Friday Finds: Fondue for You! Suggested Fondue Supplies

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Last week I shared a delicious recipe for fondue. I personally have three fondue sets and a TON of fun accessories to go with them. I love fondue for large events, dinner parties, or an intimate dinner for two. I thought I’d suggest a few of my favorite fondue items so you can get in on the fun as well.

Suggested Fondue Cookbooks

1.  2.

  1. The Fondue Bible: The 200 Best Recipes Last week I shared a recipe from this book. I’ve made at least 5 of the recipes so far and have really liked them all. (I did receive this book free for purpose of review, but my suggestion of it is based on my experience only.)
  2. Great Party Fondues Come on… fondue is perfect for a party. I love this little cookbook for party-friendly recipes!

Suggested Fondue Pots

1.  2.3.4.

  1. Nostalgia Electrics FPS200 Electric Fondue Pot While I love a good fire underneath a fondue post, I also like the idea of easy clean up and the extra safety benefit of this electric fondue pot. Added bonus… the color of this pot is a a pretty metallic rose!
  2. Trudeau Multi 12-Piece Stainless-Steel Fondue Set This one is one of the pots I own. I love it because it is great for meat fondues, cheese fondues, OR chocolate fondues.
  3. Trudeau Century 15-Piece Stainless-Steel 42-Ounce Fondue Set I love the little protector piece that comes with this one— it is great to have the added protection for broth and oil based fondues. The cute little cups coming with it is an added bonus.

Suggested Fondue Accessories


1. 2.

  1. Trudeau Square Fondue Plate, Set of 4 Seriously, how great are these plates!? They not only have a spot for your fondue concoction, but also little areas for dipping sauces!
  2. Norpro 6 Piece Porcelain Ramekin Set One of the things I love about fondue is all of the fun dipping sauces that can accompany a meal. A good set of ramekins is the way to keep those dipping sauces looking great on your table, and not wasting space on your plate.


Friday Finds: Alice in Wonderland Themed Parties

Okay, I know that Alice in Wonderland has been DONE. You know? I did it. She did it. Everyone’s done it. Though, there are about a thousand and one reasons why Alice in Wonderland makes for an awesome party theme. It is a whimsical and changeable story that lends itself to all types of parties. Kids love it and adults love it. So, when faced with whether I was going to do another Alice in Wonderland party there was little to no hesitation before I said, “SURE!” My hope is to do something different than I’ve done before and perfect for the guest of honor. There was no lack of inspiration for the shin-dig I’m throwing together. Some of my favorite Alice in Wonderland style parties include the following:

Want to see the direction I’m going with this Alice in Wonderland party? Check out my sneak peek of the party invitations!

What would YOU do for an Alice in Wonderland themed party? Any details you would have to include?

{Friday Finds} Party Printable, Inspiration, and Tips


Party Printable Photo used with permission from Strawberry Mommycakes

Boy, oh boy… do I have some fun stuff to share today! I’ve been saving a list of party related finds that I’ve been wanting to share for quite some time now. I’m happy that I finally have time to go through my pins and BlogLovin’ likes to share a few of my favorites with you. Some links to LOVE this week:

  • Strawberry Mommycakes’ Free Printable Party Planner… (say that five times fast!) I love the colors of this printable. I love the layout. I love the fact that there are spaces for EVERYTHING you need to plan a party! Oh, and, I love that it is free!
  • The menus from this Ojai wedding featured on Martha Stewart Weddings are to die for! I’d actually want to keep the menu as a work of art for my home. The paintings and script are gorgeous. After clicking through a link or two I discovered that ALL of the paper goods for this wedding are amazing. Julie Song Ink does some amazing work.
  • I love wearing fake eyelashes at special events. It just makes me feel all dressed up and ready to go… this Wedding Chicks tutorial on how to put on fake eyelashes are great.
  • This week I met Scotch’s Most Gifted Wrapper who won a $10,000 prize for some amazing wrapping skills. Oh, and she is also a paper-crafting blogger who does a lot of work with paper flowers— check out her blog!
  • Just in case you’re planning a Cinco De Mayo party this year… this Mexican-themed birthday party is full of beautiful inspiration.
I’ve got BIG plans to get tons done over the weekend. Hopefully, it all works out…
what are YOUR plans for this weekend? 

{Friday Finds} Portlandia

Instagram photos from my evening at Urban Farmer

Today’s {Friday Finds} it totally about the Portland area…. sorry to those who don’t live here! However, bookmark this post in case you plan on visiting soon.

