Giveaway: Sol Republic DECK Wireless Speaker

Disclaimer: I was sent the Sol Republic DECK for purpose of a review and giveaway. All opinions are my own. I’m excited to bring my readers the opportunity to win one! Thank you for reading the sponsored content that helps keep this blog running!

DECK Giveaway from Sol Republic // Sponsored Giveaway on A Well Crafted Party

People are all talking about heading back to school again. It is all over the blogs I read and filling my email inbox with press releases. Because I’m out of college, not a teacher, and a mom of a toddler I haven’t really been thinking about the whole back to school rush. Instead… I’m dreaming of perfect camping supply lists and scheming ideas for this upcoming holiday season. Then I realized, really… that is my back to school! This time of year out come my notebooks and pens ready to study up and plan for ALL THE PARTIES.

A new addition to my study sessions is the Sol Republic x Motorola Deck wireless speaker. I was super surprised when opening up this little, portable speaker to find that it packs a punch. It would be perfect for using at home, camping, parties… the list goes on and on. Speaking of Back-to-School… I would have been so pumped to have this little speaker in my dorm room instead of the HUGE speakers that I had to get the same kind of sound back 10 years ago.

After using this awesome device for the last two weeks I am beyond excited to be able to introduce it to you and offering you a chance at winning it! It would make for a great gift to someone heading off for college, getting married, celebrating a birthday, or having a baby (white noise machine!).

Cool facts about the Sol Republic Deck Wireless Speaker:

  • Indoor and Outdoor settings
  • Connects to your music player of choice via NFC/bluetooth or by a cord!
  • Wireless connection has up to 300 feet range (meaning you can dj from another room!)
  • Up to 5 people can “heist” the music and take turns playing DJ
  • For the control freaks out there … there is also a single player mode
  • It is also a speaker phone! Hook it up to your cell phone and have a conference call!
  • Charges like a cell phone. Super easy to use.
  • Talks to you when turning on, connecting to a device, and changing modes
  • Comes with nifty little case
  • Can be purchased through Radio Shack (check out all the cool colors)

DECK Giveaway from Sol Republic // Sponsored Giveaway on A Well Crafted Party

Sol Republic Deck Wireless Speaker Giveaway:

Okay, here is the fun part… the giveaway! I know I’ve gushed a lot about this little guy. Maybe it is because I’m OLD and remember getting my tunes from a huge cassette player that had to be plugged in. Or, maybe it really just is that cool. You’ll have to try it out yourself to find out! A big shout-out to Sol Republic for providing a Deck Wireless Speaker for one of my readers! Thank you!


DECK Giveaway from Sol Republic // Sponsored Giveaway on A Well Crafted Party

* This giveaway is for readers 18+ in US and Canada only. The winner must not have won a Sol Republic giveaway in the past 6 months (spread the love!). Entries will be accepted until 12:00 AM Tuesday, August 19, 2014. The winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to respond. If the winner does not respond, the prize will be awarded to someone else. Please read all of the rules and regulations of the giveaway. This giveaway is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Twitter or Facebook.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!


What I’m Loving: Smart Camping Gear

What I'm Loving: Really Cool Camp Gear from A Well Crafted Party

Over 8 years ago I married my husband and we went on our very first camping trip as a married couple for our honeymoon. It has always been one of my favorite things to do with my husband, friends, and family. My son’s first camping trip was when he was 6 weeks old, but we then got out of the habit of stealing away to the woods for a weekend because life happened. This year I promised myself that we’d make time for trips like this instead of looking back at another Summer of missed opportunities due to busy schedules.

I’m so glad that I made that commitment. The past two weekends I’ve enjoyed some real quality time with my family, friends, and good ole’ Mother Nature. I came back to the real world with posts about a delicious summer sipping cocktail perfect for camping and a tutorial on how to make fire roasted corn on the cob.

Smart Camping Gear that is also Really Cool!

While I love a good rustic campground, I also know that there are a few items that are just awesome to have while camping. Here are some of my favorites and some items that are on my wish list for future camping trips.

