Happy New Year

This past year has been quite amazing. 
~Jan 2011~
I announced my pregnancy to friends and my lovely readers.
I also created a set of free party circle printables
 ~Feb 2011~

Made two sets of free Super Bowl printables
 ~March 2011~
I posted my first “bump” photo and not much else during the month of March. The pregnancy was certainly getting the best of me February through April!
~April 2011~
Did my first {Mommy Monday} post. Becoming a mommy was the biggest thing in my life and I felt that I needed to share it here on my blog. Thanks for taking the journey with me!
~May 2011~
I started to get back into the swing of blogging when May hit. 
I had several real party features as well as a few {Mommy Monday} posts and DIYs. 
My Chalkboard Mug DIY tips is still one of my most popular posts according to the page views. 
~June 2011~ 
were featured on Hostess with the Mostess. 
~July 2011~
During July I really hit my posting stride and had 24 posts about DIY projects, baking recipes and more. One of my favorite posts was sharing my recipe for Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcakes.

~Aug 2011~
In August I announced the arrival of my little man. 

~Sept 2011~
In September I shared two of my real parties— My Beer before Baby Party that I threw for my husband and A Library Themed Birthday Party for a friend.
 ~Oct 2011~
In October I traveled with an infant on a plane, enjoyed being a family of three, and planned a Halloween party.
~Nov 2011~
In November I went to my first Portland Blogger Meet Up 
and had Baby Shower Week here on the blog.
 ~Dec 2011~
December has probably been my busiest month so far this year. 
I haven’t even had much time to blog about it all. 
But, one of my favorite activities had to be participating in the Lovely Package Exchange
Here is to hoping you also had a wonderful year.  
And, a very happy New Year. 

Happy 2012!

 ** Oh, and Thank You to Rain or Shine for the idea for the post**

{Real Party} Little Pumpkin Sip and See

This week is the week of baby showers here at the blog…
Monday we saw a {Real Party} of a rustic, yet soft baby shower for a girl
Tuesday we saw a {Real Party} of a modern robot-themed shower for a boy
Wednesday was {Working on it Wednesday} with inspiration for a woodland-themed shower
Today I have photos from another {Real Party}!
My friends and family were super sweet and threw me a Sip & See for our visit back to Oklahoma.
It was a great opportunity for us to celebrate the little guy while seeing all our friends and family in one place. And, since a lot of our friends in Oklahoma recently had kiddos of their own it was an opportunity for us to meet their little ones as well.

My mom, sister and friend Jill really went all out in decorating for this party. My mom created all the paper goods using scrapbook paper and stickers. She even did the little cupcake toppers out of scrapbooks supplies. They used pumpkins, hay bails,fall foliage and even potpourri on the tables to bring out the feeling of fall.

Jill created name tags for all of the guests since our guests were from all different parts of our lives—h.s. friends, college friends, after-college friends and a ton of family. She also created little tissue paper pumpkins (via Martha) filled with candies for the favors.

The food was AMAZING. My step-mom, Teresa, and my mom made all of the food. They decided to do a dessert buffet with coffee, coffee-punch and water to drink. The menu included: pumpkin cupcakes, orange dip and fruit, mocha scones, acorn bites, s’mores pops, chocolate chippies and so much more! It was really, really delicious.

A lot of our friends and family have little ones of various ages so a kids table was a must. Each bag had toys, carrots, apples, juice, fruit by the foot and crayons. Coloring books were spread out on the table so the kids would not be bored while all the adults were chatting.
Of course the carrots were barely touched.

The ladies also put together a little gift table with photos of our little guy and an activity for guests to work on. Each guest got to fill out an advice form that we will keep and save for our little guy as he gets older. Then they would hang the advice from the clothes line above the table. Some guests even put money on the line for us… it was all so sweet.

Our little family felt so very blessed. 

