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A Well Crafted Party

Host a Cider Tasting Party – VIDEO

Cider Tasting Party | A Well Crafted Party

Tasting parties are so fun to do as they give guests a bunch of different choices and allows everyone to really find something to their own liking. We’ve done a variety of tasting parties in the past including a whiskey tasting, wine tasting, ice cream tasting, and beer tasting. Yesterday I had the opportunity to […]

A Well Crafted Party

Host a Tasting Party

How to throw a tasting party | A Well Crafted Party

I’ve always been the type of person that likes lots of choices. If you look in my fridge right now I have multiple choices for salad dressings, condiments, and even pickled items. If there is a “sampler” or “chef’s favorites” choice on a menu then you know what I’ll be having. This is why a […]

A Well Crafted Pantry

Triple Berry Miso Smoothie featuring Oregon Blackberries

Triple Berry and Miso Smoothie | A Well Crafted Party

My husband and I have recently been on a bit of a smoothie kick. Our busy schedules make smoothies a fantastic quick and portable breakfast option. We’ve tried a whole bunch of variations. Most of them include some array of vegetables, fruit, and non-dairy milk. Occasionally we will do a smoothie with yogurt, protein powder, or […]