Camping Wish List via A Well Crafted Party

(Please note that many of the below links are affiliate links. Purchases made from these links helps to support this blog and keep fresh content coming your way. Thank you for your support!)

  1. Ozark Trail Hobo Tool – 7-in-1 This has been my favorite camping tool hands down! It is a knife, spoon, fork, can opener, bottle opener, and corkscrew all-in-one! The tool folds all up together, but can also detach so that you have a knife and fork usable at the same time!
  2. GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Dualist Wish list item big time! My friends had this when we were camping and it was amazing! The set had a pot, two bowls, to cups, and two forks that all fit into each other. The pot helped water boil SUPER fast on a little camp stove.
  3. Therm-A-Rest NeoAir Trekker Air Mattress, Pistachio, Regular While I love camping and I love camping in a tent… but, I’m getting older and I need a little cushion. I love that this air mattress is compact and doesn’t need a big pump to air it up. But, if I’m gonna be completely honest with you… I really want the Coleman Double-High Quickbed because would be like sleeping on a real bed in the middle of the woods!
  4. ReVIVE Rugged Camping Charger & 5000mAh Solar Battery Pack for Charging at the Beach, Lake, Forest, Desert, and more – Includes Cleaning Brush While I tell myself that I am going to unplug when camping… I still want to have my iPhone camera. This charger would save me when my palms start to get sweaty from being disconnected for too long! (I joke. Sorta.)
  5. Sol Republic’s Motorola Deck Speaker  Speaking of things that need charging… I was recently sent this amazing little speaker (smaller than a breadbox) that can be charged up and used nearly anywhere. It connects to phones/ipods wirelessly and up to 5 people can play DJ by highjacking the link. It is so cool and has great sound. The first thing I thought of when playing around with it was how great it would be for our next camping trip.

That is my current gear list… though, I know I’m missing quite a few items.

Know of another camping item you can’t live without or is on your current wish list? Comment with a link below!

What I’m Loving: The Warrior Room Arm Wrestling Event

The Warrior Room Fundraiser

I’m a sucker for really fun events that help raise money for really great causes.

On September 13th from 4-7 p.m., the Warrior Room, a kettlebell studio located in downtown Milwaukie, OR, is hosting an all-women’s arm wrestling charity event for Northwest Housing Alternatives. Northwest Housing Alternatives is the largest nonprofit developer of affordable housing in Oregon, and every night over 2,600 people fall asleep in homes developed by NHA.

This is no small event! The Warrior Room will host the arm wresting competition inside the studio and have food and drink vendors set up in the parking lot area. Local DJ Gustav from 94.7 KNRK will be the live entertainment. Other local vendors that are on board include Duffy’s Irish Pub, Pepper & Salt, Nortwest Primary Care, and The Portland Mercury.

More about The Warrior Room:
The Warrior Room is a kettlebell exclusive studio dedicated to making fitness instruction affordable. The mission of The Warrior Room is to ensure individualized attention and safe and expert instruction without the lavish price tag of a private training session. Unlike regular gyms that offer monotonous large group classes with almost no personal fitness direction, The Warrior Room offers all workouts under the direct supervision of kettlebell certified Personal Trainers.

For tickets and more information, please go to

** This is not a sponsored post. I just happen to think this is a really cool event. I currently do not work out at The Warrior Room, but have had many friends that love it! I’d highly recommend giving it a shot if you like intense work outs!

What I’m Loving: Words to Live by Wednesday

What I'm Loving: Words to Live by Wednesday



I love a good dose of inspiration. Every Wednesday I look forward to seeing the Words to Live by Wednesday post featured on [In]Complete Magazine. Each week photographer Macey of Motormouth Studios and artist Lindsay from Hey Normal Day combine efforts in creating gorgeous and inspirational messages for readers.

Words to Live by Wednesday from InComplete Magazine featured on A Well Crafted Party

The photo above is one of my favorites… but, if you need a weekly dose of beautiful, inspiring images and words then hop on over to IncompleteMagazine.Com to subscribe. Or, follow along on social media: Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter!