Thank you to my mom, step-mom, sis and to Jill (and her family!) for throwing us this amazing party. I kept getting questions from everyone asking when I had the time to throw the party or what part of the party I did and it was very fun saying,
“Not a thing! They did it all.”

I couldn’t have done it better myself.

Thank you for checking out our party!
I think a lot of these details would transfer nicely to a very pretty Thanksgiving table!

Real Party: Costumes & Cocktails The Costumes

I’m not in the camp of “dressing up on Halloween is just for the kids.”
Now.. trick or treating is certainly only for the kiddos.

But, I LOVE dressing up for Halloween (or any occasion really).

I enjoy the planning of the outfit, the making of the outfit and then seeing everyone’s outfits!

Every Halloween we have an overwhelmingly awesome amount of people dressing up for the occasion in really amazing costumes. (Check out last year’s response to the Alice in Wonderland theme!)
This year we also had a costume contest!

Check out some of the costumes we had in attendance:
(This is only a smattering of the amazing costumes we got…
it would be a terribly long post if I put up everyone’s amazing costumes!)

Me as a clown (I’m pretty proud that I managed to make that costume!)
My husband as a ring leader and my son the lion!

I made my dress but bought a wig, horn, and white gloves to make my costume. For my husband’s costume we bought a wig, hat, and whip. And, my son wore a lion costume that I purchased from Costumes4Less.

One party-goer decided to go as my son for Halloween!
(His crying baby face was the best.)

Beetlejuice and Lydia (don’t they look amazing!)

The Adams Family— Wednesday even won for Best Overall Costume.

I loved this one… “The Drowning Girl” by Roy Lichtenstein

A Blind Ref

We also had a Mr. Plum, Lana from Archer, Ricky & Lucky Ricardo, Coach McGurk from Home Movies, Border Patrol…. and so many more!

Such a fun night!
Check out the decorations and food from the party as well.

* Some of the above links are affiliate links. Purchases made from affiliate links help support the blogger that posted them. While this is a for profit blog I do not promote products that I have not used and liked. I have purchased items before with Costumes4Less and THEN I became an affiliate. For more information on my advertising policies please see my policies page.

Real Party: Costumes & Cocktails Food

Thank you to all of you lovely readers who are still putting up with Halloween posts from me… I’m currently working on a ton of fall goodies for future posts. But, I wanted to cover our Halloween party before flying into the rest of Fall.
I really enjoy food. I enjoy making food. I enjoy buying food. And, I certainly enjoy EATING food. 
I also really enjoy styling food for a party!
Halloween is probably one of my favorite holidays for really getting creative with food.
This year was no exception.
The Savory!
The centerpiece of the food table had to be the “Off with his Head Cold Cuts Platter.” 
(Idea borrowed from Brooklyn Limestone’s party “Carnevil” featured on Hostessblog.com)
So gross, yet so good!
The “Frog Pate” was actually a mixture of spinach, cream cheese and red pepper flakes dished into phyllo dough cups. These did not last long!
I got the idea for Sinister Salsa from Martha… but, I threw my own spin on it by throwing together diced avocado (3) with 1 can of rotel and 1 can of black beans. It was chunky, spicy, and delish!
Kidney stones have always been a hit and probably the simplest thing I put out… 
Ikea meatballs served with their lingonberry sauce!
I tried to let everyone enjoy their veggies as well so I created a “Creepy Crudite” platter in a large caldron. If you can’t tell I was going for a creepy green, white and yellow color scheme. I thought it looked vaguely eery while still allowing me some fun veggies. I served with a simple spinach dip.
For the savory side of things I also served Rest in Peas, a Decaying Cheese Platter and a Petrified Cheese Log. We didn’t have much in the way of leftovers the next day!
The Sweets!
Halloween is all about the candy, right? I usually make one or two treats and then buy a bunch of candy that people can take home and then I end up with a ton of leftover candy. This year I thought it would be nice to make all of the sweets and see if we had as much left over… 
and, thankfully, most of it was taken!
“To the Grave Cupcakes” were chocolate cupcakes with a fudge frosting covered in cookie crumbs to look like dirt. Each cupcake had a tiny shortbread grave and a gummy worm sticking out of it.
I tried my hand at making caramels for the first time and I think they came out pretty tasty!
I used the Sea Salt Caramel recipe from Delish.com.
I also made the following:
Apple Chips for snacking
Spiced Pumpkin Seeds for snacking
Brain Cupcakes (although, I just used the decorating tips and served Strawberry cupcakes with a vanilla buttercream frosting)
It was a busy couple days in the kitchen… but, I was more than pleased with the spread! 
I hope some of these items inspire you for your next Halloween party.
Check out the Costumes & Cocktails Decorations post from yesterday to see more about this party! And, check back later today to see the fun costumes everyone wore.

