{Toddler Style} Seven Days of Style Challenge

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post— I purchased or made all items featured in this post. However,  the below links are affiliate links.

Way back nearly a month ago I participated in a style challenge with a bunch of other mommas on Instagram. I wanted to share the #7daysofstyle that me and my little guy participated in. I think it made him into a little style-hound though…. now he goes up to the mirror and plays with his hair!

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{Giveaway} My momiform, a dapper dude, and a Cushe Giveaway

Disclaimer: I received a free pair of Cushe shoes to review for this post and one pair to give away to my readers. All opinions are my own.

Lately it has been a challenge for me to get dressed most days. I often opt for sleep rather than getting up and showering before my son’s very early waking hour. I wait until nap time to shower and change, unless I have work to finish. Embarrassingly often, I’ll still be unshowered and in my yoga pants until my husband gets home in the afternoon.

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{Toddler Style} A Challenge with Style

The idea behind me styling different pieces for the kiddo came from a styling project Lauren Hartmann, The Little Things We Do, did for her daughter on Instagram. She took 3 different clothing pieces and styled at least one of them into every outfit for 7 days.

I asked her if she minded that I totally copy her and do the same with my kiddo. I thought it would be a challenge to do something cute on a little boy and an excuse for me to get him out of his PJs everyday. She didn’t mind… as a matter of fact, she invited anyone to join in on #7daysofstyle on Instagram. I’m excited to be meeting moms of other little boys working with this challenge as well.

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Toddler Style: Blazer and Skinny Jeans

I love dressing my little man… I’ll be sad when he won’t let me choose his clothes anymore. Although, the way he likes ties/jackets/hats (he puts them on himself when running around the house in his diaper) I think he’ll probably continue to be pretty stylish.

This little outfit was what he wore to Thanksgiving dinner. He even kept his tie and jacket on for a majority of the evening.

CHRK ITB Tie, Cherokee Infant/Toddlers white dress shirt, Cherokee Infant/Toddler Blazer, Boy’s Cherokee Davidson Slip on shoes // Target — Skinny Jeans // Old Navy
Oh, and… I think his dad dresses pretty snazzy too.

My Favorite Pair of Jeans

I’ve discovered the awesomeness that are the Old Navy Rockstar skinny jeans. I’m not much for putting up style posts. I often feel silly when taking “style” photos. Haha… getting dressed daily is kind of a HUGE feat most days. But, these jeans have become my go-to pants and I felt like sharing.

The jeans come in a multitude of colors. They are super comfy and fit great…. that is, if you try them on. Each pair of mine are either a different size or different fit. I once ordered three in different colors, but the same size, and they all fit differently. I felt like goldilocks of pants.

So, while I recommend the jeans… I do also recommend going into the store and trying them on. Don’t even trust the fact that you have another pair in the same size.

Rockstar Jeans in Dark Blue Denim
Rockstar Jeans in Grey (photo by Motormouth Studios)
Rockstar Jeans in Purple
Do you have a clothing item that you buy several in multiple colors because you love it so much? 

Oh So Stylish Portland Bloggers

The Portland Blogger Meet-Up this weekend was a seriously wonderful way to spend a Saturday.
One of my favorite things about getting together with a bunch of blogger?
They are oh-so-stylish!
I got so many cute ideas from these lovely ladies.
My camera and I didn’t get along at the event…. 
so, most of these photos are via Sam from the Sam Rosen blog and Olga of Vintage Pretty.
 They are labeled—Thanks Sam & Olga for the beautiful photos!
Adi – Justine – Miranda – SamOlgaSarahIrina – Me!

Sam’s outfit is detailed on her blog. I need that dress.

I love this photo of me… outfit details at the end of the post!


RoxanaChelseyCourtney JustineShannonGracie – Irina


Miranda & Sarah looking ready for spring in colored pants, white arm baring tops, and nautical!

They are sporting some of my favorite trends-
glam of a sequined (or glittered) shirt and the sweetness of stripes.
Isn’t she just one of the most beautiful pregnant ladies you ever did see?
Her outfit is detailed on her blog!
Suzannah and her hubby- She MADE that dress. Amazing.

Susannah is the picture of spring with a beautiful lace dress and a flower in her hair!

See what I mean… seriously stylish bloggers here in Portland! 

What I wore (links to stuff still available):
Banana Republic Black Draper Lace Dress from the Mad Men Collection
Black and Tan heels from about 7 years ago at Dillards
Burnt Gold Leaf Earrings via Target
Burnt Gold ring necklace via Forever 21
Burnt Gold Bangles via H&M

These photos were created using goodies from puglypixel.com

Dressed to Party: Holiday Parties!

I’ve been playing on Polyvore.com again! This time I was looking for festive outfits for holiday parties. These sets are ideal for a Christmas Cocktail Party, Holiday Open House, Work Party and New Years Eve Bash. Oh, and there might be one in there that inspires me for my Birthday! 😉

Holiday Cocktail Party
Couldn’t you just swoon over these dresses. And shoes. And accessories. Ahhh… it just makes me look forward to the holiday cocktail dresses. Let me know which is your favorite because I am certainly having trouble deciding mine!
Holiday Open House
I think sweater dresses or skirts with sweaters make fantastic outfits for something like an Open House. Make it pop with a little bit of holiday cheer with the accessories. (Don’t go cheesy with the Christmas tree bling, but rather check out the sweater bracelets and the adorable jingle bell ring.)
Work Holiday Party
I love how both these outfits are stylish and work appropriate with just a touch of holiday cheer.


New Year’s Eve Bash
Blush, You Sparkle!
I love this set. It is one of the most expensive sets I’ve put together but I fell head over heals for that dress. Swoon. I think this set would be beautiful at a cocktail party, birthday celebration or a New Years Eve event.
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