Baby Shower Fit for a Queen

Queen Themed Baby Shower | A Well Crafted Party

When my friend  Yvonne King was having a baby girl after two (gorgeous and wonderful) little boys, I was more than a little excited when she agreed to let me host her baby shower! I could just imaging a queen themed baby shower in honor of the newest baby King. My friend Yvonne is one of the most kind, strong, and smart women I know and she is a wonderful mother to boot. I just know her daughter is going to grow up to be a Queen in her own right. Read on to see the details from this queen-themed baby shower.

Queen themed baby shower | A Well Crafted Party

Party Inspiration for a Queen-Themed Baby Shower

When planning a queen themed baby shower I knew I wanted to have a few crowns on display, but really just wanted to fill the space with beautiful flowers, delicious foods, and bits of glitter and gold.  The shower colors of mint and peach were based loosely on the colors from the baby’s new nursery. I’ve always felt that using nursery colors in the baby shower makes it easy utilize some of the nursery decor in the shower or some of the shower decorations in the nursery.

Inspiration for a Queen Themed Baby Shower | A Well Crafted Party

Queen-themed Party Decorations

I met the mother-to-be a few years ago through blogging world. She used her background in fashion to design her beautiful home. When it came to decorating this party I knew that I didn’t need to go crazy on decorations because her house would be a delightful backdrop that I did not want to cover up! I kept the decorations to some beautiful flowers (both real, fake, and the paper variety), glitter crowns, and small balloon arrangements. I usually do not use fake flowers in my decor, but I wanted to have something that wouldn’t wilt in the balloon decorations so I did break my rule and utilize beautiful fake blooms in the balloon arrangements. I got all of my decor supplies on Amazon. (Affiliate links below.)

For the flower arrangements I picked up blossoms from my local super markets (I think I ended going to three different ones to get the blooms I wanted) but I focused on peach, pink, and cream blooms with eucalyptus. I actually arranged them on site of the party because I wasn’t entirely sure about how I wanted to use them. A few blooms were cut to their heads and placed in the beverage bucket as well. I also used fresh fruit to decorate the food platters and beverage station.

Queen Themed Party Decor | A Well Crafted Party

Lunch Baby Shower Food | A Well Crafted Party


Baby Shower Activities

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times… I’m just not a fan of most baby shower games. In nearly every party I host I keep it to activities rather than the more traditional games. (Not saying I won’t play and enjoy when I attend a party… I just don’t do them when I host.)

The mom-to-be actually picked out the main activity! She knew she wanted to create onesies with black text on white after seeing parties online. I loved the idea but just couldn’t find the right typeface for the tiny little onesies. Thankfully, our mutual friend Suzannah, of Create/Enjoy, had a Silhouette machine (affiliate link) that we were able to use to create iron on messages in the fonts and sizes we desired. (See her post on creating custom T-shirts.) The guests in attendance got to pick a blank or printed onesie and add a message for baby-to-be. We had a table with the Silhouette machine and computer set up as well as a ironing board and iron. The onesies doubled as party decor!

In addition to the onesie activity I did have a small set of envelopes set out asking guests to write their addresses on them. I gifted the mom to be a set of coordinating thank you cards that she could fill out after the party and not have to worry about sourcing addresses.

Baby Shower Activity Making Custom Onesies | A Well Crafted Party

Baby Shower Activity Making Custom Onesies | A Well Crafted Party

Baby Shower Activity Making Custom Onesies | A Well Crafted Party Baby Shower Activity Making Custom Onesies | A Well Crafted Party

Queen-themed Party Favors

(Items marked with asterisk (*) is an affiliate link.)

