Spring Ready with Western Chief Rain Boots— Mommy & Son Style

Spring Ready with Western Chief Rain Boots— Mommy & Son Style

Western Chief sent complimentary rain boots to get us ready for a Pacific Northwest Spring and to introduce themselves to A Well Crafted Party readers. All thoughts and opinions are my own. For more information on my posting guidelines please visit my policies page. This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links help this blog without any additional cost to my readers. 

Yesterday was the first day of Spring. The weather here in Portland has been pretty typical… aka, rainy. All the rain is totally easy to deal with when you also get to appreciate how GREEN it is here these days. My back yard is currently heaven on Earth. The day we took these mommy and son style photos was a typical Portland grey. Which was GREAT because I’d been hoping for a good bout of rain so I could pull out my new rain boots and not look silly walking around town.

Spring Style for Mom and Son - A Well Crafted Party

Pacific Northwest Spring Style in Portland - A Well Crafted Party

Ideally I’d pair these classic mid rain boots with more fitted pants… but, these ARE my skinny jeans at the moment due to crazy after-baby body changes. And, thought my knees ended up being a little funny looking due to the tucking the not skinny-enough jeans I was overall fairly happy with my Spring in Portland attire. Getting dressed now days is difficult. Things don’t fit the way that they used to and I always have to dress in a way that I know I can feed the baby without having to completely disrobe. You can’t see it, but underneath my nice little rain coat is yet the millionth button up shirt that I own. It doesn’t even matter the color because they all look alike to me nowadays and are likely covered in some sort of bodily fluid.

I don’t know if I’ll lose some sort of PNW cred for admitting this but, even after living in Portland for nearly 9 years now, I’ve never owned a pair of rain boots until now. I was the crazy lady you’d see getting their feet soaking wet in flats. Yep, that lady, she was me. My shoes and feet have never been more dry! It took a little getting used to wearing rain boots, but after a day out in the rain with dry feet I was pretty much sold on them. I also liked that they were super easy to clean up after a day in the rain than other boots.

#spon Kiddo is ready for a Pacific Northwest Spring with his rain gear! - A Well Crafted Party #spon Kiddo is ready for a Pacific Northwest Spring with his rain gear! - A Well Crafted Party

My son got the batman rain boots and has never been happier about a pair of shoes. Though, I think what he loved most about his outfit was that I was encouraging jumping in puddles rather than making sure he avoided them. We styled his boots with his jeans, chambray button up shirt and heather grey t-shirt with a bright yellow rain jacket. I love the classic rain jacket paired with the unexpected pop of these rain boots.


And, yep… they have capes!

Outfit Details:

Mommy: Lucky Brand Plus Size Ginger Skinny Jeans (Size 16) | Western Chief Classic Mid Rain Boot in Black | Black Anorak Rain Jacket from Target (Size XL) |Black and White Blanket Scarf – I got mine ages ago and couldn’t find a good link to it… so, here are two similar scarves (affiliate links) BB Gossip Large Tartan Blanket Scarf & Afibi Women’s Oversized Plaid Checkered Tartan Scarf

Son: Old Navy Jeans | Chambray Shirt via H&M (affiliate link – Similar here) | Western Chief Batman Rain Boot | Bumblebee Rain Coast Zinna Gold via Target | Heather Grey T-Shirt

Spring Style in Portland - A Well Crafted Party

Discovering the Back to School New Shoes Tradition

Discovering the Back to School New Shoes Tradition

Today is the first day of Fall and it also marks the first Fall that I have participated in the Back to School shopping frenzy since I myself was in school! They tell you that childhood passes by quickly… but, I don’t think I was quite prepared this year when suddenly my son was in pre-school! When Sports Authority wrote to ask for me to explore their back to school deals  I almost balked at the idea because my kid is just 4! However, after a moment I realized that he was heading into pre-school this year and, somehow, over the Summer had grown out of or put holes in nearly everything he owned! I quickly explored the Sports Authority website and was delighted to discover that they not only had a great selection of sports items for adults (what we’ve previously shopped at the store for) but also had quite the selection of shoes, jackets, bags and clothing for my little guy‘s first year in pre-school!