Real Party: Costumes &Cocktails Decorations

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween weekend!
We sure did. We had a party on Saturday, a lazy Sunday and then a walk with the little in costume and passing out candy on Monday. It was a fun first Halloween with our little guy.
I know most people are ready for all the Halloween posts to be over… but, I couldn’t wait til next year to post the review and pictures of our annual Halloween party. I’ll wait til next year to post tutorials for all the fun DIY projects in the party… but, for now I’ll post the party pictures!
Our theme this year was Costumes & Cocktails: a traditional creepy Halloween with black, white and orange color scheme; costume contest; and a full bar for fun cocktails.
The Decorations
One of the biggest focal points of the party was the giant spider wall and egg sacs.
It was certainly creepy!
I created the paper goods using free fonts from Dafont.Com* and Illustrator. I put the food labels inside sets of vampire fangs and painted the tips of the fangs red. I got the idea from the interwebs.* But, I reworked the tutorial to fit my needs and supplies.
(*See DIY information below for links)
We cleared out our TV cabinet and made it into a bar for the evening. The bar was topped with liquor, filled with mixers and garnishes and had a selection of glassware on the bottom level. Everything was covered in spider web! I also painted the doors of the cabinet with chalkboard paint and added some fun Halloween martini recipes in chalk.
Well, we didn’t grab pictures of the sheet covered furniture or some of the other small decorations that were throughout the party. The  lighting was fun for a party, but terrible for blog photography! But, you get the idea. Check back later this week for a post on the creepy food and awesome costumes!
DIY information: 
Martha Stewart Tutorial for Spider Egg Sacs
Martha Stewart Tutorial for Creepy Crepe Curtains
Katie Does Fang Placecard Holder Tutorial
Dafont.com fonts used: Moonlight Shadow by David Kerkhoff, KR Boo Lane by Kat’s Fun Fonts and Spider’s Club by Manfred Klein

Quick Costume Idea: Pinterest

Happy Halloween! 

Okay, so I have a big Halloween post coming soon… but, I wanted to get this idea out there just in case anyone was looking for a fun last minute costume for trick-or-treating or a party this evening.
These two adorable people made me jump up and down and squeal with delight when they arrived at my party this past weekend.
They are Pinterest
Super easy and super amazing.

Excuses, Excuses

Yep, I’ve been MIA for a while again. I have good intentions.. I do.
And, I love you all and love blogging… I just have other responsibilities and projects that are taking precedence over this lovely little blog. 
Want to see my excuses? 
1. The Little Guy 
(I think he might always be excuse/reason #1from now on!)
We’ve been really enjoying the Fall weather and many cool events in the Portland area. Two weeks ago we hit the pumpkin patch, last week we checked out the Portland Nursery’s Apple Festival and this week we  have plans for another pumpkin patch. I love fall and experiencing it with the little guy and our little family has just been a treasure.
2. Halloween Prep 
It is that time of year again and my annual Halloween party prep is well underway. Because of reason number 1 I am WAY behind in getting Halloween ready to go this year. 

Sketches of the event with a long to-do list and sketches of my potential Halloween costume!