I am a fan of party favors in general. Seriously, it is a must for my parties. But, for some reason, it is difficult for me to land on the right favor for each party. I never want it to be things that people will just want to trash. I ordered beautiful mint colored boxes from Oriental Trading*, rock candy in pink*, sparkling rose from Trader Joes, and crown pins from Amazon*. I then created a card for for the crown to go on and slipped them into a plastic sleeve. I am hoping that the guests placed the pin on their bags or some place that they may be reminded of sweet baby King. The cards shared a quote from author Adrian Michael, “She is the type of queen that knows her crown isn’t on her head, but in her soul.”  (Download my printable queen favor cards and thank you tags here!)

Queen Themed Party Favors | A Well Crafted Party

Lunch Themed Baby Shower Menu

The time of day of a party always helps determine the party menu. I’ve enjoyed doing brunch baby showers before but really thought it would be fun to try a lunch-time shower this time around. I knew that we had meat eaters, vegetarians, and some who avoided gluten so I wanted to have a variety of lunch items. The menu consisted of:

  • Caprese sandwiches
  • Ham and Brie sandwiches
  • Salad
  • Veggie Platter
  • Fruit Platter
  • Assorted pastries
  • Homemade ice cream

I made most of the foods other than some of the assorted pastries and the salad which was created by the blogger behind The Spicy Bee. To make the sandwiches I just halved baguettes and filled them with goodies. The caprese sandwiches had mozzarella, roma tomatoes, and basil with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing. The ham and brie sandwiches had a ground mustard with ham and slices of brie cheese. I then wrapped the sandwiches in tan parchment paper and twine.

Lunch Baby Shower Food | A Well Crafted Party Lunch Baby Shower Food | A Well Crafted Party Lunch Baby Shower Food | A Well Crafted Party Lunch Baby Shower Food | A Well Crafted Party Lunch Baby Shower Food | A Well Crafted Party

Baby Shower Beverages

I really wanted to keep the beverages simple to compliment the light lunch. When serving alcohol at morning or mid-day parties it is advisable to keep the beverages light. I went with sparkling wine, pink lemonade, and sparkling water for the baby shower beverages. What really set off this beverage station was the gorgeous glassware that the mom-to-be had in her home. Can you believe it? They are BEAUTIFUL!

Baby Shower Beverages | A Well Crafted Party

Baby Shower Beverages | A Well Crafted Party Baby Shower Beverages | A Well Crafted Party

I don’t know if there is a greater honor than being able to celebrate a friend in a special moment such as a wedding, milestone birthday, or when they are having a baby. I’m so thankful that I got to help celebrate my friend Yvonne and her baby King with this shower fit for a queen.

Have you ever had the pleasure of hosting a party for a loved one? What was your favorite detail? Comment below!


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  1. Reply

    Jenni, everything looks absolutely beautiful! Those flowers are gorgeous, and I love that you all made onesies at the party. So fun!

  2. What a beautiful shower! I adore how you played off the king/queen theme. And I love all the decorations!

    • Melissa
    • January 22, 2018

    What a fun baby shower! I love the theme 🙂

  3. Reply

    One of my favorite themed parties to date! Color palette was gorgeous, the craft was a blast and I just loved everything! Knocked it out if the park lady!

  4. Reply

    What a precious shower! I love the queen theme 🙂 I’m definitely going to look to you whenever I go to host my first baby shower.
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    • Pech
    • January 22, 2018

    This color combination is so lovely but stands out too in being more unusual. Love how clever it is to match the colors with the existing nursery so some of the decor gets a second life after the party!

  5. Reply

    i love a party!!! especially a babyshower, celebrating the gift of life! And such a gift you are giving to Yvonne! the last babyshower i did was animal themed and oh how appropriate that was! that little girl is all the energy of a tiger! spraypainted gold vintage trinkets were my favorite piece of the puzzle. much like your gold crowns, it was the “icing on the cake”.

    1. Jenni

      I just saw your post and fell in love! It was so CUTE! I’m working on another baby shower because a lot of my lovely lady friends are having babies. The golden animals are just so freaking cute.

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    1. Jenni

      Such a cute shower! If you’re perusing the comment section you should check this one out.

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