Brother Style: Kid Casual Wear & IFME Children’s Footwear

Brother Style: Kid Casual Wear & IFME Children’s Footwear

With two boys I’m a huge fan of kid casual wear and clothing items that are going to last the entire time my kid fits into them. IFME Children’s Footwear sent complimentary shoes for me to try out with my sons and share my thoughts with readers. As always, all opinions are my own. To see my review posting policies please visit my policies page.


Bright Colored Child Clothing Style featured on A Well Crafted Party


When the ultrasound showed me I was having my second son all I could think about was how the boys would someday be friends. And then I thought about all the cute outfits I’d get to dress them in. Yep, I’m that mom.

While I lean against matching outfits, I do love a good coordinated ensemble. When IFME Children’s Footwear sent me their lookbook of bright, colorful, and comfortable footwear for both babies and children I couldn’t resist a Brother Style post featuring brightly colored and playful kid casual wear.

Bright Colored kid casual wear featuring IFME shoewear for kids sponsored post featured on A Well Crafted Party

Like the brother style and want to check out more style ideas for little boys? Check out the Well Crafted Kid posts featuring Baby Style and Toddler Style.

The day I took these photos it was ridiculously bright outside and the Waffle Window across the street from this amazing wall was busy! After we shot our photos and enjoyed some waffles at least four other groups of people took photos at this wall. We ended up giving our balloons to someone who was celebrating his birthday and wanted to take photos with the yellow and teal. A great color combo if I might say. Speaking of great color combos… the fun color combinations of these shoes inspired the whole brother style photo shoot. I wanted it to be casual and bright.

Stripes, denim and the IFME shoes really gave the fun and casual feel that I wanted for the day. I didn’t worry about anything getting ruined when we ate waffles and played in the park. Perfect for two busy little guys.

Bright Colored Child Clothing Style featuring IFME shoewear for kids sponsored post featured on A Well Crafted Party

Bright Colored Kid Casual Wear outfits featuring IFME shoewear for kids sponsored post featured on A Well Crafted Party

Bright Colored Child Clothing Style featuring IFME shoewear for kids sponsored post featured on A Well Crafted Party


About IFME

IFME (The name IFME, short for “IF it was ME,” reflects the brand’s deep commitment to customer satisfaction) was launched in 1999 in Japan as the original brand of Marubeni Footwear. With a priority on the healthy development of children’s feet, the brand was developed based on research and development with Japanese medical professionals specializing in pediatric podiatry. Since 1999 IFME has sold a total of 16 million pairs of shoes globally and is launching in the states in spring 2016.  Marubeni has named North American Shoe Company as its U.S. distributor and is looking to expand the iconic brand in the U.S. market. For more information, please visit or IFMEUS on Facebook, @IFMEUS on Instagram, and @IFMESHOESUS on Twitter.


Bright Colored Kid Casual Wear Style featuring IFME shoewear for kids sponsored post featured on A Well Crafted Party

Brother Style’s Kid Casual Wear Outfit Details

Our four-year-old is currently in 5T clothing and wears size 1 shoes in US child sizing. He is wearing the Racer shoes in blue in yellow from IFME. His shirt is a red striped shirt with chest pocket from Target and his denim shorts are from Old Navy.

Our little seven-month-old is currently wear 12MO clothing and wears a size 5 in US Baby sizing. He is wearing the yellow-green Venice shoe from IFME. His overalls are hand-me-down Levi shortalls (similar) and shirt is a blue and white striped polo that was a part of another outfit.

Bright Colored Child Clothing Style featuring IFME shoewear for kids sponsored post featured on A Well Crafted Party



{Baby Style} Leg Warmers

{Baby Style} Leg Warmers
I went a little bit crazy from no sleep and high expectations sometime after the baby was born. I might have initiated a small fight that ended in some tears that actually included the phrase,
“Yes! Pants are always neccessary!”
I was determined that my baby would be dressed every day in more than just a onesie. It didn’t matter if we weren’t going out. It didn’t matter if it took more time to change his diaper. He would have on pants and they’d be cute. I also didn’t really want him in sweat pant type material if we were going out in public. 
“I don’t wear sweats in public! Neither will he!”
That didn’t last. Thankfully. But, I still like having something on my little guy’s legs since the weather is more than slightly chilly and I don’t want to run the heat in my house 24/7. That is when I fell in love with leg warmers. They aren’t just for super cute girl babies
Isn’t he the cutest in his little leg warmers?
Outfit Stats: Blue Onesie (on backwards..thanks dad!) from Old Navy, Leg Warmers were gifted to us used, White socks via Target. Awesome floor blanket was a handmade gift from X’s Grandma!
I loved X in leg warmers and I loved the ease of changing his diaper during the day. But, I didn’t want him to wear the same pair every day and I didn’t want to spend the money on new ones. So, I planned on going the DIY route and bought a couple pairs of cheap and cute socks. 
But, then my super lazy self kicked in and I decided to not sew. So, I just chopped off the bottom of a pair of socks and ended up with this look for my little guy:
Onesie made at my Robot Themed Baby Shower
Outfit Stats: Green onesie from Old Navy a few years ago, Leg Warmers are from a pair of socks from Target
I liked how the socks worked out… especially because the heels made cute little knee pads on the little guy. But, I still had to put socks on him! So, I thought…. why not skip cutting the sock all together! 

It worked! His feet stayed warm as well as his legs. This opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Since I was no longer cutting up the socks used for his leg warmers I got to start using his Dad’s dress socks as daily leg warmers. 
Dad’s socks are a little bit baggier than the socks made for women. 
But, the colors are much more masculine and fun. 
So, that is my quick, easy and LAZY fix for DIY leg warmers. 
And, sorry honey… I guess that pants are not always necessary!

{Baby Style} Overalls and Plaid

{Baby Style} Overalls and Plaid
This post is inspired by the fun Baby Style Posts featured at Rain or Shine.
Check out the most amazing little outfits that Miss Pearl rocks.
She has got fabulous style.
Now, for some baby boy style.
Hat- H&M
Green Long Sleeved Onesie: Old Navy
Overalls from OshKosh B’Gosh
Yellow Jacked lined with Denim: Old Navy (3 or 4 years ago)
Shoes: babyGap (3 years ago)
Gotta love hand-me downs!
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