The invites— If you haven’t gotten one yet don’t fret… I got them done and haven’t put them in the mail yet!
3. Baking & Canning

We recently enjoyed visiting the Portland Nursery’s Apple Tasting (they are open this weekend as well if you are living in the Portland area) where we purchased a TON of apples and pears.
So, I’ve been busy at work cooking, baking and canning all kinds of tasty fall-goodness. 
Apple Upside Down Cake—My Fall version of the popular summer pineapple cake. Recipe coming soon!
Cans of Pear Sauce, Apple Sauce, Apple Butter,  and Pear & Apple Jam!
 So, that is what I’ve been up to and my excuses for not blogging. 

I haven’t even had time to read all my favorite blogs… currently my blog reader has 360 unread items. I’ve got to catch up on my blog stalking and comment on some of my favorite posts!  
I do have many guest posts, tutorials and party posts in the works… but, for now I am going to go back to enjoying my excuses! Have a great day!
What have you been up to this season? I’d love to know… leave a comment or blog link!

Plenty of Projects

I’m really sorry about not getting posts up. 
In all honesty I’ve been really struggling with this being a mom thing. 
Don’t get me wrong.. I love it and I love my little guy, but it is HARD.
I don’t know if my little one has colic or is just having several growth spurts. 
He’ll be great some days and I’ll get the house cleaned, posts written, dinner done and start making plans for the future. 
Then, other days (like the past couple) he cries all the time. And, I mean ALL the time. We are assuming they are growth spurts because he is also hungry all the time on these crazy crying days. 
But, he is lovely and healthy so I am very thankful (even if he can rival me in screaming volume). 
But, enough excuses… onto the projects!
Etsy Shop
I know I’ve said it before, but I think it may actually happen this time. I should have my Etsy shop up with handmade party supplies by the end of October. I’ve been gathering inspiration, making lists, and collecting supplies over the past few months. I will be starting production THIS weekend! 
Is there anything in particular that you would like to see in the shop?
What type of party supplies do you look for when shopping Etsy?
Another Blog
Are you asking yourself, “Really!?! She can barely handle this blog!”
Well, you’re right… this is something in the long term project file. But, my {Mommy Monday} posts have been fairly popular and have (at times) received more comments and page views that my other posts. That is really exciting for me and I LOVE talking about being a mom. But, this is a party blog and I would like to keep its focus on parties. So, I am thinking about starting another blog that focuses on being a mom and more about my personal life.  

I’m completely stumped on a blog name…. suggestions?
Would you read a blog that was more about being a mom or do you think you’d just stick with the party blog?
If you can’t tell from previous posts… I love Halloween.
It is my holiday to throw a party EVERY year. 
Three years ago I threw a Haunted Halloween Dinner
Two years ago I threw a Bewitching Ball.
Last year we had a Mad Tea Party
  Plans are now in the works for a Spirited Cocktail Party.
I’m currently pinning away Halloween ideas and beginning my menu planning. 
(Getting the newest Martha Stewart Halloween magazine sure did help get the process going!)
What are you doing for Halloween?
Do you have any suggestions for a 
“Spirited” Halloween Cocktail Party?
A Portland Blogger’s Meet-Up 
I read a LOT of blogs daily. 
Several of the bloggers that I read happen to live in Portland (where I reside). Some of these people I’ve been following their blogs for so long I feel like I know them better than my own RL friends. 
Weird, huh?
I’ve been thinking about the possibility of meeting a few of these bloggers IRL, but don’t want to come off as a stalker. Recently reading THIS POST from The Little Things We Do has inspired me to try to get a Portland Blogger Meet-Up organized.
Have you been a part of a blogger’s meet-up of some sort? If so, what did you do? 
 Are you a Portland Blogger who would like to be a part of this? If so, when would be a good time/place to meet? E-mail me!

As always… thank you for reading and sticking with the blog even with my recent sporadic posting. I’d love it if you would take the time to help me with my projects by answering some of the above questions.
And, if you have a project you need help on… 
feel free to tell me all about it!