Discovering the New Shoes tradition for Back to School Shopping — A Well Crafted Party

Exploring the New Shoe Tradition for Back to School

Growing up back to school shopping was often a time where money was tight and the extra expenses stressed out my parents. However, I do remember many years where my grandparents would take us out to buy a new pair (or more) of shoes for back to school. I always loved the tradition, but didn’t really understand it until this year.

Over the Summer my kiddo wore out his shoes with all the outdoor play and growing feet. I didn’t even bother buying him new shoes over the Summer because I knew that they’d just get ruined! So, when the first few days of school were looming along with picture days, field trips and cooler weather, I pulled out all of his shoes to discover that he didn’t have ONE pair that fit him well and didn’t look worn to the sole. Seriously, my four year old is now in size 12.5 shoes while all the ones he had over the Summer were size 10.

He was not quite as excited about shoe shopping as I thought he should be… well, that is until we found the running shoes. The idea of getting a pair of shoes specifically designed for going fast was just the ticket into getting him excited about this tradition. The Adidas Boys’ LK Sport Running Shoes made both he and I happy. I didn’t have to have him wearing neon every day, and he got his running shoes. Plus, they didn’t cost an arm and a leg! He asks to wear his new shoes nearly every day now. The running hasn’t stopped since. 🙂

Discovering the New Shoes tradition for Back to School Shopping — A Well Crafted Party

What back to school shopping traditions do you have? Comment below!


This post is written in collaboration with Sports Authority. All opinions are my own. Please see my policies page for more information on sponsored posts. Thank you for reading about the companies that help make this blog possible! 

Beauty: Nudes of Late Summer

Beauty: Nudes of Late Summer

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post. Purchases made from affiliate links help support this blog at no additional cost to you. Product mentioned in this post were given with purpose of experiencing the product. No posts were promised in return. All opinions are my own. Thank you for reading and engaging with posts that help keep this blog (and blogger) running!

Late Summer Nudes // A Well Crafted Party Late Summer Nudes // A Well Crafted Party

While I am not quite ready for Summer to be over yet… I’m also yearning for the cooler temperatures and warmer color palettes that Fall brings with it. Each year, as late summer comes rolling in, I start gravitating to more and more whites, light pinks, and nudes. It must be something about Labor Day heading my way (although, I’ve never been one to follow the no white after labor day rule!) or just the HOT August heat begging for lighter colors.

Outfit planning lately has incorporated as many whites, pinks, nudes, and golds as possible. I spent most my life hating yellow gold to only want it on everything I own now days. Am I just getting old or really falling for that trend machine that dictates everyone’s tastes? (Anyone else remember Josie & the Pussycats?)

Late Summer Nudes // A Well Crafted Party

Anyways, lately I’ve been digging on the nude collection of nail polishes from Crabtree & Evelyn paired with the high-shine liquid lipstick pens from Mally Beauty.

More about the Crabtree & Evelyn Nud-est Collection: I liked these polishes because they are easier on the wallet than some other brands (approximately $6) and go on easy with great color. I can NEVER keep nail polish on long… but, these lasted me longer than some other brands. I also liked how the different colors from the collection went well together. I’m forever stuck in the paint one fingernail different trend. The Nud-est Collection has Alabaster (creamy ivory with a bit of shimmer), Peaches & Cream (peachy pink), Almond (opaque nude), and Mocha (warm creamy light brown with shimmer).

More about Mally Beauty High-Shine Liquid Lipstick Pens: Typically I don’t go for high shine lipsticks due to the hair stickage problem that sometimes happen. Lately though I’ve been wearing my hair pulled back for work and pairing it with a pretty bare face. (Sleep time is greater than makeup/hair time currently.) The pretty shine of these pretty pink shades is perfect for a natural look with a touch of polish. I’ve been wearing my Blossom lipstick daily!

Outfit details: 

  • Shoes // American Eagle via Payless – These cut out oxfords are seriously my favorite new shoes (though, sadly, I don’t see them online anymore! similar here) My husband says they look like vests for my feet though.
  • Cropped cream slacks via Ann Taylor (last season)
  • White sheer tank via Anthropologie (three seasons ago)
  • Cardigan via Target (a million years ago)
  • Gold bracelet via Old Navy (in store only but it is the only thing I got so far this season! similar here)

Do you like wearing more nudes as the Summer is ending or perhaps something else? Comment below!

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