Holiday Inspiration: SheKnows’ Holiday Party Planner

Okay, I know I’m skipping right from Halloween to Christmas here but I had to share this holiday planner with you! I promise I’ll get back to the holiday at hand as soon as possible (along with some other fun inspiration boards and a circus themed baby shower). But, for now… get inspired for the winter holidays!

When I saw Courtney from’s post about her Holiday Party Planner for SheKnows.Com I had to go immediately to check it out. If this beautiful 26-page digital wonder packed full of amazing photos and fabulous ideas doesn’t inspire you… well, I don’t know what will!

image via

The photos were taken by Kristin Steele Photography. The shots are inspiring alone but then add on all the ideas and you have yourself some winning work. (I obviously liked this thing!)

I really enjoyed that the party ideas were all new takes on the holiday. While I enjoy some tradition I do tire of party after holiday party of mistletoe, candy canes and hot chocolate.

The party that I can’t wait to throw (other than ALL of them!) is the Coffee and Dessert Party. I love all the browns and tasty looking desserts. I can’t wait to try the Gingerbread Latte!

Image Via

Planning a Well Crafted Party: The 5 Ws and How

Do you remember the grade-school exercises in the five Ws? Well, to begin planning a party you must first gather answers to those basic questions: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. The only difference between now and the same exercise in grade-school? This is a whole bunch more fun.

With the tools that we talked about a couple posts ago get started working on the basic questions by brainstorming about the event.

Take each of the 5 W’s and How and work out the basics of the party:

WHO: Who is throwing the party? Who is the party for? Who will be contributing financially? Who will be invited?

WHAT: What is the party’s theme? What will be served at the party? What will the activities be during the party? What is the most important part of the party? What will you give as favors? What will make this party unique? What will the party look like?

WHEN: When will the party take place (date, time)? When will the party take place in people’s eating schedule (lunch, dinner, dessert)? When will you send the invitations?

WHERE: Where will the party take place? Where will important party areas (bar, food, gifts) be located? Where will people park?

WHY: Why are you having the party? Why should people come to the party?

HOW: How will the people get to the party? How will you get the decorations for the party? The food? How will people RSVP?

Sometimes you can answer the party questions easily with a few words on a piece of paper. Other times you might want to draw up your ideas or find similar pictures from blogs or websites. This stage is meant for you to really dream about the event in all it’s glory. Later we will have to look at the budget and try to make our ideas work in our reality– but, this stage is for dreaming.

Below is my planning stages of a party I am throwing for my sister’s personal shower next month.

(ignore the coffee stains… I spilled a little! )

Friday Finds: Party Planning Goodies

When planning a party it is nice to have a checklist or plan to help streamline the process. The more parties that you throw the easier it will be to create your own checklists based on your individual party needs. But, even a seasoned host can fall in love with the great resources the following finds provide:

Websites with Party Planning Downloads:

1) has a wedding planning checklist that would easily work for other parties as well. 2) “How to Throw a Great Party” 3) is a go to place for all kinds of party checklists 4) Everyone knows how much of a fan of iDiY I am… they have a complete list of downloads perfect for weddings and easily re-purposed for other parties.

Party Planning Websites:

1) 2) 3)

Planning a Well Crafted Party: Tools

One of the many things I hope to do with this blog is to help others learn to plan (and love planning) a party.  Over the next few weeks I will be posting different steps in creating a party. Now, I could do a three step party or something super simple (and, maybe someday I will). But, this time I am going to give you the steps in the same order that I do them, at the same time I am doing them.

In getting ready for a party, any party, I go through the same stages that I will be discussing with you on this blog. Sometimes, if it is a very large party, these stages take time and effort. If it is a smaller party I can usually fly through most of the steps in a couple of hours.

My party planning tools often include:

sources: binders, pens, magazines, books (books pictured include David Tutera’s “The Party Planner” and Matthew Mead’s “Entertaining Simple”, computer, paper

Now, a lot of these things are optional– you don’t have to have party planning books and magazines at home to plan a great party. And, I have plenty of great parties without a binder to keep everything together. But, these tools are certainly useful and don’t underestimate your resources. I often go to the library for internet use or to peruse the unlimited amounts of inspiration found in all kinds of different books.

I found that the only thing I absolutely have to have when planning my parties is paper and pens or pencils. That is it–the rest, just icing.

Question for Readers: What part of planning a party do you really enjoy? Which part do you dislike?

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