to attend yourself. I had a couple of good friends plan a holiday party (and invite people) just to find out that one of them had a company holiday party to attend. You don’t need to plan your event around everyone’s schedules (but, you might wanna check your calendar first) but, there are a few simple things that can ensure you and your guests a less stressful event.

  • Plan in advance…. like WAY in advance. Give a lot of notice and a few reminders if you know you want to have an event. Send out invitations at least 3 weeks early if possible.
  • Plan the event at a day and time that will be more accessible to your guests. There are going to be a ton of holiday events on the Friday and Saturday evenings in the month of December. If your event lends itself to a different time or day, try an afternoon party or a fun happy hour type event on a weekday. Or, set up an open house so that people can come and go as needed.
I used the white christmas lights and garland throughout my partyscape!
2. Use your holiday decorations in your party decor! No one wants to take down an entire Christmas tree and all the trimmings because it doesn’t exactly fit with their party theme. And, many venues will have holiday decorations up. Work with it! All the baubles and decor items that are already up can actually help save you a buck or two on the overall party while still keeping the mood festive. Move items around and restyle them to make the space extra special.
3. Limit Yourself! It is easy to go overboard with any party, but especially holiday parties… I make myself set a strict budget and limit myself on the “projects” I am doing for the party. A few ways to limit yourself and still have a successful holiday party include:
  • Do signature drinks! Instead of having a full bar or a crazy array of beverages choose one to two specialty drinks and serve with water and another popular non-alcoholic option. This is for parties with or without alchohol…. there are a lot of fun non-alcoholic specialty beverages that can be made into a delicious signature drink. Not only will you save a lot of money on beverages if you do signature holiday drinks, but you can also have some fun and make the drinks truly memorable. One of my favorite signature drinks that I’ve made in the past are the “Bubble Machine” and “Ginger Jenni” drinks I made for last year’s birthday celebration.
  • Only make a couple of food items… I am such a fan of homemade food for parties. But, spending two days in the kitchen is certainly not stress-free. If I am having an at-home holiday party I either buy at least half of my food pre-made (cheese, veggie, fruit trays are awesome for this– just take out and put on a different platter!) or ask a few guests to bring items. Having the holiday party in a restaurant? No worries! Let the restaurant do the work for you!
  • Limit myself to three DIY projects. This is the hardest part for me because I love putting DIY details into an event. Typically, I  choose to DIY some paper printables for the party, a favor, and a centerpiece item. I always want to also DIY my outfit, all the party decor, and the food and drinks… but, then I go crazy.

I hope these tips will help you in planning your holiday event.


 Check out my guest post of
 “Tips for Attending a Holiday Party over at Simple Moments Stick!

Today is my birthday!
Yep, my favorite day of the year… and since it is 12/12/12,
 it is also a day I’ve been looking forward to for YEARS.
I’m throwing a little birthday bash this evening
(Party etiquette says you don’t throw your own birthday parties.
But my hubby, friends, & family forgive this little etiquette misstep because they know that getting to plan a party, for me, is a gift in itself! Thanks y’all! )
Follow along my day and see lots of pretty party pictures by checking out my instagram feed @jennibost or follow the hastag #121212jennibday 

Happy 12/12/12!

Want, Need, Wear, Read– My Wish List

Typically around this time of year I am thinking so much about what I want to do for other people that I get a bunch of messages from my family and friends asking me what is on my wish list. This year was no different.

And, while of course there are things I want (I like things)… very few items come to mind when people ask that question. I’m just happy to celebrate with people, especially this year. It has been a long, tough year and I just want to spend some good quality time with people I care about.

However, my sister and mother never, ever take that as an answer…. if you follow my Pinterest boards you might have seen me go a little online window shopping crazy with my wish list. Sorry about that!

A blogger I follow posted her Want, Need, Wear, Read list and I loved it…. so, I am mimicking her a tad and putting up my own list.

Want: I really want to get some pretty barware. I am in love with the twig barware kit and glass bottles with wood stoppers from West Elm. Seriously… check out that jigger! Lovely.

Need: Oh dear, oh dear… I need new underwear and bras SO bad. Pregnancy and nursing did a number on my body. I’d like to throw out all that I have and replace them with some pretty new things from Victoria’s Secret or something similar.

Wear: This area is always my biggest wants… I love things I can wear. Makeup, perfume, lipstick, shoes, purses, accessories, clothing. I love it all. Two things that are big on my want list are a pair of cute rain boots (Target) (I live in Portland, after all!) and a nice looking camera bag (Jo Totes.)

Read: It has been so very long since I have read something longer than a blog post. There are a couple of books I want right now. But, I’m also craving a magazine subscription or two. BUT, the one book I want the most right now is the 2013 Writer’s Market Deluxe Edition. I wouldn’t mind the short story and novel edition too!

What is on your Want, Need, Wear, Read Wish List!?

Tuesday Teaser: Weddings, Cocktails, and Blog Parties

I’m not dead! I have just been swamped. But, I promise that there are LOTS of goodies on the way. Here are a few teaser shots of what is in store as soon as I can get them to you!
Sash Photography took some amazing shots from this Portland wedding that I was fortunate enough to help with!
A yummy cocktail right in time for the holidays!
The Portland Bloggers got together again this past month and had a little meet-up and workshop over SEO. I have some photos to share and some DIY decor tips.
The PNW Blogger group got together to have a holiday party at the beginning of LAST month. I’m just now getting around to putting together a post about the fun times. Love Study Photo was there taking photos!

Update and Week in Review: Holiday Fun, Writing Projects, and Portland Bloggers’ craziness

Wow… I’ve been gone from the blogging world for a bit now. I have a lot of things going on and I’m sure they will result in a ton of posts as soon as I find the time to sit down and write them. 😉 Here is a quick update on whats been going on with me and mine….

Portland Blogger’s Meet-Up: November SEO Event

I really think that this past Portland Bloggers’ Meet-Up was the best yet. I learned SO much about SEO and really enjoyed hearing everyone’s thoughts and opinions on the subject. I’m excited about the idea of having a lot more blogging skills workshops over the next year. A review of the event and SEO information will be going up throughout the week over at the Portland Bloggers Blog.
Goodies from the Portland Bloggers’ November Meet-up. A mug made by me, an awesome blogging print from Motormouth Studio, and a print and pin from Misha Ashton Photography!

First Haircut

X’s hair finally got long enough that we went in to get a haircut. He was good and still for about five seconds before squirming like crazy. I asked the lovely hairdresser to just trim the top a bit, because I love his little cowlick.


We had a wonderful holiday with our friends at our annual Thanksgiving bash. I made a signature cocktail that I plan to share over on my party blog later this week. It was SO tasty, if I do say so myself. The kiddo looked mighty dapper in his tie and sports coat. He didn’t like posing for pictures .. but, I got a few that I will share in a baby style post this week. We didn’t do much else besides eat and relax. What did you do for the holiday?

Portland Bloggers’ Collaboration

I spent this past weekend working on a collaboration with other Portland Bloggers on a super secret fun party shoot that will make its debut later in the month. I’m super excited about how everything turned out and can’t wait to share it!

Other than all of that…. I’ve been working on a writing project that has been kicking my butt. I have never felt so blocked creatively. I’m hoping that I can finish up the first (and hardest) part of the project today/tomorrow. I need to get it done!

Posting will commence as soon as the project has been finished!

In the meantime…
tell me about your holidays so far! 

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