Real Party: Mad Tea Party Birthday

I am so excited to feature this adorable Mad Tea Party from Scantling Photography. Not only does she take fun, beautiful portraits but she can throw a sweet party!

Here is what she said about the party:

“When Kennedy (Scantling’s daughter) told me she wanted to have a tea party I knew I had to be creative–seeing how Kennedy is not ‘girly’ and she had a lot of boys invited to the party. So we went with a mad hatter tea party theme!”

“For the invitation I made a matching ‘patchwork’ type invite with a cute saying.  We asked all the guest to wear their crazy hats and cooky outfits.”

For Kennedy’s outfit we had a local boutique custom make it to match the theme. (The boutique, ran by Amanda Hankins specializes in custom clothes and accessories for children. To contact the boutique owner check out her facebook page.)

“It is a fun way to be cooky and wild! I went on my search for a ton of tea pots which were mosty found at garage sales and thrift stores! (So I didn’t have to pay more just a few dollars for something I would only use once). I wanted everything to be mismatched in a coordinated way. I purchased a variety of white coffee cups (because, let’s face-it, real tea cups and 4-year-olds don’t mix well).  I bought some colored permanent marker and decorated all my cups differently!
I then got all different colors of plates and napkins and mixed them in different varieties for each setting. I added napkin holders and wands to complete the place setting.
The teapots in the middle were all stacked and had flowers coming out of the top of them. For the room decor I purchased a variety of brightly colored over sized flowers, butterflies, and umbrellas. I then added some streamers and yummy food (we got cookies with bright colors on the tops, little sandwiches, and of course a ton of tea) and we had a fun and exciting party with a huge castle moon bounce for the kids!”

“For the cake we had a cake designer create a topsy turvey 3-tier-style cake with gingham, dots, stars, and a teeny tiny tea pot on top. (The top teir came off and became kennedys personal piece.)”

The cake designer, Tabitha Steward, is located in the Norman, Oklahoma area.

Thanks Lora for letting me feature this sweet party! It looks like the Birthday Girl had a ton of fun!

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