Which Words to Live By Wednesday quote is your favorite?

PS. This is not a sponsored post. Though, I should disclose that I am a volunteer editor of the InComplete Magazine team. I honestly love this series though and wanted to share. 

What I’m Loving: The Dinner Party Download Podcast

Dinner Party Download Podcast-- great party prep! // A Well Crafted Party

I’ve recently discovered the amazingness of podcasts. I’ve been listening to them while doing dishes, cleaning house, and driving home from work. Seriously, my phone can’t even handle it. I want ALL THE PODCASTS.

(Seriously, thank you Allie Brosh for ALL THE THINGS)

Anyways, one of my recent obsessions is the The Dinner Party Download . This is the best way to spend an hour in the car, on the train, doing your dishes, etc. Seriously.

From the site, “Welcome to The Dinner Party Download, a fast and funny hour of culture, food and conversation: “public radio’s arts & leisure section.” In every episode you’ll learn a joke… bone up on an odd bit of history and then wash it down with a themed cocktail recipe… meet artists of note (for instance Willie Nelson, Venus Williams and Steve Martin)… have your burning etiquette questions answered by the likes of Dick Cavett or Henry Rollins… savor an emerging food trend… and hear your new favorite song.”

Okay, so here is the deal. They start every episode with an ice breaker (usually told by an interesting popular figure), move on to a bit of history, teach a cocktail that goes with that bit of history, and so much more. After an episode you’ll be completely prepped for all the necessary small talk that comes up at a dinner party.

You can find the download on the above website and on through the Apple Podcast search!

That is what I’m loving right now…

What about you? Share a link or story about what you’re digging today!


What I’m Loving: A Fabulous Fete Calligraphy on Studio App

A Fabulous Fete Calligraphy on Studio App

This morning I found out that one of my all time favorite calligraphers has added her work to an overlay app for mobile photos. About 2 seconds after hearing the news I downloaded the free app and got to work playing with my photos. I’m stinking thrilled that I’m going to get the pretty handwriting of Lauren from A Fabulous Fete on my photos!

You might remember me sharing Lauren’s awesome margarita printable a while back. I’m saving up to have her work in some of my upcoming parties… so, being able to have the option of using her calligraphy to customize my photos in the moment is pretty much a dream come true. You hear that Lauren… A DREAM COME TRUE. 😉

All you have to do to have your dreams come true as well is download the free Studio Design by Overlay Studio Inn app and head over the the download symbol in the app. Look for “Calligraphy” to find these pretty overlays. If you like overlaying words on photos you should check out some of the other cool packs like “Family Time,” “Party Time,” and the “Alt” pack.

calligraphy  on photos


*This is not a sponsored post. It is just stuff I love today.

What are you loving this Wednesday?



Super Last Minute, (Fairly Inexpensive) Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Hey… did you know Mother’s Day is SUNDAY? Yea, the thousand and one posts about it on social media and the blogosphere reminded me too. I actually mailed out my gifts this year BEFORE Mother’s Day. (Though, likely, they will still be late.) A serious accomplishment for me nonetheless.

I do have good intentions. I actually love all the ideas that come up right before Mother’s Day on all the blogs. I think, “Wow. Next year I am totally going to do that.” Then the year passes by and it is suddenly May 5th. And, while I am sipping on my margarita I inevitably realize that another Mother’s Day is approaching and catching me unprepared.

If I am this terrible at remembering Mother’s Day—and, I’m a mother—I really can’t be terribly upset that my husband completely forgot that Mother’s Day is this upcoming Sunday and might have planned to be at a Timber’s game.  I’m guessing my two-year-old hasn’t planned to make me breakfast in bed or created me a stunning card creation. (slacker)*

Super Last Minute and Not Too Expensive Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I thought I’d help a hubby out and share my favorite picks for Mother’s Day. While being a mother is gift enough—and all that jazz— I sure do like a well-thought-out gift.** This momma doesn’t have expensive tastes, loves a sense of humor, and appreciates thoughtful/useful (yet still fun) gifts. Maybe, just maybe, you haven’t figured out a gift for your momma (or baby mamma) these gift ideas will be helpful for you as well.


