Party Food: 10th Anniversary Menu

Party Food: 10th Anniversary Menu

I seriously cannot stop sharing images from this amazing night. Our tenth anniversary party was absolutely an excuse for us to celebrate our marriage with the people that we’d gained over the last ten years—the people who are our support group now (and always). It was also an excuse to eat ridiculously good food and drink some delicious beverages. Andina Restaurant in Portland, Oregon provided the perfect venue and menu for our little shindig.

(Please note that this post is not sponsored in any way.)

Andina's Party Menu for special occasions from A Well Crafted Party

We chose Andina restaurant in Portland, Oregon as our venue for four very good reasons:

  1. We loved the food there and had one of our most memorable post-marriage date nights eating a delicious meal there.
  2. They had a GORGEOUS space that fit our party’s numbers.
  3. Andina’s team of people that helped me secure the space, view it, try foods, and plan my party were so very helpful. I am a tad anal with events (spreadsheets are your friend!) and they were nothing but gracious hosts.
  4. It was affordable. I mean, it wasn’t inexpensive… but, I wanted a GREAT meal. A great meal was certainly had. Don’t believe me… let me show you:

(Amazing photos by Mary Boyden of Mary Boyden Photography)


Andina's Party Menu for special occasions from A Well Crafted Party

Andina's Party Menu for special occasions from A Well Crafted Party


Party Menu at Andina Restaurant in Portland, Oregon

There were several different choices and price points to create the party menu that we wanted. We chose to do a four course meal along with Tres Salsas Con Pan (breads with salsas/dipping sauces). My favorite part was being able to let my guests actually peruse the menu and select items that they wanted. I have done every style of dinner party there is from family style to buffet to plated… but, getting to have choices really made me feel like I was able to treat my guests. For our menu guests were able to choose from three selections of each of the courses. We chose those three selections prior to the day, but the guests got to choose their own items in the moment. I created the pictured menus because I wanted the menus to match the rest of the paper goods. The restaurant will make menus for you based on your selections if you aren’t as particular as I am. ::wink::

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Real Party: 10th Anniversary Party Decor

Real Party: 10th Anniversary Party Decor

My husband and I got married right after I graduated college in 2006. We didn’t have much of a budget or really any clue what we would really want in a wedding or large party. It was pre-Pinterest after all. We had a beautiful low-budget wedding with our friends and family that sparked my interest in throwing events. This party was ten years in the making and I am so excited to share the photos by Mary Boyden of our 10th Anniversary Party Decor! 


10th Anniversary Party Decor



10th Anniversary Party Decor

Why we decided to throw a 10th Anniversary Party…

Over the course of the years we grew our family and became close with new friends who didn’t know us back when we got married. We knew that when our ten year anniversary came along that we’d like to take a moment to not only celebrate us, but to celebrate our friends and family a bit. We wanted to say thank you to those who had helped us make it the past few years as we have experienced the ins and outs of life. We believe in love and romance. But, we also believe in working on a relationship and the importance of a great support system. This 10th anniversary party was really our way of getting to say thank you. 

The look of the party has changed in my head over time, and didn’t really get solidified until I chose our venue, but I couldn’t be more thrilled with the way that it turned out. It was everything I had dreamed it would be and so much more. I still sit and dream about this day at times! 


10th Anniversary Party Decor at Andina Restaurant in Portland, Oregon from A Well Crafted Party

Chosen venue for our 10th Anniversary Party in Portland, Oregon


We picked Andina for our party venue for a variety of reasons, one of which was that we LOVE the food and the other being that the Tupai room is a gorgeous space that fit our party perfectly. Once we chose Andina, with their clean modern venue space and bright dishes, I knew that we wanted to have a bold, clean and whimsical design.


Bright and Cheerful 10th Anniversary Party Decor from A Well Crafted Party, photo by Mary Boyden

Bright and Cheerful 10th Anniversary Party Decor from A Well Crafted Party, photo by Mary Boyden


Favorite 10th Anniversary Party Decor Details

Paper goods.

 I LOVE paper goods. Designing digital goods for events has been a huge passion of mine. It honestly was the most exciting part of the event for me as well as the most difficult. Once I finally nailed down the invitation designs that got me excited everything else fell into place seamlessly. I designed all the paper items and printed and trimmed them through a local print shop. I then put together the details by hand. It helps that this was a party for 35 rather than 300!

Colorful Wedding or Anniversary Party from A Well Crafted Party, photos by Mary Boyden



My second favorite detail were the flowers. I knew I wanted to order some bright, slightly whimsical arrangements, but hadn’t landed on a style until I found these fun geometric terrariums at Target. I then found the perfect mix of blooms through and built my arrangements using floral foam to help keep them sturdy. The larger arrangements featured blooms inside and outside of the terrarium. (Post coming soon!)

Colorful Wedding or Anniversary Party from A Well Crafted Party, photos by Mary Boyden

Colorful Wedding or Anniversary Party from A Well Crafted Party, photos by Mary Boyden



 At our wedding I had created newspaper programs about the two of us since I had gone to school for journalism. For this party I created small magazines featuring our story, photos, order of events and our vows. We featured the newspaper on one of the tables so that guests could look through the past a bit. (Post coming soon!)


Colorful Wedding or Anniversary Party from A Well Crafted Party, photos by Mary Boyden



Escort Table.

 We wanted the party to be fun for our guests so we chose a “party animal” theme to help guide guests to their tables. We spray painted toy animals and gave the centerpiece animals a bit of a party upgrade with hats and bows. Each table had a different animal and the escort cards had the corresponding animal on them to let guests know where to go as they entered. We also had a fun photo backdrop created by using black and white 4X6 photos. Guests used an Instax camera to take pictures of themselves in front of the wall of photos from the past ten years. (Post coming soon!)