{REAL PARTY} Patriotic Crab Boil

So, this upcoming weekend is  
Independence Day Weekend
and, I totally forgot.
(Pregnancy Brain?)
Summer holidays have always been hard for me to get into as much as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Valentine’s Day…Maybe because it feels like all of summer is a good excuse to throw a party I don’t really feel the need to do it on the same day as everyone else. 
  Yep, I’m a Summer Party Crab. 
I do however like Independence Day (even if I don’t often do a BIG shin-dig)…
Which is why last year I thought it would be fun to throw a Crab Boil around the holiday and spice it up with a few patriotic details so that I didn’t feel like I wasn’t celebrating at least a little. 
And, since the holiday is creeping up on me again this year I thought I’d share the photos with you just in case you needed some last minute party inspiration. 
 (If that is you then check back tomorrow for some {Friday Finds} chock full of Independence Day 
inspiration including FREE PRINTABLES!)

Patriotic Crab Boil
Each guest got a hand painted bib along with their silverware.
The bibs were a bit too small for most guests. But, were cute anyways.
I kept most of the decorating quite simple… a few red and white streamers really brought it all together.
The adorable printables were found FREE at Hostess with the Mostess!
No plates needed for this feast! The buckets were filled with rolls.
I wrapped boxes of sparklers up with fun homemade wrapping papers and created Thank You Tags to finish off the favors.
The aftermath… but, hey! I didn’t have a ton of dishes to do at the end of the night!

 The Details

Really, I didn’t do a bunch for this party. That is one of my favorite parts of a Crab Boil.


I put up red and white streamers around the party areas and our porch area.
I also used the Hostess with the Mostess printables to designate the refreshments area.
Using Illustrator I created a few printables of my own
including some wrapping paper and thank you tags for the favors.
My favorite part was the table… To protect the table I put down some wax paper and then covered the whole table with white butcher paper (seriously the best party supply purchase I’ve ever made). I then added the bibs and silverware packs to each place setting. The bibs and silverware wraps I just free-handed earlier that day. I added galvanized buckets of rolls down the center of the table and ramekins of butter and lemon slices at each place setting…. and that is it!
The main attraction happened at dinner time when I dumped the food on the table!

—The Food—

I did a simple crab boil (and, to tell you the truth… at the last moment we decided to save some money and went without the crab and instead did shrimp and clams). I have two really big pots and I filled them with red potatoes, onions, lemons, corn on the cob, sausage, shrimp and clams. They steamed beautifully with a little bit of white wine. I also added in some spices to give it a bit of a kick.
(Check out this recipe from All Recipes or this one from Martha Stewart)

Well, I hope you enjoyed this {REAL PARTY} post and I hope it shows you can throw together something fun and celebratory even at the last minute. 
It can be simple and simply FUN at the same time.
We are always so happy when having friends over to our place!

What are your plans for Independence Day this year?

One Year Old!

Evidently, while I was out being pregnant and not paying attention to 
my space in the blogosphere my blog turned ONE!

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart’s Birthday Cakes from Start to Finish

So, I wanted to thank everyone for sticking with me and paying attention to this little blog. 
It is still just a personal hobby of mine that I hope to someday do more with, 
but for now it is just where I need it to be. 
I love that I have a place to share my hobby with other people who enjoy the same type of things.
*Read on to see a year’s worth of real parties!*

So here is a small review of the parties I’ve thrown over this past year:
A Childhood Birthday Revisited
Purple and Pinwheels Birthday Dinner
Vegas Themed Wedding Shower
Bike Themed Cocktail Party
Cheery Summer Wedding
The Dynamic Duo ties the Knot Congrats Party
Mad Tea Party
Baby, Welcome to the Circus Baby Shower
Some of the other parties that I threw, but for some reason didn’t feature include an ice-cream themed personal shower and Sesame Street themed adult birthday party. 
I’ll have to dig out those photos to share with you all soon!
Again, thank you so much for following the blog and sharing it with your friends! I’d love to see (and share) your parties and ideas as well. Please shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment with a blog post that you think would fit into this little space of the blogosphere!

