Rose Hot Towels for a Spa Party

Rose Hot Towels for a Spa Party - A Well Crafted Party

These rose shaped towels were originally featured in my Valentine’s Spa Day Lunch post with FREE PRINTABLES! You might have also saw them on KATU’s Afternoon Live.  This simple DIY is the perfect special touch to a spa party because they are a great smelling and relaxing addition, but also because they double as an element of decor! 

Rose Hot Towels for a Spa Party - A Well Crafted Party

Once, a long time ago, on an international flight, I was handed a hot hand towel after a meal. That simple touch of a warm, clean cloth to wipe my hands and face was such a special, relaxing treat in a long day of travel. I’ve come to really enjoy it when I am at a beauty or nail salon and they have a hot towel option. Adding hot towels to your spa party requires just a little bit of planning and timing for execution, but I promise that it will be a welcome surprise especially if you add the extra touch of hot towels with the scent of roses. Display your hot towels by wrapping them in a loose rose shape to have them double as party decor!

Spa parties make for a great ladies night out, baby shower, bachelorette party, or wedding shower. Check out all the spa party ideas on A Well Crafted Party for more planning tips!

Rose Hot Towels for a Spa Party - A Well Crafted Party


How to make Rose Shaped & Scented Hot Towels for a Spa Party

You can pick up these supplies locally by visiting your a local speciality food supplier and home goods store. I’ve also added some Amazon links for ease of purchasing on-line. The links below are affiliate links.


  • Rose Water
  • Washcloths or Hand towels  (Hand towels will be larger and washcloths will be smaller. I used white, but red or pink cloths would also work great!)
  • Water!
  • Microwave


I’d suggest putting these together right before the party begins and heating them up just prior to needing them. Note: Always test items heated in the microwave very carefully as they may burn. 

  1. Pour water in a bowl or sink — how much water depends on how many towels you are wetting. I’d say about 6 to 8 cups for 12 hand towels. You will not be using every drop of water and will be draining leftovers.
  2. Add Rose Water to your water. I’d say about 1 oz for that 6 to 8 cups of water. You can simply go by scent and stop when you feel like the scent is where you’d like it.
  3. Submerge towels into water.
  4. Squeeze out towels so that they are no longer dripping at all.
  5. Shape towels into the shape of a rose by loosely rolling the towel.
  6. Prior to needing the towels put all of the dampened and shaped towels together in the microwave in a single layer. Heat in 30 second intervals checking for the temperature. Hot towels should not be hot enough to burn but rather warm and comforting. I’d suggest testing the towels with a finger tip at each interval until the desired heat is obtained.

Rose scented chilled or heated towels are the perfect addition to a spa party - A Well Crafted Party

Alternatively… try chilled towels!

Hot towels are relaxing but do take a little bit more planning and time for execution. Alternatively, chilled towels can be done in advance and are pleasantly refreshing! Simply put the shaped, dampened towels into the fridge and set out just before the party begins!


Have you ever had a hot or chilled towel experience somewhere? How did it make you feel?



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