Found: Seriously Awesome Halloween Inspiration

Found: Seriously Awesome Halloween Inspiration
Okay, I was puttering around enjoying reading some blogs when I came across this AMAZING party on Hostess with the Mostess. And, while I have some posts lined up for this week and the next I just had to share this find with you.

“Carnevil” Themed Halloween party from Stefanie of Brooklyn Limestone featured on Hostess with the Mostess
So, of course after drooling over the images I had to follow the link over to Brooklyn Limestone where I was FLOORED. The Halloween parties Stefanie throws and the decorations she puts out are AMAZING! Former themes include Spider Infestation, Mad House, Skeleton Invasion and the Freak Show. 

Welcome to the Mad House! Photo Credit: Brooklyn Limestone
I am also head over heels for her detailed party invitations!
I’m so inspired to really rev up my invitations next year.
Creature Survival Kit Halloween Invitation—Photo Credit: Brooklyn Limestone
So, go check out Brooklyn Limestone and get even more inspired for this year’s Halloween festivities!

{Friday Finds} A Well Crafted Halloween

{Friday Finds} A Well Crafted Halloween
Here at A Well Crafted Party we get really excited about the start of September…
because, it means that we can start working on HALLOWEEN!
Halloween is my holiday. I love the extravagance and playfulness of this holiday.
I love the fact that it can lend itself to so many different themes!
And, I love posting about Halloween.
So, I thought for today’s {Friday Finds}
I’d feature some of the Halloween posts that I featured last year.
Real Parties
For some fun REAL HALLOWEEN PARTIES check out:
Mad Tea Party: An Alice in Wonderland inspired dinner party
Bewitching Ball: A Masquerade Cocktail Party
I’d LOVE for you to share some of your favorite Halloween posts
from around the blogosphere in the comments!
Also, are there any types of Halloween posts you are looking for this year? (i.e. certain crafts, themes or projects?)

Real Party: Mad Tea Party Halloween Pt. 2

Real Party: Mad Tea Party Halloween Pt. 2
Part of the fun of a Halloween party is in the costumes…. and man did everyone go all out! You saw one of the costumes in a previous post. But, there are so much more!

A Mad Tea Party Pt. 2: Costumes
Halloween 2010 

March Hare and Alice

 I made a simple blue dress for the party and wrapped a black ribbon around it. I then bought a blond wig and my costume was complete! The March Hare costume was also DIY– check out the instructions on a previous post.  
 Lewis Carroll and The White Rabbit

  The White Rabbit costume was a lot of fun. She sewed fake flowers all over a beautiful jacket and skirt and then created bunny ears out of felt and attached to a small top hat. The final touches included face make up and an adorable little cotton tail!

Bunny Tails!

Cheshire Cat and Lewis Carroll

Playing Cards

I loved these costumes. It is hard to see how awesome they are right now… but, the couple wore tights with boxers and white shirts on top of them. The tights were in the colors of their suit and then they had playing cards strung around their necks and attached to gloves. Lastly, they attached the foam board playing cards with Velcro so that they were easily detached and reattached.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

 This is actually just one guy who posed all night in two different ways so that we could Photoshop his twin in… loved it! He went shopping for EXTRA Large clothing that would work for his tweedle dee costume and wrapped his middle with foam before dressing for the day. 
He wore knickers and knee socks. 

 White Queen

Mad Hatter

Can you say FABULOUS!?! He went all out for this costume. A red velvet top hat, bright blue hair and he even took part of the hair to make those amazing eyebrows. 
He made his makeup look very Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonerland-esque. 
He even took an old pair of glasses and colored them with an orange marker!

The Knave and The Dodo

These costumes were both made by Natalie (the dodo). 
She told me how she made them so that I could pass the information on to you!

The Knave— All of the main Knave costume parts were made with paper. She used posterboard for the front of the card. Notice that she drew the “bottom” part of the Jack of Hearts and made the top of the costume look like the other side of the card! (Brilliant, right!) She cut the middle of the card and wrapped them around his arms and attached them back to the front of the card with tape. They made sleeves for him to put the card on easily. The hat she made of paper, drawing it to match the hat on the Jack. She cut the pieces of hair and curled them around a pencil to make curly hair. She added a feather and a paper axe to it to make it match the bottom of the card.

The Dodo— A hoody, petticoat, yellow tights, several feather boas and a papier-mache mask created this amazing costume. She bought a grey hoody at goodwill and found a short petticoat that she purchased for the base of the costume. She then stitched the boas onto the pieces while leaving some of the back of the petticoat showing to serve as the little white tail end of a dodo bird.
She found long nose mask that she built up with papier-mache and painted yellow. Lastly, she paired the outfit with yellow tights for the dodo’s legs and feet.

(She is entering these costumes in the Entertain Exchange’s Handmade Halloween Contest)

The Red Queen—”Off with her head!”

We’re All Mad Here!

Natalie is entering her costumes in the:

Entertain Exchange

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