A look back at 2010 and glance into the future

Twenty Ten was an eventful year for me. I started this year working really hard towards a goal of moving up in the company at which I work. I was traveling with the company doing hiring and training. And, while I loved that part of the job I hated being away from home and hated coming back to the every day grind of the job. The longer I waited for the position I wanted the more I realized that the position was not for me. I guess that all the comments from people telling me that I needed to be in the event planning field finally got through my thick skull. So, in April 2010 I decided to step down from my role in my company and instead step into the event styling field slowly with this blog.

A Well Crafted Party’s First Post, “Let’s Party” was published on April 26, 2010.

I fell in love with the idea behind the name “A Well Crafted Party.” I really love crafts and creating items with my hands (or computer). And, I really love parties. I thought the whole idea fit me and my goal to a T.

Since that first post in April the blog has grown to have 30 followers, 136 Facebook Fans and over 11,000 page views. While I know that might seem small to some bloggers out there I am overwhelmed with excitement… I never thought the blog could go this far! It makes me really want to continue to create and share on the blog. It makes me want to improve and expand! Thank you so much to each of you lovely readers. I hope that some of these past 90 posts have inspired you in some way. I would LOVE to hear any feedback you may have for me and the blog.

To look back on this year a bit I thought I’d put together a few of my own “TOP of 2010″ lists.

Top Posts of 2010
based on page views
1. Free Printables: Mini Cupcake Toppers 
Top Blog Moments of 2010
based on my own personal memory in no particular order

1. Having one of my parties being featured as one of 
Catch My Party’s Favorite Parties of the Year!!!
My Viva Las Vegas Party is one of 24 amazing parties being featured over at Catch My Party’s Blog
I feel honored to be included and as always… I love the Catch My Party site! 

in the category of Halloween Parties—All Ages.  My “Mad Tea Party” won the prize!
This was my first contest to enter for one of my parties and it was so much fun!
3. Having a wedding I styled and a tutorial featured on Eat Drink Pretty.
It was such an amazing feeling to have one of my favorite blogs feature my work!
4. Having several of my parties featured on Catch My Party
This party hosting site has been such an inspiration to me and I have been super
excited to see several of my parties featured on either the front page or blog. 
If you haven’t checked them out yet… now is the time!
5. Hitting 100 Facebook fans (now 136 and counting)! 
I was so very excited to see so many new faces now following the blog. 
I’m glad you are here! 
 Now…for 2011

The past few weeks I’ve been working very hard on a few projects that will have to stay under the hat for a bit. I’m over the moon about the changes and opportunities for me and this blog that will be happening in 2011. I can’t do it without YOU… so, please leave me comments or e-mail me about things you like, want to see more of, could see less of… etc.

A Few Resolutions:
When I was younger I would write one resolution for every year I have been alive. I’m too old for that now… It would take forever to remember what the resolutions were much less keep to them! So, I just want to leave a couple resolutions I have for this blog:

1. A Blog Redesign!!! I’m not happy with the way the blog looks right now. I was super proud when I FINALLY finished all the elements, but that was for the start of a small project.
I want to give the blog design a much needed makeover and the attention it deserves.
2. To finally take the final step into the Event Styling field and opening my own shop. I am in the process of creating product and preparing myself for the legal side of owning my own small (very small) business. This has been taking up most of my brain the past few months… 
I hope to see it through this year!
 3. Create more tutorials for do-it-yourself projects and more free printables. Those are things I look for in other blogs (along with inspiration) and I hope to provide more of those things for my readers.

Happy New Year to you all! 
Thank you for reading A Well Crafted Party! 
—Always, Jenni   

We Won!

