Pacific Northwest Summer Toddler Style

PNW Summer Toddler Clothes

PNW Summer Toddler Boy Clothing Style

Summer in the Pacific Northwest just isn’t the same as it is in other places that I’ve lived. It is chilly in the morning and evening. It gets HOT in the day time. We wear layers year round. We buy cardigans in Summer colors and hang them in our closets rather than storing them away with our winter wear.

So, when writing this post I was going to title it “Summer Toddler Style” until I realized that this would be WAY too much clothing for a lot of toddlers. I really was dressing my son for a Pacific Northwest Summer Toddler Style. (mouthful much?) So, if you are visiting the Pacific Northwest this Summer or live here year-round and need tips on dressing your toddler boy for the PNW Summer then this post will be for you.

toddler clothing ideas

I dress my son in a hat as much as possible during the Summer. Most of the year the sun is scarse out here in Portland. But, during the Summer it is shining bright. The sun protects his pale skin from burns (along with copious amounts of sunscreen) and keeps his eyes shielded some. I love the way this little blue sun hat makes his blue eyes shine. It is getting a tad small (bought it last year) which makes me sad. My baby isn’t a baby anymore.

Pacific Northwest Summer Clothing Ideas


PNW toddler style

I like jeans year round for this kid. He has plenty of shorts for when it is really, really hot. However, because we were heading down to the water where it is cooler, I dressed him in jeans and rolled them into a capri length. We paired the jeans with a grey and white striped v-neck (big so he has room to grow) and a pair of black sandals. Closed toe shoes are important for my little guy… he stumbles a lot still and the closed toe protects his feet better than opened toe sandals. The jeans are the complementary jeans from 7 for All Mankind that I talked about in my 7 More Days of Toddler Style.

Toddler Boy Summer Styling Ideas

His Outfit: (The following links only go to the store website from which I got the clothing items. Many are from different seasons and are no longer being sold. However, similar items can be found.) Shirt: Old Navy, Jeans (Complimentary): 7 For All Mankind, Sun Hat: Old Navy, & Sandals: Burlington Coat Factory

** This is not a sponsored post as I did not receive anything in exchange for this post. However, I did receive the jeans my son is wearing in the photos above complimentary for a different series I wrote this year. All opinions are my own.**

Health & Fitness: Childhood and Teen Self-Image and Food Relationships

I’ve been going back and forth about whether I was going to post about my health and fitness journey on the blog. It is such a personal and, often, frustrating part of my life. But, I figured that posting about my journey may do one or all of three things:

  1. Let someone else know they aren’t alone
  2. Motivate me to do better and stay on the right track
  3. Show a real-life (non fitness/health food guru’s) health and fitness journey.

This series will cover my image issues and fitness journey. I am beginning in my childhood and teen years and traveling up to adulthood. I feel that many of my food issues and my self-image realities stems directly from my childhood and teen self-image and food relationships. I will still be posting recipes as per usual… I’ll just start including some of my healthier meals in addition to my butter and pie loving posts. I’ve had weight and body issues my entire life, so I am pretty much aware of what I am doing right and wrong and when I am doing it. I am a strong believer in EVERYTHING in moderation. This view is not shared by everyone, but it is what I’ve found works for me (when I stick with it!).

In addition to writing about my journey of a healthy self-image and life I am writing a 6-week fitness series. I’d love for you to visit and read about my fitness journey. I received membership to East Side Athletic Club  in exchange for work I’m doing on their website and am telling my fitness story on their blog. I’d love to hear what you think of it!

Childhood and Teen Body Issues

Image Issues in Childhood & Teen Years

Me in my Sophomore year of high school. At this time I was a size 6 (US) approximately 115 lbs and thought I was overweight.

I was a tall, lanky adolescent. Mainly I was ALL limbs. I played softball (though, I hated running) and enjoyed chasing after all the boys on the playground when I was in elementary school.

However, after elementary school I stopped playing sports and started becoming more and more studious. I was often found with a book in my hands or in front of a computer chatting with friends or creating HTML websites. You might have called me a nerd. (Some still do!)

