Weekend Update: Stylin and Sunshine

I’m too tired to write much today. 
It was a wonderful weekend. 
Friday night I worked and had a pretty great evening.
Saturday was a grey day, but the overcast was wonderful for my photo shoot. 
Sunday I worked at the bar during the day…. 
but, it was so sunny outside that no one wanted to come inside to eat pasta and drink wine.
It was a very slow day. 
That evening I was able to enjoy the sunshine though as friends came over to join us for a 40th birthday dinner. We had steak, chicken, veggies, and more yumminess out on the grill. 
And, Monday I opened my Etsy store
It was a good weekend. 
How was your weekend? 
Do anything fun!?
Here is some photographic proof of the fun weekend I had:

Pretty Summer Tablescape Pt. 2

Over the weekend I made two summer tablescapes to shoot for my new Etsy store. 
The second has emphasis on bright yellow, green, and orange.
I think this would also make a lovely Mother’s Day or even graduation day brunch. 

Yellow Fringe Cupcake Toppers—A Well Crafted Party 
Orange Fringe Banner— A Well Crafted Party
Hand Painted Votive Holders— A Well Crafted Party
Hand Painted Vases—A Well Crafted Party
Table Cloth— A Vintage Sheet I picked up at an estate sale for $0.50!
Flowers—Trader Joes
Cupcakes from The Dessert Tray a Beaverton, OR Bakery

Pink and Orange Summer Tablescape

I love a pretty table.

These colors scream summer to me. 
I think this would make a lovely Mother’s Day tablescape. 

Flag Banner— A Well Crafted Party Etsy
Fringe Banner— A Well Crafted Party Etsy
Rose Cupcake Topper—A Well Crafted Party Etsy
Votive Candle Holders— A Well Crafted Party Etsy
Hand Painted Round Vase—A Well Crafted Party Etsy
Hand Painted Cylinder Vase—A Well Crafted Party Etsy
Pink & White Straws were a gift… 
but, you can find some at The Sugar Diva
Gradient Bowls—Target
Cupcakes from a Beaverton, Oregon bakery called The Dessert Tray
White frame from Ikea
Flowers from Trader Joes

A Well Crafted Party Etsy Shop

The day I started this blog it was with the intention of opening my own party supply shop.
And, now, I’ve done it! 
“A Well Crafted Party” Party Supply Shop is Now Open for Business!

I spent the weekend working on a photo shoot to showcase the products. I really cannot contain my excitement. The photos turned out really beautiful.

So, check out the shop for custom and ready-made party supplies!
And, check back later today to see the photos from the product photo shoot.

Oh, and by the by…
Use the coupon code GRNDOPN10
 for 10% off of your order! 

Happy Birthday A Well Crafted Party

My little blog turned two on April 26, 2012. 
Happy Birthday!
In honor of the blog’s second birthday and the recent Portland Blogger’s Meet-Up
 I’m hosting a GIVEAWAY. 
We all like those… right?
The gift to be given is a gift bag package similar to what the Portland Blogger’s got at the last Portland Blogger Meet-Up.  All the bloggers in attendance received wonderful swag bags filled with goodies from Sponsors of the event. You can get one of those swag bags as well!
Flowers and Macaroons not included in giveaway
The Winner will receive a gift card from Nuvrei

 Cupcake toppers from A Well Crafted Party

Winner will receive a sampling of products from Blue Strawberry Scent

A Felt Mushroom from Meme & Saysay

Lipstick from Radiant Cosmetic
You can get up to ten entries into this giveaway!
Anyone in the US are eligible to win this giveaway due to shipping costs.
If the winner does not live in the Portland, Oregon area they will receive items in place of the Nurvrei giftcard. This giveaway is not sponsored by the above companies.
The companies gave items to the Portland Blogger’s meet-up and the extras were gathered to share with you so that you can be introduced to their great products.
Five of the additional entries can be obtained by visiting the above companies on their
Facebook pages and “Liking” them! 
Blue Strawberry Scents
Radiant Cosmetics
A Well Crafted Party
Giveaway ends on May 19!

a Rafflecopter giveaway<a href=”http://rafl.es/enable-js”>You need javascript enabled to see this giveaway</a>.

