{Working on it Wednesday} Portland Bloggers meet-up and real party posts

{Working on it Wednesday} Portland Bloggers meet-up and real party posts

Today is one of those days where I have been so busy working on content for the blog that I didn’t get around to posting on the blog. But, as I usually post about what I am working on when Wednesday roles around, I thought I’d share a sneak peek into the items that have filled my to do list today!

1. Portland Bloggers’ Meet-Up— I’m not going to lie. This meet-up has kicked my butt. But, it is also going to be one of the most amazing meet-ups we’ve had yet. I’m not even kidding when I say that Portland has some of the most giving creative people. The collaborations and excitement from this event is overwhelming. I might have cried a bit in this whole process. The group has grown to be a really wonderful resource for local bloggers and businesses. I can’t wait to see what this year holds for it!
2. Real Parties— I’m prepping a post about a beautiful rainbow themed first birthday party. The photos are great! The details are wonderful. And, the birthday girl is a CUTIE.
3. Fashion— I’ve been doing the #7daysofstyle challenge with my kiddo. I tell you what… this has been so good for me. Not only have I been getting him out of his pjs, but I’ve been getting him out of the house and into the yard to take the photos. Which means that we’ve played together outside everyday this week. Today we played in the mud. It was refreshing and so important. Is it weird to say that this silly little clothing challenge has made me a better mom?
4. Real Parties—I’m also prepping another real wedding post that I cannot wait to share with you! I tell you what…. you’re going to be blown away with these photos by Katherine McClosky Photography.
5. Fashion— Last, but not least, I’m prepping a fun little “mom style” post that will include a GIVEAWAY from Cushe.

See the theme?
Party, Fashion, Party, Fashion with a little bit of blogging and motherhood sprinkled in?

Now it is your turn—What have you been working on?

{Working on it Wednesday} Valentines’ Day Prep

{Working on it Wednesday} Valentines’ Day Prep
Short and sweet this evening… today I spent the day doing pretty much nothing even though my to do list was a mile long. Which means tomorrow’s to do list is even longer.
But, this evening I did get a few things done. I started the work on some handmade Valentines’ for the upcoming Valentines’ Day party that I am helping host on Saturday. My Valentine’s Day cards are being made out of card stock, some cellophane, and a lot of my favorite pens. I love a good Valentine… don’t you?
But, the best part of the evening was taste testing some amazing cupcakes that Bee from The Spicy Bee was working on. Oh dear, was it good!

What are you working on this Wednesday?


Working on it Wednesday: Valentine’s Day Ladies’ Night

Working on it Wednesday: Valentine’s Day Ladies’ Night

Can you believe that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner? I still feel like I am recovering from Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations… but, a walk through your local store and you’ll be reminded that the time of hearts, flowers, chocolate, and PINK is just around the corner. Now, I know that this day isn’t for everyone… but, I love it. I loved it when I was single. I love it now. Sure, there are things about it I’m not a huge fan of… but, I try to focus on the parts I like. You know me… any excuse for a party!

A few ladies and I are getting together in a couple weekends for a ladies’ night. We’re having a sort of cocktail party with a hot toddy bar, photo booth, valentine exchange, and good company. I wanted to steer away from a large amount of pink and ultra-romantic stuff Although, there will be some pink and of course there will be hearts. But, I have thrown a lot of parties with pink as a main color lately and I’d like to move in a different direction. So, we decided to do a Cozy Flannel Valentines’ Day theme.

I’m excited to bring flannel into the decor and to push myself to stay away from super traditional Valentines’ Day party looks. The above Pinterest board has some of the ideas for the party. I’m really loving some of the pins.  The pictured supplies above give you a real feel of my ideas for the party. I’m loving all of the hand lettered party signs and have been practicing my calligraphy. Can’t wait to pull it out for this party. I also got some feathers, leather, yarn, old sweaters, and flannel to add to the cozy/natural feel of the party.

Are you planning anything for Valentine’s Day? 


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