Were you on top of things this year and remember to show mom a little love?

*While my husband’s memory is not made for remembering holidays and such… he shows me every day how much he loves and respects me. I like to rib him a little about his forgetfulness, but seriously, he is awesome. The kid is a total slacker though. 😉

** Anyone who knows me knows this is a joke. Sure, I like a pretty little gift as much as the next person. But, I cherish things much higher than baubles. Happy Mom’s Day out there to everyone who made it this far in the post!


What I’m Loving: Amazing Free Year-in-Review Workbook

Free 2014 Workbook from Susannah Conway


Yesterday a friend of mine shared “Unravelling The Year Ahead 2014″ workbook and Susannah Conway’s blog with me. I fell in love! The site is so refreshing with inspiration and resources galore. More than that… this free workbook and coordinating calendar are perfection. The gorgeous and simple design completely complement the fabulous ideas behind this workbook. (Am I gushing?)

The workbook begins with unraveling the year behind— reviewing the year with questions such as, “When did fear hold you back in 2013?” and “What did you discover about yourself in 2013?” I like that these specific questions really hone in on the year and the past year’s goals better than just trying to remember what happened over the year. I think it is much more conducive to realizing where you are in your life and moving closer to your future goals.

The second part of the workbook focuses on unraveling the year ahead— focusing in on possibilities! It isn’t just about setting goals, but establishing ways to enjoy your life as is, and to improve your life as a whole.

I’ll be printing off my copy of the workbook today and begin on filling it out. I’ll share a few of my pages via Instagram with the hastag that Susannah made for the workbook: #unravel2014. I’ll also be going through the hashtag on occasion to see what other people are doing with their workbooks. I’d love to see your pages in the feed as well!

Check out Susannah’s post about her workbook that includes a free 2014 calendar download and a download for the workbook!

What I’m Loving: H&M is ONLINE!

shop online with H&M


Okay, I didn’t mean to stay up til midnight last night… but, I did. And, I’m sure glad I did too! I got to see that H&M’s online U.S. shop is now OPEN.

May the shopping begin.

*This is not a sponsored post. I just really like H&M. Especially for pieces for styling my toddler!

What I’m Loving: Tongue in Cheek Period Party

I’ve been a fan of The Period Store since I first saw it hit the web. SUCH a great idea— Order your monthly products and get some cool art, tea, and meds along with it. I now like the store even more after seeing this awesome “Period Party.” The whole thing was very tongue in cheek and outrageous. My favorite kind of party. I would have been laughing the whole way through!

Menstruation Celebration from the Period Store

Check out the Menstruation Celebration from The Period Store. Photo Used with Permission. (Please Pin from the Original Source)

Period Store Party

“Kiss me, I Gave Blood This Month.” BAHAHAHA.

Check out the Period Store:

The Period Store is  a new sort of “box” program that allows you to pick out your favorite brands of period products (pads, tampons, menstrual cups, etc.) and they will arrive just in time for Aunt Flo’s visit along with a pretty art print, chocolate, tea, and medicine packs. GENIUS, I tell you! The prices are similar to what you’d be spending in the store and now you don’t have to remember to put them on your shopping list each month. Check out The Period Store website or find them on social media: twitter | facebook | instagram. Oh, and seriously, follow their blog The Periodical (funny, right?) for awesome articles.
This is not a sponsored post… I just really like this idea and this party!

Things I’m Loving: Throw Back Parties

Macrame Vase

I love the recent emergence of the throw back parties and party crafts. Over the weekend The Paper Mama shared a retro craft with a few of us at the very first Pacific Northwest Blogger Photo & Craft event. As we were talking about how pretty the macrame* vases were we chatted a bit about how a lot of the crafts floating around Pinterest lately are actually updates to old, well-used crafts.