Hair Pulling

My son is a hair puller. He loves the way hair feels in his hands. He sometimes really yanks…but, sometimes he is so sweet and gentle about it. Just recently he has begun pulling at his own hair while nursing. He doesn’t have much hair so he keeps pulling the tuft of hair at the back of his head. Im stuck between finding it adorable and worrying that he’ll pull out his hair!
Anyone else have a hair puller?

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Weekend In Review: Dates A Plenty

I had a fabulous weekend full of all kinds of dates. 
We actually went a little crazy this weekend going out to eat 
(our garbage disposal broke and made cleaning/cooking incredibly difficult). 
We’ll be making up for it with a slim week ahead… 
but, it was very needed to get a bit of a break from the stress of the day to day.
The hubby at dinner Friday Night
Friday night a friend gave us a gift that allowed the hubby and I to enjoy an evening out. Another friend graciously babysat kiddo and we took advantage of the evening by eating dinner out.
I had a really great wood grilled salmon and the hubby had three different styles of shrimp.
X helping me craft on Saturday morning. Raffia- YUM!
X giving Daddy’s ear a good tasting
X loves grocery shopping. He likes to turn around and look at where we are going.
Saturday was an day of getting a lot of items checked off of the to-do list, but it is also our only full day during the week all together as family. I had some fiction stories way past deadline that needed worked on, the house needed a good cleaning, I had a crafting to-do list a mile long, and we needed to go grocery shopping. We decided to take a family date to an area pub and enjoy dining al fresco while I worked on my stories. I spent the entire afternoon playing with the kiddo, eating tasty food, chatting with the hubby, and typing away. We then got some grocery shopping done and headed home for a nice evening in. I even finished some of my crafting.
X Standing all on his own on Sunday morning
Sunday I worked in the morning. 
While I worked my little man did TWO firsts. So sad to have missed them! He stood all by himself without the need to hold onto anything. He also crawled up to my hubby and said, “Daddy” with a smile. (He had been saying Mama and Dada, but he hadn’t said it TO us yet.)
 The evening was filled with triple date (with kiddos in tow) with fellow bloggers and their husbands. It was such a fun time. We enjoyed delicious Thai food at Portland restaurant Soi9. 
We talked kids (why does that happen when kiddos are around?), houses, jobs, and about growing up. Surprisingly we didn’t really even talk about blogging one time! 
Me and my lil man Sunday evening
X and J ( son of Adi & Matt)
Jason (Suzannah’s hubby) and a flying X!
Adi & J along with Jason & X (We love it when X makes new friends!)
My men on the walk to the car
Monday may not be considered weekend for most people… but, for me it is my day of rest. Today I cleaned the house a little bit. (The garbage disposal is fixed!) I finished my fiction writing projects. I played pat-a-cake and crawled around with my little guy. 
And, then, I followed it all up with a free makeover with some girl friends. 
Fun, fun!
Back to the grind tomorrow. 
How was your weekend?

Book Exchange

The book in the front there is actually in mommy and daddy’s book collection now that the kiddo is here. It was given as a funny gift from a good friend. I would not suggest reading it to your kiddo or sending it in the exchange.

Anyone else love having a full library to choose from when reading to the kiddo? 
I have a lot of great books to read to my little man… 
but, I’ve read many of them SO many times that I get a little bored.
When a friend on Instagram wrote about a sort of book exchange chain letter I was all for participating in it. The basic idea is that you send out 1 book and get back 36 books!
 What a deal, right?
Here is how it works: 
There is a letter that lists two addresses. 
#1 Address—Kiddo You most likely don’t know along with their age
#2 Address—Kiddo of a friend of yours along with their age

You send one book to the child listed as #1 below. Then send a copy of the letter to 6 friends. Move child’s name and address listed under #2 to the #1 spot and list your child as #2 on your letter before sending it out. 
Be sure to include your child’s age next to their name and address.
And, really, if you don’t get back 36 books, as long as you get back more than 1 book then you got a good deal.  
Wanna take part? I need 6 friends to E-mail me!

