Tips for Displaying Family Photos

Tips for displaying family photos from A Well Crafted Party

My obsession with displaying photos began in high school. It started off as a small section of my wall that I taped up photos of my friends and family. That small section grew to include notes, drawings, and many more photos until I had an entire ten feet by fifteen feet wall completely covered. Every time I walked into my room I was inundated by all the faces of people I loved. It was perfect. Granted when I had to take it down before moving out of the house at the end of high school it was a bit of a complicated mess. I’d suggest that if you’d like to tape up photos to your wall that you use painters tape rather than Scotch tape!

As I got older the desire to take/be in/ display photos of myself and my loved ones never really disappeared. In college I insisted my roommates do a photoshoot with me so that we could have photos for our home. One of those photos eventually got displayed on the underside of a toilet seat as a funny gag when people went to our restroom. Said photo:

Displaying Photos in your Home

Now-a-days I typically opt to display photos in frames around the house rather than on the bottoms of toilet seats… but, I still enjoy the unexpected at times! I used to be totally against displaying huge photos of me and my husband around my house. But, that has changed since having kiddos. I still like to make sure that there are some photos in addition to my family images, but I live in my house and goodness knows I LOVE seeing photos of my family.

Tips for Displaying Family Photos:


I always choose matte prints for the photos I hang in my home. Check out other family photo display tips on
Matte prints from a photo session with Moments By Macey

Family Photo Display Tip: Order your prints in matte. 

This is absolutely a personal preference, but lemme tell you WHY I prefer matte over glossy: no shine and no fingerprints. I can’t stand it when fingerprints end up on pictures before the frame goes on or when there is a glare off of a photo in a frame! Matte looks so neat and clean. If you are going to a store to get instant prints then likely matte is not an option. Though, if it is, always select matte! I typically order my photos via Shutterfly or Mpix and both offer matte prints.


Family Photo Display Tip: Sprinkle family (and friend) photos around you home.

I’m a firm believer that my family is much bigger than just the few people that live in my home. My friends and distant family members are very much a part of my family too. I try to sprinkle photos of moments we share together throughout my home. Sometimes I simply keep a bunch of images in one frame and switch them out from time to time. Sometimes I put up a fun gallery wall and include a variety of photos with similar color schemes.


Tips for Displaying Family Photos via A Well Crafted Party
Photo of my Moments by Macey print by


Family Photo Display Tip: Go BIG!

I can’t recommend this enough. Sure, get smaller images to go around the house. But, I highly believe that one favorite image BIG can make a huge impact. And, there is nothing that makes me smile more than walking into a room and seeing the big photo of my family in the room. I usually shy from big photos of just one person, but decided to throw it out the window this past year and instead framed three big photos of myself, my husband and our son. They are silly and always get compliments. Perhaps a tad egotistic? Naw. 😉


Display Ideas for family photos from A Well Crafted Party
Photo by Moments by Macey

Use an illustration of a favorite family photo to add variety - Family Photo Display Tips via A Well Crafted Party


Family Photo Display Tip: Use Family Photos in Unexpected Ways


I did a small illustration of my family based off of one of my favorite photos from a photoshoot with Moments by Macey. The illustration, though not a perfect rendition of the photo, is one of my favorite pieces in my house because it is unexpected. Photos of holding hands or your child’s favorite toy may be unexpected ways to incorporate family photos into your decor.


Incorporate your family photos where you work! Family Photo Display Tips via A Well Crafted Party


Family Photo Display Tip: Display family photos where you work!

I spend a LOT of time at my computer at work. I surround myself with the photos of my family to remind me why I do the work that I do. Also, those little guys are just so cute!


Additional family photo tip:

Get fun photos of you and your family whether it be by hiring a professional (of whom you pay what they are worth) or by snapping images with your cell phone. Try unexpected poses and stolen moments. You’ll be happy you did!


How do you like to display your family photos?

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  1. Love this post! I need these tips! We have almost no photos hanging in our house, but I keep thinking that I need to change that! We’re moving to a new house in May, and I’ll definitely be trying to incorporate more family shots into the décor with your advice.
    Erin @ Platings and Pairings recently posted…Grilled Cheese with Fig Jam and BaconMy Profile

    • Pech
    • April 12, 2016

    I love what you did with your desktop where instead of just making one photo your background (the normal way), you put together one with more than one and accounted for how stuff on the desktop accumulates on the left, you are one smart lady!
    Pech recently posted…Japan Travel: Kyoto Famous SightsMy Profile

  2. The illustration of your family is amazing!!! We have family photos all throughout our house, too. One of my fave ways to display them is to create colored block prints of silhouettes (I used to sell them in my store and still make them for our own photos), and another is a set of super large superhero-like mod canvas art that my husband made of each of the kids pictures for my birthday one year. I think any fun way to personalize photos is great if it fits your family style, and you share so many great ideas here! Thank you!
    Marlynn @ UrbanBlissLife recently posted…Travel Bliss: Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort & SpaMy Profile

  3. Reply

    The picture on the underside of the potty!! HAHAHAHA!! Love it. And I always order my prints in matte. I much prefect them that way. What a lovely family you have!
    Brettni Brumfield recently posted…Bobby Flay’s Bar Americain Cocktails + Entrees for Mother’s Day BrunchMy Profile

  4. Reply

    Love this! I’m totally a photo person too, but ever since moving into this apartment I’ve left the walls bare (there seems to be all these complicated rules to hanging *sigh*. I tried a digital photo frame, but it just isn’t the same! My desk at work though has all my friends faces around (and Kim Kardashian) as a reminder of what makes me happy.
    Warren @ Blog to Taste recently posted…9 Things To Do At The Tillamook Cheese FactoryMy Profile

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