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  1. Why do you write about lifestyle when your blog name is “A Well Crafted Party”? What started out as purely a party blog evolved when life started being less about elaborately designed events on a budget and more about, well… life. I originally tried to keep up two blogs— a lifestyle blog and a party blog. But, splitting my readership and my focus was difficult to keep up with and impossible to promote. I thought about changing the blog name to A Well Crafted Life. But, all in all, I believe that life is a big ole party and we should celebrate each part of it, so I kept the blog name and haven’t looked back.
  2. I found you through free blogging printables, but am not really interested in the rest of it. How do I follow along for just blogging-related items? This blog is a package and some of it revolves around blogging and social media because it is a big part of my life. I try to share about blogging fairly regularly because I know many readers found me through my blogger planner printables, but if it isn’t quite enough then feel free to follow along on the Portland Bloggers mailing list rather than the A Well Crafted Party mailing list. You’ll receive only blogging-related emails. Occasionally that email list will have local blogger opportunities that may not pertain to you, but we also try to regularly share tips and printables to help bloggers from ALL over the globe.
  3. I’d like for you to promote my product/business. How do I get featured on your blog? Please check out my sponsorship page for more information on promotion of your product or business.
  4. Can I guest post for you? A couple times a year I do accept guests posts from bloggers that I know/interact with on set topics. If you are a blogger that is looking to be featured then I’d suggest getting connected via social media or my contact page. I only work with bloggers that I have a relationship with and feel that my readers will enjoy their writing. If you are a company looking to publish a post about your product please know that my blog policies do not allow me to publish sponsored posts written by anyone but myself. I do offer different advertising that can feature your product. Visit my sponsorship page for more info.
  5. I like this printable on your site, but would like something changed… can you do that for me? I’d honestly love to personalize every set of printables, because I believe personalization is a special treat for parties, life and business. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to do that for everyone that asks. I do offer customization and printable design services and would be happy to help personalize a set of printables for a small fee to help pay for my time. Check out my services page for more information.
  6. How do you make your printables? I love this question! I make my printables using Adobe products. However, I believe that you can make a great printable using a variety of products including Microsoft Word, Apple Pages and on-line tools such as Canva or PicMonkey.
  7. Can I share your posts? Thanks so much! I’d love for your to share! But, please be respectful of the time and effort that goes into creating my content. Do not share posts in their entirety. Do not share recipes in their entirety. You are welcome to use one image from a post with proper credit and link to my site. Please do not take an image off of my site to illustrate YOUR content and write “source” underneath it. It doesn’t do either of us any good. If you’d like to share printables then please link back to the printable post and do not share my printable files or a link to my printable file on your site. Again, I really appreciate you sharing my work. As always sharing on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest with proper links back are encouraged! Hashtag something you’ve created based off of my post with #AWellCraftedParty so that I can share as well!
  8. Who did your blog photos? My good friend and amazing family photographer Macey of Moments by Macey took the images that I have used throughout the blog on my headers and within my main pages. Blog post photos are done by myself unless otherwise specified. I’ve been lucky enough to get to work with a variety of great Portland photographers on a variety of posts. Check out my Portland page for more info.
  9. Who did your blog design? My blog is designed around a WordPress theme called Master Theme sold through Mojo Themes. I designed the blog elements and customized it with plugins and custom CSS.
  10. How can I hire you for my event/business/blog? I offer a variety of services on a case-by-case basis depending on my current workload. Those services may include anything from customization of printables to creation of business products and simple, but time consuming tasks such as email response and blog post optimization. Visit my services page for more information.

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