The lack of activity in addition to puberty made me gain weight. I was taller than a lot of the girls. My feet were larger. I felt awkward all the time. And, while, looking back, I was thin and still quite lanky— I felt FAT. Though I had a flat belly and long limbs… I wore shorts and baggy t-shirts over my bathing suit. I slouched when I walked. I covered my waist with my arms when I sat. The me I saw in the mirror made me sad.

One story that often comes to mind from this time in my life was, of course, one where I was trying to impress a guy. I was at a summer camp leaving the cafeteria with friends. I had a donut and a cup of yogurt in my hands. The guy I had eyes for was walking towards me and my group of friends. In a flash I threw the donut into a bush and sucked in my (non-existent) belly.

I look back now and wish I had appreciated my body more. I was thin! I was agile! I was YOUNG!

Image Issues

At prom my sophomore year with my besties— Jamie (left) and Stacey (right).

Binge and Starve: My Circumstances Shaped My Food Relationship

My food issues stemmed from a lot of different places. First, my grandmother was very overweight and suffered from diabetes. I had to learn how to give her injections just in case her blood sugar levels dropped. I feared that future more than anything. Second, we were very poor. We were the kids that had free school breakfasts and lunches due to income…. and, we wanted to go to school because we knew we would get two full meals in the day. Sometimes our pantries only held white bread and peanut butter.

So, while I feared getting fat… I also ached for food. This often led to overeating when food was plentiful and letting myself go hungry when food was scarse. I often would get stomach issues and cramps that sent me to the restroom for long periods of time daily. I began to love the taste of PeptoBismol. Food was my savior and enemy over and over again.

Food and Body Awareness: The Role of Adults

I had wonderful, loving role models. They never called me fat or belittled me. They tried getting me access to healthy and plentiful food. They did their best But, they were not the best role models for what to eat or how to take care of the body. The adults in my life at the time didn’t know the best ways to approach food and body issues.

I don’t want my son to have the relationship with food that I had. I want him to get to enjoy his food and see how it can nourish the body. I want him to be able to enjoy the way rich, wonderfully prepared food can taste. But, I also want him to learn that those items are not for the everyday.

I know that my example is going to be the most distinct way that he will learn about food. I hope to provide a good example so that his childhood and teen years don’t resemble my own. I also plan on actually talking about food and nutrition as he grows older.


Body Image Issues

My senior photo— cheesy as all get out— but, looking back I think I looked great!

Did you have issues with your food relationship when you were a child/teen? How do you plan on teaching your children about food?

Thank you for reading about my health & fitness journey. To read about my current fitness goals please check out my post over on East Side Athletic Club’s brand new blog. I’d love your support as I work on getting healthier!

** I received membership in exchange for my work with East Side Athletic Club. I did not receive further compensation. All thoughts and opinions are my own. **

Chips and Wine A Surprisingly Delicious Combination

Through a series of tweets I discovered an open invitation through for a Kettle Brand Chips and Snooth Cook-Off. A bunch of us got together and RSVP’d excited to see what the heck that they could do to combine chips and wine. Chips and beer— that I do all the time. But, I really have never sat down with some chips and wine…much less used it as a refined appetizer at a party. Boy howdy did I learn a thing or two.

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Summer Entertaining and a GIVEAWAY with Chinet

Summer is one of my favorite times for impromptu dinner parties and laid back entertaining. The sun stays out late. There is little fear of rain. And, there are a whole host of ice cold beverages that are delicious and can help beat the heat. The summer is just coming to Portland and I am already booking an event packed season.

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Whole Foods’ Top 10 Wine & Beer Twitter Parties

This past week the hubby and I had the awesome opportunity to go check out Whole Foods’ Top Ten Wines and Ten & Friends Beer. Last Thursday, our anniversary, we joined in for the wine twitter party with four other social media mavens at the Pearl Whole Foods location for a complimentary wine and cheese tasting. Then, on Saturday, we visited the Bridgeport Whole Foods location to do a complimentary beer and BBQ tasting. Both were awesome. But, the thing I took home from both events was a list of some really awesome wines and beers for affordable prices. I had to share with anyone out there that need a good recommendation!

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Fashion: Anniversary Dress and eShakti Review

I thought it would be fun to dress up a bit for my anniversary on Thursday. We didn’t do anything overly special (my poor husband had a bit of a cold) but, we did step outside and enjoy the sun a bit. It was the perfect opportunity for me to wear the eShakti dress that I was sent earlier this year!