Colorful Wedding or Anniversary Party from A Well Crafted Party, photos by Mary Boyden



Our favors were bright yellow tote bags that read, “By the way, I’m wearing the smile that you gave me.” They had a tag that read, “Enjoy a midnight snack. Salty and sweet, just like your friendship, an absolute treat!” We included a LaCroix flavored water along with a bag of chips and homemade sugar cookies. (Post coming soon!)


Memory Photobooth Backdrop


Photo Booth. 

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to have a photo booth. I also knew that I wanted to commemorate the many memories and people in our lives somehow. I decided to pull the two together and create a photo-wall photo booth. It is perhaps my favorite backdrop I’ve done yet. I can’t wait to share more… post coming soon!



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Saturday Spirits: Andina’s Cocktails

Saturday Spirits: Andina’s Cocktails

This past June I celebrated my ten year anniversary with my husband. We celebrated at Andina Restaurant in Portland, Oregon. In order to find the perfect party drinks we tested many of Andina’s cocktails to find the best ones!

When I landed on Andina as an option for hosting the event I instantly knew from previous experiences that it would give the fun vibe we wanted. In order to be completely sure it was the place to go we had to visit again with friends to taste as much of the food and drinks as we could! Between our visits and the party I finally have a list of my favorite cocktails from Portland’s Andina Restaurant.

Photos are by the amazing Mary Boyden Photography unless otherwise noted. Disclaimer note: This is not a sponsored post. I am a consumer of Andina and am sharing because I feel that it is awesome. I always share when I have a sponsored post and only share what I love. See my policies on sponsored posts for more information. 

Best cocktails at Andina - Photo by Mary Boyden

Photo by Mary Boyden


Andina is a Peruvian restaurant that as founded in Portland, Oregon in 2003. My first visit was sometime in 2013. It was one of the nicest dates I had ever been on. We ate an amazing meal complete with cocktails and glasses of wine… but, I would be hard pressed to remember what we had that evening beyond the words delicious and engaging. The whole meal was an experience! It absolutely made a special place in my heart for Peruvian food which I believe lives up to the Andina mission.

“As a cultural ambassador, Andina’s mission is to prepare both a table and a feast around which all guests can gather and find the warmth and richness of the Peruvian spirit in its truest forms. The dishes and flavors carry stories of their own; as do the music and art. Above all, the staff at large convey what is most essential about Peru: its profound hospitality, a delight in sharing its stories, and pride in presenting food born out of love.” — from 


The restaurant has beautiful spaces that can be rented for parties and events. Their Tupai room was perfect for our anniversary party! A catering menu was provided with ample choices and great selections… but, it had been so long since we had visited that we had no clue what we wanted to order!

We did a double date with a couple of our most adventurous friends with the plan to try as much on the menu— that also appeared on the catering menu— as we could. That night we tried multiple cocktails (in total, not each) to nail down a couple of signature drinks we wanted to offer at our party.


Best cocktails at Andina from A Well Crafted Party

Photos taken by me via my iPhone


Andina’s head bartender, Eddie Johnson, actually tended bar at our party. During the party he was mixing up another cocktail that he was testing and I got to have one of the first ones. It was FANTASTIC— like, gin and watermelon fantastic. While I don’t know if that drink ever ended up on their menu I do know from trying that and trying a different Bartender’s Choice that you won’t go wronger ordering that option if you are dining in the restaurant.


My favorite cocktails at Andina

The bar area in Andina’s Tupai room photo by Mary Boyden

What cocktails to order at Andina:

We had several favorite cocktails that we tried. However, the ones we decided to offer along with beers and wines ended up being:

  • Pisco Sour — This drink was basically our “HIS” drink at the party. We loved that it was sweet and sour and not too much for the pallette. The egg whites made it frothy and wonderful.
    Andina’s Pisco Sour is made with Macchu Pisco pisco puro mixed with lime juice, sugar and egg whites. It is then served up, topped with a dash of bitters and a squeeze of key lime. This drink is perfect if you don’t want really strong flavors. It is delicious, but pretty mellow.
  • Sacsayhamán— I fell in love with this drink the moment I tried it… but it was SPICY. I love me some spice so I easily sipped on this sweet and hot cocktail. When planning drinks for the party I kept coming back to this drink, but was unsure if it would be a crowd pleaser. I was told over and over again that this was actually their most popular drink. I just could see many of my party taking a sip and putting it down and ordering another drink due to the spice factor (which becomes expensive). However, I ended up choosing this drink when I heard the pronunciation— “Sexy Wooman.” Of course this had to be the “HERS” option! I am so glad I chose it. The guests loved it. I loved it. This drink is made by shaking habanero pepper vodka with pureed passionfruit and cane sugar. It is then served up with a sugar rim and cilantro leaf garnish.
What to order at Andina from A Well Crafted Party, photo by Mary Boyden

My reaction to the Sacsayhaman cocktail – photo by Mary Boyden


We had chosen to do a his and hers option really just to streamline the bar process at the party. However, in finding the right drinks we tried several others. Here are some more favorites that were HIGH contenders:

  • Horchata de Café— This almond-hazelnut horchata layered with shots of golden cinnamon rum and rich café de olla, served tall, dusted with powdered cinnamon was the perfect pair for our dessert.
  • Ron-yki-on— This was a refreshing cocktail that had such a nice flavor profile… the cardamom-sugar rim paired perfectly with the grapefruit juice, ginger rum, and lime juice.

If you are taking a trip out to Andina I hope this list helps you find a new favorite cocktail! Still can’t decide? Bartender’s Choice is a great place to start! Looking for dinner while in Portland? Please let me suggest this fun experience with great drinks.


Have you been to Andina? If so, what drink was your favorite?

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