I moved to Portland six years ago. And, while it is much more expensive and has a limited job market compared to my mid-western home, it is one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been. Living in Portland is like living in a big city that has the feel of a small community. We live about an hour from the mountains, an hour and a half from the coast, a few hours from the dessert, and close enough to get away to Canada if things get really rotten. 😉 This post may wax a little poetic about this town I’ve grown to call home.

So, here are some of my Portland {Friday Finds}:

  • Last night I had the opportunity to tour the kitchen, see a demonstration, and eat dinner at Urban Farmer. Urban Farmer has been on my list of restaurants to visit for some time now. I love their sustainable practices and the fact that they use organic, local food whenever possible. Last night’s experience confirmed it as an awesome dinner destination. I’ll be posting about my visit next week…. but, if you’re looking for a delicious steak dinner PLEASE visit Urban Farmer. You will not be disappointed if you get even a fraction of the experience that I had last night. I even ate beets there…. I am not usually a beet fan! (Although, I once made Beet Pierogies that were fairly tasty.)
  • After dinner at Urban Farmer you should totally check out the bar upstairs called Departure. It is like walking into a space ship. A space ship that serves good cocktails and has a beautiful patio with a view of the city!
  • The creative community here is one of the biggest reason’s that I am IN LOVE with this city. There are so many opportunities to build connections, do creative collaborations, or just be inspired by some pretty amazing creative people. If you are in the Portland area check out these awesome groups: Portland Bloggers (gotta plug it), Creative Connection (a women-only group of creatives), Portland Preservation Society (canning group… I can’t wait to be more involved with it), and The Crave Company (women entrepreneur group).
  • The Timbers (Portland’s MLS team) have started playing. I haven’t been able to get tickets to games yet, but it has been fun listening to updates and seeing my friends post photos from the game. I can’t wait to bring the little guy to a game.
  • Spring is near… and, with that the tulips are coming out! Today, Friday, March 8, all Whole Foods Markets are selling 3 10-stem tulip bunches for $10…. that is 30 tulips for $10. If, [cough, cough], someone’s husband thought to grab a bunch after work today then I’m sure it would make his wife extra happy.

Happy International Women’s Day!

* I did receive a free meal from Urban Farmer curtesy of the PR firm, Little Green Pickle, however no promises for positive reviews were given. I really enjoyed it and want to tell everyone I know about it! No other compensation was given for this post. *

{Friday Finds} Glitter, Party Circles, Pizza, Fashion, and Random Tidbits

Glittered Jewelry Dish Project via A Beautiful Mess

Today’s {Friday Finds} is brought to you by the letter R. R as in random. I’ve been trying to incorporate more of my life into this blog to go along with my idea (not original idea by any means) that life is a party and we should celebrate it. So, in that theme of things you’re going to get a peek into my very random brain. I’ve found these links throughout the week and wanted to share!

  • I love glitter. It is a problem. My husband does NOT love glitter. So, of course when I showed him the above jewelry dish project I could see the fear in his eyes. I think it is a great way to bring just a little bit of sparkle into the everyday. I’d use the project on a tray and put letters and/or pretty magazines in it. I think it’d be just BEAUTIFUL. I wonder if the glaze is hard to work with… anyone out there ever done something similar?
  • Every wondered what all you could do with the cupcake topper or party circle printables? I love this {Party with Paper} series that Hostess with the Mostess has included on their site! I also really like that they call the printables “Party Circles” as they do so much more than just top cupcakes! “How to cut a party circle {3 ways to use it}
  • Now that you know what to do with those party circles why don’t you stop by my “Free Printables” page and see what party circles I have made for FREE download.
  • Tonight I have some friends coming over for blog talk, beer, and homemade pizza. I’ve been playing around with crust recipes and have been drawn to the following recipes:
  • I have lot of fun dressing my toddler in cute clothes. (Check out my Baby Style posts for proof.) He is a stylish young kid… but, lately it takes a ton of effort to make me want to get either of us out of our pjs during the day. One of the Instagramers/bloggers I follow, Lauren Hartmann, did a 7 days of style challenge for her little girl and is now opening it up for others to participate. I thought it would be a good way for me to get the kid out of pjs for a week. One of the challenges is to take three items and style them throughout the week, which is great practice for my upcoming trip to Oklahoma with just me and the babe.
I hope you found a link or two that interests you!
I’m excited for a fun, easy weekend. I hope that you get a chance to create a {Weekend in Review} post for this next week’s linky party! I’ll be sharing some of my favorites from each week.

