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Easter is around the corner and if you haven’t started thinking about your holiday meal then hopefully these ideas will get you thinking about new fun ways to bring a little bit of a childlike glee into your Easter celebration. You can make these ideas work well for an Easter lunch or an Easter brunch. These brightly colored Easter ideas are sure to be a hit.

modern geometric easter party

Modern Geometric Easter

If you never though geometry would be present in your adult life then you might want to sit down…geometric is IN in a big way. Trends come and go, but a good polygon will never go out of style.

This party featured circles, squares, triangles, pentagons… you get the idea. The different shapes helped give interest to the table. In addition to all the fun shapes we went with a little bit untraditional color scheme for Easter. I like a sweet, pastel Easter table as much as the next person. But, for this party I wanted to inject a bit of color and energy. Using some of the bright yellows from nature to inspire my pallet I featured pinks, teals, and lots of bright yellow.

modern geometric easter free printables | A Well Crafted Party

Geometric Details:

  • Geometric bunny in our invitations and menus. I love the way all the triangles come together to make little facets. (Get your free printables below!)
  • Off-set your simple, round plates on the table so that the circles of the table have a bit more interest.
  • Use a square mat of moss or perhaps a fun patterned square piece of fabric as a placemat.
  • I didn’t want the drink to fall over on the moss so I used my geometric coasters as an added detail and safety measure.
  • Geometric terrarium planters are EVERYWHERE at the moment. Using the planter as a secondary vase allows the centerpiece to be filled with Easter elements such as Easter eggs or Easter candies.

modern geometric easter drink idea | A Well Crafted Party

Easter Decorating Tips:

  • Use Easter eggs in your decor! Seriously, they are so gorgeous and a big part of Easter tradition. If you use real eggs know that there will be some smell that is attached to those. In this vase I used real eggs because I love the hue of them. However, you could totally substitute plastic eggs or painted wooden eggs and use them year after year.
  • Tulips. Enough said… well, let me rephrase that to say, LOTS and LOTS of tulips. Tulips are wonderful and affordable. They are also super easy to work with and look good even when drooping a bit.
  • Use traditional Easter candies throughout your decor. I used bright pink Peeps in this party as well as chocolate bunnies. The chocolate bunnies I found had a red ribbon around the neck so I just slipped that off and replaced it with a ribbon that matched my party color scheme.
  • Use a balloon to make your beverage glass match your color scheme. This works for any color scheme!

bunny fold for Easter party | A Well Crafted Party

Check back soon for my post on how to make these fun bunny fold napkins. Or, check out this great paper napkin bunny fold YouTube video!

Get your free printables below:

I’m pretty much all about the printables when it comes to parties. This party was no exception. I think that these paper invitations and menus really bring together all the fun geometric elements of the party.

Free Printable Geometric Easter Party Inviations and Menus | A Well Crafted Party


Download your Free Printable Modern Easter Brunch Invite

Download your Free Printable Modern Easter Brunch Menu

Download your Free Printable Modern Easter Lunch Invite

Download your Free Printable Modern Easter Lunch Menu


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