Portland Bloggers’ Night Out

I love, love, love my fellow Portland Bloggers. It has been SO amazing getting to know the many talented people that reside in good ole PDX. I’ve been lucky enough to get to attend several of the Portland Bloggers’ events. *It helps that I now make the schedule 😉

This time we had a Bloggers’ Night Out. Super low key, super fun! We visited Bridgeport Brewery and  then head over to Salt & Straw to finish the evening out.

As much as I love detailed parties and events… sometimes it is so nice to just have a night out!

Sam from Sam Rosen, Abby from CheersXO, and Me!

The men and all the purses. At least they had beer!

So many awesome bloggers!
Some head done by Mortormouth Studio for the Portland Bloggers’ website. Lots to do! 

We had a lot of faces at the meet-up. Please check out their great blogs and leave a comment. We ALL love some comment love.

Spencer from 12 oz beehouse
Erika of A Tiny Rocket
Kayla of Keep Moving Forward
Sam Rosen of Samantha Rosen
Abby of CheersXO
Macey of Motormouth Studio
Suzannah of Adventures in Dressmaking
Susannah of Simple Moments Stick
Ashley of This Valley Life
Bee of The Spicy Bee
Sarah of Will Run for Pasta
Brian of Bost Beer
Chelsey of The Paper Mama
Leah of The Content Owl
ME of A Well Crafted Party and Leave the Laundry for Later

If you want to get in on the fun then visit the Portland Bloggers’ Website and find out all about upcoming events! The next meet-up is a SEO workshop scheduled for Nov. 17!

Portland Bloggers’ August Meet-Up Party Details

I’ve missed you friends! But, know that I haven’t been gone all this time with nothing to show for it. I am still looking for full-time employment in my field… but, I have been lucky enough to find some great freelance gigs. They are time consuming (which is why it has been so long) but, certainly helpful. In the very little free time that I have had I have been able to create a few fun party items. So… I am hopefully back to blogging and sharing real parties, party DIYs, and much more!
Attendees of the August Portland Bloggers’ Meet-Up photo by the fabulous Motormouth Studio
Every two months I get together with some fabulous bloggers here in the Portland, Oregon area. This August we met at the beautiful (and fairly new) Belmont Library for a Photography Workshop.
 Becky from Studio 623 Photography and Macey from Motormouth Studio spoke about photography and gave us some really great tips at the workshop. 
I created a lot of the little party details and wanted to share some of them with you. The easy black and white color scheme can be used for several different style of events. I hope you find something that can easily inspire you for the next event you throw!
We live in a world of hashtags and social networking. Instagram and Twitter has made it super easy to gather together all the photos taken at your event by the use of a simple little pound sign. 
When wanting the whimsical feel of chalkboards, but not wanting to buy or create a ton of boards for one party, try using a white gel pen on black cardstock. It will also give you more control over the look of your text. Personally, I can’t write pretty with a piece of chalk, but I can rock a gel pen. 
Also, want to have pretty floral arrangements without busting the bank? Hit the local grocery store, pick out a couple of bunches of flowers in one single color scheme and then mix together. Simple and beautiful arrangements for little money.
I am a huge fan of party favors. It is a momento for guests to remember the great time they had at your party. For the photography workshop I wanted guests to have something to take notes on so I created little notebooks with cardstock (I had on hand), scrap paper, a stapler, and a white gel pen. It took me about an hour and the cost of one pack of pens to create these favors. 
And of course… no event is complete with out all of the amazing people who helped make it happen.
A big Thank You to all the event sponsors and volunteers!
—Giveaway & Speaker Gift Sponsors—
Nicole’s Classes: On-line courses in InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Photography.
A Beautiful Mess: A DIY, fashion, and style blog with e-courses in art journaling, blogging, and more!
Dijana’s Designs: Beautiful handmade jewelry from Portland, Oregon.
Motormouth Studio— Portland based photographer and designer
Suzannah from Adventures in Dressmaking
Megan from The Boho Mama
Sam from Sam Rosen

{Real Party} Portland Blogger’s Family Picnic

The Portland Bloggers group that I’ve been meeting up with just had the June Meet-up. The group meets approximately every two months. This month it was a family picnic so that everyone could meet some of the people that we all blog about.
Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate.
A last minute venue change along with busy summer schedules made for a small turn-out.
But, the small turn out ended up allowing the group to really talk about blogging.
As my hubby told me repeatedly “It is quality, not quantity!”
 So, not much on the picnic front, but a lot of great information and some fun new faces.
(I’ll be sharing some of the blogging topics over on my other blog, Leave the Laundry for Later.)
I wanted to share the pretty party details with you.
And, tomorrow, stop by for a couple quick and easy DIY party tips!
All the ladies from the event: Macey, Courtney, Justine, Kae, Suzannah, myself, and Adi
Suzannah, Justine, Courtney, and Kae
We all posed with the balloon. Silly, but fun!
Welcome table put together by Kae of Paper Morning
I loved this photo of my son so I had to share!
All photos were taken by the lovely Macey from Motormouth Studio. She is a Portland-area family, portrait, and wedding photographer. I really like her style and was thrilled when she donated a gift-certificate for the meet-up, coupons for the bloggers, and agreed to take photos of the event!
Bloggers in attendance at the event: 
Baby Daddy PDX—Matt
Charmed in PDX— Courtney
Garden of Edlen—Adi
Motormouth Studio—Macey
Paper Morning—Kae
Teenie Tiny Blog—Justine
The Musical Life of a Portlander—Jason