{Friday Finds} Oscar Party

The Oscars are this Sunday… are you celebrating? I am probably not… I have a busy, busy weekend. But, for those of you that are watching & celebrating with an Oscar Party, and need some last minute tips and ideas, check out these great posts:

I’ll see you back later today tomorrow for a {real party} Portland Wedding! Super excited to share the photos that I just HAD to have two posts today. Sorry! Time got away from me today. Have a wonderful weekend y’all!

Friday Finds: Ready for Spring

I’m soooooo ready for winter to be over and to get into Spring! This pretty invite from West Elm got me even more excited. I’ll be heading out to bask in the pretty Spring decor next Wednesday… if you are in the area you should totally join me!
Here are some other things that are getting me excited about Spring: 
  • Cherry blossoms… Portland gets the most beautiful cherry blossoms all over the city during the Spring. While I am not looking forward to all the allergies that come with flowering trees, I am excited about the pink and white flowers peeking out everywhere.
  • The Spring Portland Bloggers’ Meet-Up… this March we are going to have SO MUCH FUN. Last year’s Spring Cocktail Party was a blast and one of the first times we were really amping things up for fun. I hope that this March’s meet-up is even better!
  • My blog’s 3rd birthday is April 26th…. I should do something fun! Ideas?
  • Fresh vegetables and pretty garden parties… ahhhhh
  • Mother’s Day…. I am actually really looking forward to it this year since I know I won’t be working! ** Hubby… take note! There are some great resources out there to make it a fun, inexpensive day!**
And, while this isn’t a Spring party necessarily .. it is AWESOME. I wish I had this cool of a party and this kid is 2!— Favorite Things Second Birthday Party

What are you looking forward to about Spring?

Friday Finds: 24 days of Free Christmas Downloads

OMMMMMGGGG…. this is awesome.
check out this amazing series featuring FREE Christmas downloads from designers.
Some of my favorites (so far) include the bold christmas gift tag printables from Lemon Squeezy and the calligraphy tags from Sweet Muffin Suite.
Oh, and there was a feature last year too!

Writer’s Block: Thanksgiving Links

My brain is blank at the moment. I’ve been writing a ton lately…. and, today, two days before a HUGE deadline, my brain is fried and I can’t think of anything to write. I don’t know if I am overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work I have, if I have too many ideas to focus on one, or just have good-old-fashioned writer’s block. But, I’m blocked.

So, head on over to these awesome people’s sites who are nice and prolific.

Thanksgiving Posts from Around the Web:

  • Sarah Hearts has adorable FREE printables for your Thanksgiving wine.
  • A really adorable fox is sharing a What to Wear for Thanksgiving post over at Creature Comforts.
  • Hostess with the Mostess is sharing mini baked goods (not to be confused with Hostess brand that is going out of business) for the Thanksgiving season.
  • Glitter and Grace and The Kinas show fun ideas for dressing up and down for the Thanksgiving meals you’ll be attending.
  • Cute Fall decor and great thanksgiving food ideas from the Friendsgiving post from A Beautiful Mess.
If you are looking for other free Thanksgiving Printables or Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas then check out my posts from the past:
Have a good day. And, if my brain shows up over the next few days then I do have some items to share with you. I just need to get them out of the piled high file folders of ideas that are cluttering up my head.
Do you have any Thanksgiving inspiration to share with everyone? I’d love to see it in the comment section! I’ll post the links on my Facebook page throughout the week!

Friday Finds: Free Halloween Printables 2012

I’m sort of addicted to printables. I use them in EVERY event I throw and sometimes even in my more simple dinner parties. It is just such an easy and inexpensive way pull an event together. While I do believe that a person who wants to invest in creating a beautiful/creative party should consider purchasing well-done printable sets. I also whole-heartily believe in free printables.

Friday’s Finds: A Fantastic Project Blog

Today’s Friday Find comes from the blogsphere. I came across (Edit: Now A Subtle Revelry) from some of the beautiful party images featured on other entertaining blogs. But, the thing that really caught my eye? On the site they have a project blog called 30X30: “From Inspiration through design- 30 parties this year before I turn 30. Each filled with homemade details for easy and frugal gatherings.”

Not only do I love the idea, but also the execution. The parties, she has blogged six so far, are magnificent. The details are fantastic. My favorite part? The DIY. She has several posts with do it yourself projects that are beautifully photographed and excellently explained. Check out the blog and follow her, as I will, as she continues her goal of 30 parties this year.

My hope? The last party is an all-out bash of a 30th birthday party!

Photo Sources from left clockwise: Mother’s Day Brunch; Roast & Toast ; Pinwheels & Pearls Party

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