Toddler Style: My Casual Cool Three Year Old

Do you want to know what is really strange for me about being a mom? It is the fact that after 28 years of not having a child, I can’t really remember my life before my son. That is sort of difficult to explain. It isn’t that I don’t remember life pre-motherhood or that I don’t cherish that time as well. He is just such a part of me now that I can’t imagine my life without him. He has changed me in so many amazing ways, and yet I’m still the same person.

Casual Cool Toddler Fashion - A Well Crafted Party


I haven’t posted about my kiddo much in the past year because I’m finally seeing his little personality and have been unsure if I wanted to share it on my blog. He has his own personality that is no longer just a reflection of my husband and me, but is just him! In the end I finally decided that I will abide by some personal rules when posting about him, and if and when he decides that he doesn’t want to be featured on my blog I’ll respect that. Currently he loves the camera. If you can’t tell by these amazing shots taken by Macey from Moments by Macey.

Casual Cool Toddler Style – Hiding the Threenager

At three years old we are dealing with a variety mood swings. Sometimes this little guy will be the most polite and amazing child. Brian and I will look at each other with “what in the world happened to him?” Other times it is FIT city. From everything I’ve read from mothers and fathers of 3 year olds… we are right on track.

The day we took these photos with he was on his best behavior. You would never had guessed that just hours before he had thrown an epic fit because he didn’t want to nap and then another epic fit because he didn’t want to wake up. By the time we got to the wall and had a bunch of balloons he was the happiest and sweetest kid on the block. He loved his casual cool toddler style look, making sure his hair was just right in the mirror. But, really… it was all about the balloons. Man, balloons are amazing.

Casual Cool Toddler Fashion - A Well Crafted Party

Casual Cool Toddler Fashion - A Well Crafted Party

Casual Cool Toddler Fashion - A Well Crafted Party

Casual Cool Toddler Boy Clothing - A Well Crafted Party

Casual Cool Toddler Fashion - A Well Crafted Party

Casual Cool Toddler Fashion - A Well Crafted Party


Outfit details: (affiliate links may be used) 

High top two tone shoes via Old Navy // Skinny Jeans via Gap // Chambray Rolled Sleeved Shirt via Old Navy // Vest via a three piece set from Burlington Coat Factory (Similar via Amazon) // Tie was a gift (Similar via Amazon)



Happy Birthday to A Well Crafted Mama: Thoughts on Motherhood

Today is my mom’s birthday! Everyone say, “Happy Birthday Mom!”

Thanks, y’all!

Anyways, in honor of my mom’s birthday I thought I’d share a few things that I have realized about my own mother only AFTER becoming a mom myself. (Mouthful.)

Motherhood Realizations

Thoughts on Motherhood: What I Realized about my Mom After Becoming a Mom

    1. She had NO clue what she was doing. My mom was 19 when she had me. NINETEEN, newly married, and with an infant. I was 28 when I had my son. I had done years of being a babysitter and nanny. I’ve changed hundreds of diapers and cleaned up throw-up and messy diapers. I’d been married for five wonderful years. I knew NOTHING when I had my son. Motherhood, while wonderful, was a huge slap in the face. I thought I was prepared. I thought I was READY. I found out I was dead wrong. But, more over, I suddenly realized what my mother must have felt at nineteen, with a new husband, and a fat, screaming baby. I seriously don’t know how she made it through that year or how she went on to have 3 more kids!
    2. She lived in a different world. First off, I should say that my dad was a good dad to me. He later had to be a single dad while my mother was working on her health. He is kind, caring, and so GIVING. That being said… he and my mother lived in a time where women cooked, cleaned, reared children, AND tried to have a job. Not saying that some people are still like that today, it still happens. That was the world my mom lived in. I could not have done the past two years without my husband. He is great at sharing the working, cleaning, and cooking as well as helping with our son.
    3. She made up parenting as she went. My mom had her mother and a few other mother friends to talk about things like discipline, developmental stages, and more. She wasn’t completely without resources. But, she didn’t have the resources that we have today. When I freaked out because my son’s gums were black from teething I just had to google. She had to worry or go to the doctor’s office and wait. When my youngest brother was born sick and unable to process formula, breast milk, or milk she had no online group of moms going through the same thing. She was alone in a sense.
    4. She left for our own good. My mother was sick when I was in elementary school. She needed hospitalization and more help than she could get at home with four children. (This part is her story and not mine to tell, so I will leave it at that.) But, she left us. I didn’t understand it at the time. I resented her for some time after. But, she left for the well-being of me and my sister and brothers. It wasn’t easy. And, it was incredibly difficult on my father. But, after having my child and having a bout of depression soon after… I realized not only WHY she needed to leave, but how HARD it must have been.
    5. She will ALWAYS be my mom. I used to get annoyed when she would baby me or try to tell me what to do. I got cranky when she did something I deemed “embarrassing.” But, after having my son, I could see myself doing the same things someday. He isn’t ever going to have a time in his life when I don’t look at him and remember what it was like to give birth to him or to snuggle in bed with him as he is falling asleep. My mom is always going to look at me as both a grown woman and her first baby girl.

Anyways, thanks mom. Thank you for the whole birth thing. Thanks for the above realizations. And, thanks for being my mom.


Mother’s Day: The Role of Mom

I’m a lucky woman. I have a lot of people in my life who love me and who I love. I’ve had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend so far and have enjoyed every moment of celebrating mothers and being celebrated by my husband and son.

Every Mother’s Day I spend some time thinking about my past and the role of a mother. My story of my relationship with my mother is a long one… there was a time in her life that she wasn’t able to take care of her children the way she wanted to, and had to spend time getting herself help.

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