The PNW Blogger Meet-Up

We all know that I love a good party. When I heard about the Pacific Northwest Blogger’s Meet-Up I couldn’t wait to attend. The Paper Mama threw a pretty decent shin-dig with the help of many amazing sponsors. The event was located at The Lucky Lab in SE Portland. I was fortunate enough to get to meet 50 Pacific Northwest area bloggers, play a fun photo scavenger hunt game, and enjoy some tasty brews. I left with a swag bag full of awesomeness.

Just to be completely honest— networking situations such as these are incredibly difficult for me. I was excited to be able to attend the event, but was more than just a little bit nervous. I’m usually the one throwing events and working on all the details behind the scenes rather than chatting for extended periods with all the guests. I had three panic attacks due to the massive crowd (in small spaces) and trying to talk over everyone. But, these ladies were all so very sweet and friendly that halfway in I didn’t want to leave to go home to the kiddo and hubby. Such a fun time!

I can’t believe I didn’t actually take very many photos of the decor…. but, I took a ton of photos of the lovely ladies. Take this post as an excellent source of inspiration for party-clothing for a summer evening networking event. Some seriously stylish ladies in attendance!

Oh, and if you are a PNW blogger and want to attend the next event then check out the PNW Blogger website and follow along for updates about when tickets go on sale. The next event is slotted for Nov. 3 at West Elm in the Pearl district of Portland, OR.

Now, for some photo-overload. Some of these were taken with my camera and others were taken with my iPhone. Professional photos will be added once we get them from the photographer. Sara, of Sara Gray Photography, was taking photos most of the event and I can’t wait to see her work!

Top Row Left to Right: The Paper Mama; myself and Fork & Vine; Myself & The Friendly Fox Middle Row: Bringing Up Ruby & Me; The Boho Mama, Bringing Up Ruby, myself, and The Paper Mama; Hi Baby Blog & Me Bottom Row: Somewhere in the Middle, Me & Britches & Boots, Me all dolled up; The Boho Mama & me!

Top:  Britches & Boots, A Punk, A Pumpkin, and A Peanut, Fork & Vine Bottom: Margaret Jacobson Photography, Moorea Seal, Fork & Vine

Top Row:  The Velvet Bird, I Might Just Explode  Bottom:Britches & Boots, Say It, Don’t Spray It!; Group of lovely bloggers; Near Sighted Owl & Say It, Don’t Spray It!

Top Row: Hi Baby Blog, The Boho Mama, PDX Mama Bottom Row:  The Curly Cues, Somewhere in the Middle; Rouge & Whimsy , Delightful Neat & All Dressed Up Ashley

Some of the great cards given by the many bloggers in attendance

SWAG Bag goodies from a ton of great sponsors

Some of the many awesome items from the sponsors: Tissue Holder from Posies and Pattycakes; Button earrings via Bliss Baby Designs; Bicycle coin purse from Lil Alice; Button earrings via Mama Mandolin; BirchBox; Remember Miro notebook; Tidy Tots Potty Chair Liners via Mompact; Supportland Card ; Chocolate from Fran’s Chocolates
Linking up with The Paper Mama

Oh So Stylish Portland Bloggers

The Portland Blogger Meet-Up this weekend was a seriously wonderful way to spend a Saturday.
One of my favorite things about getting together with a bunch of blogger?
They are oh-so-stylish!
I got so many cute ideas from these lovely ladies.
My camera and I didn’t get along at the event…. 
so, most of these photos are via Sam from the Sam Rosen blog and Olga of Vintage Pretty.
 They are labeled—Thanks Sam & Olga for the beautiful photos!
Adi – Justine – Miranda – SamOlgaSarahIrina – Me!

Sam’s outfit is detailed on her blog. I need that dress.

I love this photo of me… outfit details at the end of the post!


RoxanaChelseyCourtney JustineShannonGracie – Irina


Miranda & Sarah looking ready for spring in colored pants, white arm baring tops, and nautical!

They are sporting some of my favorite trends-
glam of a sequined (or glittered) shirt and the sweetness of stripes.
Isn’t she just one of the most beautiful pregnant ladies you ever did see?
Her outfit is detailed on her blog!
Suzannah and her hubby- She MADE that dress. Amazing.

Susannah is the picture of spring with a beautiful lace dress and a flower in her hair!

See what I mean… seriously stylish bloggers here in Portland! 

What I wore (links to stuff still available):
Banana Republic Black Draper Lace Dress from the Mad Men Collection
Black and Tan heels from about 7 years ago at Dillards
Burnt Gold Leaf Earrings via Target
Burnt Gold ring necklace via Forever 21
Burnt Gold Bangles via H&M

These photos were created using goodies from puglypixel.com

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