I owe you

Sorry, got caught up enjoying my 6th anniversary with the hubby to post today. I’ll make it up to you tomorrow.

I love you. I just love him more. 😉

Six Years of Marriage

My husband and I met after we were set up on a blind date by mutual friends. He was three weeks from graduating college and I still had two full years to go. A year and a half later and we were engaged to be married. I had never really even thought about marriage before meeting him. After I met him I felt like my whole world flipped on its head and was finally going in the right direction. June 6, 2006 I married my best friend. To this day I am still excited to share my day with him, to listen to his day, and to dream about our future together.
My favorite memories of the past six years:
Our First Year of Marriage
1. Our wedding & honeymoon

Our Second Year of Marriage
1. Our move to Oregon— we hopped into our Uhaul and hit the road. 
It was a long, hard trip. But, such a good decision for us both.
2. My hubby (after two months without a job) got a job at a bookstore where we met some of our greatest friends. 
Our Third Year of Marriage
1.Visited the Oregon coast for the first time. It was my very first trip to see the Pacific Ocean!
2. My family came to visit Oregon for the first time. I was able to show them all around town. 
3. We threw our very first Halloween party (A Haunted Halloween Dinner Party) and it became a yearly tradition for us to host the Halloween party.
Our Fourth Year of Marriage
1.Went camping with friends at Crater Lake. 
Seriously… Oregon is the most beautiful state I’ve ever seen.
2. Traveled to Colorado to see my brother get married. 
3. My husband found a job that he really loves and is fantastic at.
4. I started my blog, A Well Crafted Party.
Our Fifth Year of Marriage
1. Got to see my lil’ sister get married.  
2. Really got started with A Well Crafted Party having parties featured all over the internet.
3. Hubby and I found out we were pregnant!!
4. We bought our first car together.
5. Went on an anniversary weekend touring Portland as if we were tourists.
Our Sixth Year of Marriage
1. We became a family of three.
2. I was able to introduce my son to his paternal great-grandparents. This was very important to me because I grew up with them and wanted so very much for them to meet my children. This was a first time flying on a plane with a little one as well.
3. The wonderful long visit of my in-laws over the holidays. X was lucky to get to spend his first Christmas with family and I was fortunate to have the extra help over that stressful time.
5. The Portland Blogger Meet-Ups began and I was fortunate enough to get to work with wonderful bloggers and make some great new friends.
6. My son… this year so far has been filled with so much love and learning for both me, my husband, and our son. It has seriously been the best thing to happen in my life so far and everything else pales in comparison.
Today is my sixth anniversary with my husband. 
To my love,
Thank you for supporting me and for challenging me.
Thank you for laughing with me and continually making me laugh.
Thank you for giving me our son. 
Thank you for being a wonderful friend, husband, and father. 

I love you always,
Thanks to all my readers for letting me share so much of my life with you. 
What has been your favorite memory of your marriage (or relationship) so far?

{Recipe} German Pancakes & Whiskey and Apple Syrup

Breakfast is probably my favorite meal to make.
The above breakfast was probably the most amazing (and easy) breakfast I’ve ever made.
I used a German Pancake recipe via Smitten Kitchen. I changed it just a tad by using my 12-inch cast iron skillet for the pan rather than two 9-inch cake pans. I’d suggest doing this because it was awesome. The cast iron skillet gives a slightly crispy edge to the crust of the pancake. So, so good.
But, the secret is in the sauce. Or, in this case…the syrup.
My husband claimed this syrup as the best syrup he has had in his entire life.
There was plate licking involved.

{Real Party} My Wedding

I could have sworn that I had posted my wedding on here before…but, searching through my posts I couldn’t find anything about it. My hubby and I are coming up on our six-year anniversary. 
That of course has got me thinking about our big day. 
I loved our wedding. We worked really hard on making it special (and affordable). We tried to pay for most of the event ourselves, but we were very thankful to have help from friends and family. It was an ideal start for a young couple and it has only got better each and every day that we’ve been married. 
 We put our wedding together before the invention of Pinterest and the many wedding blogs out there. Part of me looks forward to one of our bigger anniversary dates so I can throw a huge anniversary party utilizing all of those new tools. 
Here are some of my favorite details of the wedding:
I married the man of my dreams and my best friend. I’m pretty much the luckiest chic on the planet.

The men looking snazzy in their tuxes

My mom handmade all of the dresses for the wedding party

My aunt made my wedding bouquet and added in a handkerchief and cameo from my great-grandmother

We scraped together enough money to pay for a wonderful Jazz band—I wish that I could pay them three times what we did. They were absolutely amazing.

My family made tasty desserts for our dessert and coffee reception

My little sister was my maid of honor—Isn’t she lovely?