A little break

I’m having some trouble getting stuff done this week. I will make up for it in awesome posts this upcoming week. We’ll call this week my very much needed spring break. I promise to give you much love soon!

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Get Some Cash

One of the gift bag sponsors for the Portland Blogger’s Meet-Up was an Oregon founded internet book buying company called Cash4Books. When cleaning out my house to make room for baby I sold several of my books with them and used the money to help pay for part of my little man’s nursery. The process for selling books is much easier than lugging all your books to a used book store.
 My experience was so great using their services that I asked them if they wanted to be involved with Portland Bloggers. I was more than a little excited when they said yes! 
If you have some extra books lying around and you have been thinking about selling them I’d suggest trying Cash4Books. You can enter the ISBNs and see how much you might make off of the titles you own. Or, if you have an iPhone or Android download their free app. You can mail them in (no shipping costs) or, if you live in the area, you can drop them off and get back a little more cash.
I know this has little to do with parties (although, I have sold and purchased a few event planning books through their site) but, I wanted to pass along the great deal that Cash4Books has set up for you! If you use the bonus code PartyTime you’ll receive an extra 15% payout.
Party posting resumes tomorrow! 
Full Disclosure: The Portland Bloggers were gifted items from the above company to help support the Portland Bloggers. The sponsors were given signage at the event. No posts were expected from the bloggers in return for the donations. But, everyone at the event, including myself were super excited by the turn out and the companies that were involved.  Personally, I have a journalism background and don’t believe in exchanges of promises of positive reviews for products and will not do that on either of my blogs nor suggest that other bloggers do that. I contacted most of these sponsors personally because I believe in their product and have experienced great service with them. This makes it only a joy for me to share any links to these companies with you! 

Ahhh… the sun! SUN!! 
That is pretty much how I felt all weekend long. I love the sun and as soon as Portland sky lights up with that pretty little orb I make sure I have on a sleeveless shirt and a spot on the driest patch of grass I can find. This sunny weekend I had the joy of sharing my love of the sun with my son. 
Saturday I enjoyed a day of outdoor shopping and playing in the park. Saturday evening we had some friends over for an impromptu dinner party. We fired up the grill and I sat out on the porch until late in the evening. It was pretty much the perfect day.
I had to work ALL day Sunday… being stuck indoors when ever the sun is out is pretty much torture. But, as always I am super thankful that I have a job. And, the day ended up being a pretty easy work day and the sun stayed out for my Monday Funday anyways. 
I love my Mondays… the only thing that could make Monday better is if my husband was off work! 
I didn’t even open my computer on Monday.
I didn’t do any laundry.
I didn’t wash a single dish.
(I’m pretty sure you can figure out what I’m doing today!)
X and I spent the day outdoors yesterday. X wore his new sunhat and lots of sunscreen.
 I wore a sun dress and sandals. 
During the evening the hubby joined us for dinner in the park. 
It was a really, really beautiful day.
Now it is back to reality for me… and, I never thought I’d say this, but I’m thankful for a grey day today. I have 12,000 words to write and blogs to get prepared. I plan on spending the day in front of my computer and cleaning up my very messy home!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Impromptu Dinner Party

I’m a big fan of all the wonderful details of a well thrown party. But, there is also something special about an impromptu dinner party with friends. No stressing over whether the house is perfect. No hours of preparation.
Tonight I enjoyed just that. At 3 PM we texted a few friends an invitation. At 6 PM everyone showed up with items for the grill and bottles of wine. I threw a tablecloth over my card table on the patio and we had a lovely dinner alfresco.
It’s important to not forget how great the small and not planned-to-a-tee parties can be as well as the more elaborate parties.