Then, today I was reading through the many blog posts that are filling my Blog Lovin’ feed and came across Hank & Hunt’s new series “Retro Redux: Revisiting the Classic Party.” I am SO excited to see all the fun that the series will bring.

In the meantime, while waiting for the series to kick off:

Here are a few of my favorite retro party ideas:

  • I love that a lot of people are now favoring classic martinis and cocktails over crazy concoctions for signature drinks. (Don’t get me wrong… I love me a crazy cocktail concoction… but, there is just something so awesome and elegant about the simplicity of a classic cocktail.) My favorite classics include the Extra-Dirty Martini . I am also loving that people are totally bringing back the bar cart!
  • While I am a huge fan of digital art for party goods I am really loving the emphasis on beautiful hand-lettered paper items. The work of Lauren from A Fabulous Fete is the perfect example of a modern twist on a vintage craft. I mean… seriously, check out this fabulous set of name cards and menu!
  • Paper poms are all the rage right now. But, did you know they were first created in the 1930s!? They were decorative supplies used by cheerleaders that later led to pom poms. Nowadays you can find paper poms creating breathtaking backdrops or hanging above baby’s cribs. 
  • The throw back party doesn’t end at decor and drinks. The REAL vintage loving hostess will also pull out the old cook books and give them a spin. Meatballs with pretty skewers, beef bourguignon, or mini gherkins wrapped in a meat blanket  are likely to grace the tables of hostesses just as much as any complicated and modern dish.

*I had NO idea what macrame was before talking to Chelsey about her craft. As we were talking about the crafts we were teaching I embarrassed myself enough that anyone listening would have wondered if I ever crafted before in my life.
Me: “How long does your craft have to dry?”
Chelsey: “It’s macrame, Jenni.”
Me: ::blank stare::
Chelsey:”It’s yarn!”
Me: “So, uh… no time then? Ha!”

So, in case you didn’t know, macrame is a form of textile making using knotting instead of weaving or knitting. Chelsey will soon be posting her macrame project on her blog, The Paper Mama. So, if you like the pictured photo above then head on over to her blog and make sure you are subscribed!

What is your favorite retro party idea that you are using when you entertain?


What I’m Loving: Martha Stewart’s New Website

Beta of Martha Stewart's New Site


I’m LOVING Martha Stewart’s Beta Website!


Martha Stewart and I have been friends (in my mind) for a LONG time. I love everyone of the magazines that have been put out under her name. I have a collection of BluePrint magazines that I look through often (please bring it back!) But, most of all, I used to visit her website daily for inspiration.

However, with the addition of Pinterest and several awesome blogs I really hadn’t been back to the site for inspiration. I’d go through a Pinterest link every now and again.

The Beta Site

Recently I visited the Martha Stewart site on a whim and was blown away by the changes. The site is SO much more interactive and has a nice clean, photo centered look that I’m LOVING. If you haven’t been to the site recently then I’d suggest looking it up again!

There are fewer categories up at the top of the page which makes navigating the site much easier than before. I can see how this site would look amazing on an iPad. I’m not cool enough to have one of those yet. :)

Martha Stewart's new recipe finder

One of my favorite additions to this site is the fun “I’m in the mood for” recipe finder right on the “cook” page. Sometimes I have NO idea what I want to cook for the week. This tool gives me a few easy prompts and doesn’t overwhelm me with options.

*This is not a sponsored post. I just really, really like MS!

What are YOU loving right now?


Hand Lettered Love

One of my favorite parts of elementary school was learning cursive. I’m actually sad to hear that a lot of schools are no longer teaching kids cursive… But, that is beside the point.

I love the way script looks and have always loved the way letters can curve into one another, fly off the sheet, or stand tall and impressive. I’ve been doodling and playing around in notebooks for as long as I can remember. I enjoy the practice of it. I love different types of pens. I love drawing cute little illustrations or sketching my friends and family. When life gets tough and I want to withdraw from everything a few hours with my sketch pad typically makes me feel better.

Continue Reading…

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