Our wedding party was slightly LARGE—It was nice being surrounded by friends and family

The Mother-of-the-Bride and the Mother-of-the-Groom accidentally got the same dresses… but, they looked gorgeous!

My lovely flower girls walking down the aisle
Tomorrow I’ll have a post about the DIY elements of the wedding. Thanks for letting me share!

The PNW Blogger Meet-Up

We all know that I love a good party. When I heard about the Pacific Northwest Blogger’s Meet-Up I couldn’t wait to attend. The Paper Mama threw a pretty decent shin-dig with the help of many amazing sponsors. The event was located at The Lucky Lab in SE Portland. I was fortunate enough to get to meet 50 Pacific Northwest area bloggers, play a fun photo scavenger hunt game, and enjoy some tasty brews. I left with a swag bag full of awesomeness.

Just to be completely honest— networking situations such as these are incredibly difficult for me. I was excited to be able to attend the event, but was more than just a little bit nervous. I’m usually the one throwing events and working on all the details behind the scenes rather than chatting for extended periods with all the guests. I had three panic attacks due to the massive crowd (in small spaces) and trying to talk over everyone. But, these ladies were all so very sweet and friendly that halfway in I didn’t want to leave to go home to the kiddo and hubby. Such a fun time!

I can’t believe I didn’t actually take very many photos of the decor…. but, I took a ton of photos of the lovely ladies. Take this post as an excellent source of inspiration for party-clothing for a summer evening networking event. Some seriously stylish ladies in attendance!

Oh, and if you are a PNW blogger and want to attend the next event then check out the PNW Blogger website and follow along for updates about when tickets go on sale. The next event is slotted for Nov. 3 at West Elm in the Pearl district of Portland, OR.

Now, for some photo-overload. Some of these were taken with my camera and others were taken with my iPhone. Professional photos will be added once we get them from the photographer. Sara, of Sara Gray Photography, was taking photos most of the event and I can’t wait to see her work!

Top Row Left to Right: The Paper Mama; myself and Fork & Vine; Myself & The Friendly Fox Middle Row: Bringing Up Ruby & Me; The Boho Mama, Bringing Up Ruby, myself, and The Paper Mama; Hi Baby Blog & Me Bottom Row: Somewhere in the Middle, Me & Britches & Boots, Me all dolled up; The Boho Mama & me!

Top:  Britches & Boots, A Punk, A Pumpkin, and A Peanut, Fork & Vine Bottom: Margaret Jacobson Photography, Moorea Seal, Fork & Vine

Top Row:  The Velvet Bird, I Might Just Explode  Bottom:Britches & Boots, Say It, Don’t Spray It!; Group of lovely bloggers; Near Sighted Owl & Say It, Don’t Spray It!

Top Row: Hi Baby Blog, The Boho Mama, PDX Mama Bottom Row:  The Curly Cues, Somewhere in the Middle; Rouge & Whimsy , Delightful Neat & All Dressed Up Ashley

Some of the great cards given by the many bloggers in attendance

SWAG Bag goodies from a ton of great sponsors

Some of the many awesome items from the sponsors: Tissue Holder from Posies and Pattycakes; Button earrings via Bliss Baby Designs; Bicycle coin purse from Lil Alice; Button earrings via Mama Mandolin; BirchBox; Remember Miro notebook; Tidy Tots Potty Chair Liners via Mompact; Supportland Card ; Chocolate from Fran’s Chocolates
Linking up with The Paper Mama

Bloggers for Birth Kits

This past week I had the pleasure of getting together with Megan, The Boho Mama, and friends to help put together birth kits to be sent to women of Papua New Guinea via Bloggers for Birth Kits.
Putting together the Birth Kits

Delicious snacks for all the ladies working on the kits

Adorable drink station set up by Megan… seriously most adorable cups and saucers, ever!
Each kit comes with 3X3 plastic square, gauze squares, string, razor blade, 1/8 bar of soap, and plastic gloves
Reading the stories about the conditions of other people in the world when giving birth is extremely eye opening and humbling. It is easy here in America to complain about the conditions we give birth in. We fight about what is better for ourselves and our babies— 
home birth? birthing center? hospital? midwife? OBGYN? 
I feel fortunate to have those choices,
 even if I might have complained about one thing or another along the way.  
I am thankful to the people out there that help to remind me of just how fortunate I am and give me opportunities like this one to help others out there who have not been as fortunate as me. 
More information for Blogging for Birth Kits and ways to help donate to this great cause can be found over at The Mommyhood Memos. So far 4861 birth kits have been donated!
The Mommyhood Memos Bloggers for Birth Kits
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