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Tasting parties are so fun to do as they give guests a bunch of different choices and allows everyone to really find something to their own liking. We’ve done a variety of tasting parties in the past including a whiskey tasting, wine tasting, ice cream tasting, and beer tasting. Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit KGW’s Portland Today to share tips on how to create a great cider tasting party featuring Julian Hard Cider. See the segment here:



Host a Cider Tasting Party

There are a variety of ways you can host a cider tasting party. I tend to start by picking out my ciders at the store. This cider tasting is tasting different varieties of the same brand, but you could also choose to taste different ciders across a variety of brands. Below are some tips for hosting your next cider party:

  • Do a blind tasting. Want to see which company makes the BEST cider? Try getting the same style of cider from around 5 different breweries. Wrap each one in a paper bag or with paper. Mark each bag with a different number. Put out tasting sheets so guests can write down what they like and disliked about each cider. At the very end, have everyone say their favorite number and find out which cider was the overall winner, and on.
  • Taste food too. Try pairing the ciders with foods that should go well with them. Look for foods with similar flavors that may be enhanced when trying the cider with it. Food is important for more than just pairing flavors, it will help keep your guests from becoming too inebriated.
  • Keep your samples small. This is also a safety thing… but, it also serves to allow guests to really get a good taste of each of the samples and then move on to drinking their favorite of the samples.

Free Cider Tasting Printables

Get your free Cider Tasting Printables below. Print and cut out per the directions on the printables.

Beer Tasting Printable | A Well Crafted Party Free Beer Tasting Printable | A Well Crafted Party

I’ll be sharing the recipes for some of the pairings featured in the video above soon! Check back next week!

Have you ever been to a tasting party? What made the party fun? Comment below!

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