Sunny Saturday

I love the sun in Portland. It might be the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen when the sun is shining.
Today we went walking about in SE Portland. We enjoyed the weather by going to a local coffee shop, hitting the park, and some outdoor shopping! We bought X a running stroller today (so much better than the stroller we had). We also went to a garage sale and an estate sale. It was my first estate sale and I’m pretty sure I’m addicted. I spent $5 at the estate sale and came out with 7 yards of great fabrics and 5 beautiful vintage sheets. So excited about all the future projects! We spent $10 at the garage sale and I came out with a craft supply set-up like no other. Oh, and a set of prisma color pencils! Good day. Now, resting a bit before a dinner with friends out on the patio.
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Simple Flower Arranging

I love real, fresh flowers at events.
 I think they just really give an event a little something extra. 
Sometimes I go the super market route and buy a pre-made bouquet and throw it in a vase as nicely as possible. If I am feeling flush (which, is usually about never) I’ll go to a florist and buy a pre-made centerpiece. I appreciate a good florist’s work more than the average person…
but, this blog is called “A Well Crafted Party” for a reason.
 I love crafting up inexpensive solutions to party decor—that includes floral decor.
When thinking about Spring decor for the Portland Blogger’s Meet-Up I really wanted to have some beautiful flowers filling the room. I spent a large portion of time working out the costs of the amount of flower’s I’d need for the event. For even the simplest arrangements I was looking at quite a bit of money AND limits on the type and amount of flowers I could find at the market. 
Floral Arrangement at my sister’s wedding image via West Impressions Photography
So, enter in the wonderful sponsorship with FiftyFlowers.com. I contacted FiftyFlowers because I’d used there services for my sister’s wedding and fell in love with the quality of the flowers, the wholesale flower prices, and the excellent customer service we received.
FiftyFlowers.com provided the Portland Blogger’s with the beautiful yellow and purple carnations shown above. During the ordering process I had a question about the flowers and was surprised to find out that the site had on-line chat support. My question was answered in exactly 1 minute of waiting. Then, soon after putting in my order I received a phone call from FiftyFlowers.com explaining where my flowers were shipping from, making sure my order was correct, and explaining the best way to take care of my flowers. Oh, and did I mention, there was free shipping? 
The flowers arrived on Thursday.

Not even thirty minutes after the flowers were delivered did I receive a call from FiftyFlowers asking me how the flowers looked and to tell me how to take the best care of the flowers. I snipped the ends of the flowers and placed them in a large bucket of water. 
The day of the event (two days after receiving the flowers) I got all the tools together to create my centerpieces. These are very simple arrangements that can be adjusted for your needs.
—1 Vase
(I went with all the same kind of flower, but you could also do this with a mixture of blooms)
—Good Shears
Optional: You could use floral foam or floral tape to stabilize your arrangements. I opted to use many blooms crossing their stems to stabilize the arrangements. 
They stayed together traveling to and from the event!
Step 1: Fill vase with water.
Step 2:  Cut stems to just above the top of the vase. Arrange in a circle, crossing the stems. 
Step 3: After the perimeter is set cut a few more stems just a bit longer than the previous stems and begin filling in the holes of the arrangement.
Step 4: Stand back and admire! The great thing about carnations is they can be a great arrangement on their own, or they make a beautiful filler flower. This same arrangement could be brought to the next level with the addition of some beautiful roses.
All together they are pretty eye-catching, don’t you think? 

Want to win some flowers? 
FiftyFlowers.com has a monthly contest on their facebook page where you can win $500 worth of flowers! A new winner is picked EVERY MONTH!
Full Disclosure: The Portland Bloggers were gifted flowers from the above company to help support the Portland Bloggers. The sponsor was given signage at the event.  Personally, I have a journalism background and don’t believe in exchanges of promises of positive reviews for products. I will not do that on either of my blogs nor suggest that other bloggers do that. I contacted this company personally because I believe in their product and have experienced great service with them. I hope you enjoyed this DIY floral arrangement post and think about FiftyFlowers.com next time you are looking for flowers for your events because I had great service from them!
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