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Toddler Boy Style: 7 Days of Style with 7 for All Mankind Review

Last week I challenged myself to try creating seven new toddler outfits using three pairs of jeans provided by 7 for All Mankind. I had such a great time challenging myself with the first 7 Days of Style challenge (originally created by Lauren of The Little Things We Do) that I was super excited to try it again. When 7 for All Mankind sent him some complementary new threads and their Fall 2013 Lookbook I set out to style seven different outfits and share them through my Instagram stream with the hashtags #AWCPtoddlerstyle and #7FAMKids. Boy clothing tends to be pretty boring— t-shirts and jeans usually. I hope that some of the toddler boy style ideas help others when trying to find stylish new looks for their toddlers.

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Portland Bloggers’ Meet-Up: Social Strategies for Bloggers

Just a couple weeks ago I helped host another Portland Bloggers’ meet-up. I’ve LOVED being a part of this growing community. It is so fulfilling! We have area meet-ups every other month. We try to do four educational events and two events that are purely for socializing. Our past event was a workshop on Social Media Strategies for Bloggers. I learned a lot and have been putting much of the info to use (check out the slideshow from the event to get some tips for your own social media straegies!) and have seen actual results already! Read on to see the beautiful images and learn more about the event.

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Seven Days of Toddler Style with 7 for All Mankind

My little guy likes to get dressed up (no, really… he does!) He often asks for his hats or stands in front of the mirror primping his hair. So, when 7 for All Mankind sent him some complementary new threads and their Fall 2013 Lookbook I got inspired to do another swing at seven days of toddler style. This week’ I’ll be styling seven different outfits and featuring them on my Instagram stream with the hashtags #AWCPtoddlerstyle and #7FAMKids. I’ll feature the finished styles on here next week!

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{Beauty} Romantic Up-Do How To

This is a sponsored post through BlogHerTV and Olay. All opinions are my own.

I’m growing my hair out (again) and am always looking for new ways to style the awkward mop that resides on my head. It is currently several different lengths. It is too short to fit in a pony tail, but it is too long to wear down without some work. So, when BlogHerTV sent me a few videos on how to style hair for a promotion with Olay…. I just had to say yes! (Check out my first post for the promotion) I hope the videos help you out as much as they did me.

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{Restaurants} Urban Farmer— Holy Cow!

Disclaimer: This post features a local Portland restaurant and PR company that invited me to a meal at the restaurant and a tour of their facilities. A post was not promised in exchange for the visit. I did receive the meal and tour free of charge. However, all opinions are my own. Warning, those who do not like images of meat should skip reading further in today’s post. Those who enjoy a good steak… be prepared to get very hungry!

A couple of weeks ago I visited Urban Farmer with other Portland food bloggers and a couple of representatives of Little Green Pickle PR company. Oh me, oh my… was it a fun night! I will try my best to summarize my evening and share only a portion of the many fun photos taken that evening. At the end of the post is a list of bloggers that I got to spend my evening with… check out their posts about the evening as well!

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No Commitment Bangs

Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored post through BlogHerTV and Olay. All opinions are mine.

I’m an average, every day girl with a lot of interests. Part of my blog rebranding is to incorporate more of the everyday things in life worth celebrating. While I don’t consider myself super fashionable or trendy, I do love fashion, makeup, and hair-styling. You’ll be seeing more and more posts about fashion and beauty. I will still be posting plenty of parties… but, you’ll also get a little glimpse into the everyday (and special occasion) beauty and fashion secrets of an average lady. Hopefully they will inspire you or at least entertain. :)

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Sponsor Spotlight

This blog, like most every blog, takes time and effort to produce content. The sponsors of the blog, and you my lovely readers, are the only things that keep this blog a goin’. So, I’m starting a new monthly post to introduce my sponsors to you. Please take a moment to visit the blogs/ companies that look interesting to you and say, “Hello, I found you at A Well Crafted Party!” If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for A Well Crafted Party, then feel free to visit my sponsorship page or feel free to email me to receive my media kit. My rates are super affordable.

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