Remember the many posts where I posted about entering the

Entertain Exchange

I’m very excited because the competition was fierce! There were many amazing Halloween parties and I discovered a ton of great new, inspiration blogs to obsess over! 
Check out the contestants and see all the amazing costumes and fun props that won this fun contest. 
Thanks to all the sponsors, judges, and to Susan from Entertain Exchange for putting on this awesome contest!

Holiday Inspiration: SheKnows’ Holiday Party Planner

Okay, I know I’m skipping right from Halloween to Christmas here but I had to share this holiday planner with you! I promise I’ll get back to the holiday at hand as soon as possible (along with some other fun inspiration boards and a circus themed baby shower). But, for now… get inspired for the winter holidays!

When I saw Courtney from Pizzazzerie.com’s post about her Holiday Party Planner for SheKnows.Com I had to go immediately to check it out. If this beautiful 26-page digital wonder packed full of amazing photos and fabulous ideas doesn’t inspire you… well, I don’t know what will!

image via sheknows.com/holiday-entertaining-planner

The photos were taken by Kristin Steele Photography. The shots are inspiring alone but then add on all the ideas and you have yourself some winning work. (I obviously liked this thing!)

I really enjoyed that the party ideas were all new takes on the holiday. While I enjoy some tradition I do tire of party after holiday party of mistletoe, candy canes and hot chocolate.

The party that I can’t wait to throw (other than ALL of them!) is the Coffee and Dessert Party. I love all the browns and tasty looking desserts. I can’t wait to try the Gingerbread Latte!

Image Via sheknows.com/holiday-entertaining-planner

DIY: Two fun uses for picture frames

I love re-purposing items to use in my parties. One of the items that I really like to use in my parties are PICTURE FRAMES! They come in all kinds of fabulous shapes and sizes and can be used in so many different ways. You can use tiny ones on tables to mark place settings or extremely large ones as props in your home photobooth.

So, I thought I’d bring a DIY project using these wonderful multi-use props. Read on to find TWO fun uses for picture frames.

Prepping Your Frame

First things first…you’ve got to prep your frame to work in your party vision. If you’ve already purchased a frame that works in your vision then fantastic… just skip this step. But, if you’re like me and don’t like to spend a TON of money on party projects then read on. I typically purchase frames at Goodwill or a dollar store. Other fun affordable frames can be found at places like Ikea or Target.

Painting your frame in a color that matches your party’s color scheme is the EASIEST way to make it work in your party. I typically grab a handy can of spray paint for this but, you can use acrylic paint or even Modge Podge it and dump glitter all over it.

Project #1: Framed Sign

This project is the easiest way to really bring attention to certain elements of your party. I like to make signs for all of the major areas of my parties: Bar, Dessert Buffet, Photo Booth… etc.

Tools: Prepped frame of any size… I really like using either 5X7 or 8X10 frames and a sign for the area of choice
Directions: Create signs (or, find some awesome FREE PRINTABLES on-line) and print! You could also hand stencil signs or use your calligraphy talents if you have them! Cut to a size that fits your chosen frame. Then, frame the sign and place in the selected area of your party. 
Project #2: Drink or Appetizer Tray
A fun way to put in a whimsical, special detail into a party is using everyday objects in surprising ways. Using a picture frame as a tray gives you the opportunity to personalize drink areas or make passed hors d’oeuvres extra special.

Tools: Prepped frame of at least 8X10 size or larger, fabric or decorative paper, any extra embellishments you might add (I’m using plastic spiders and rhinestones!), a glue if you are adding embellishments
Directions: Take your prepped frame and slide a decorative paper in the frame. Replace the back of the frame with cardboard OR tape down the prop tool on the back of the frame so that the back is completely flat. Add embellishments to frame in an eye catching way. Place frame on side tables, buffets or in your hands for drinks or hors d’oeuvres!

 Hope you got a few ideas from this post! Don’t forget to enter our giveaway for a full “Well Crafted Party” Package! See the link on the right or just CLICK HERE

And by the by… this post is being entered in the:

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