Working Moms Series Preview

Just dropping in to show you what I’ve been working on behind the scenes these days! This April I’ll be featuring a series on Working Moms— Their challenges and joys while working throughout motherhood. I’m so excited to share the stories of some amazing women!

But, of course, these 13 women are not representative of all women. I’d like to know your story as well! If you are a working mom and want to share why you work, the challenges of a working mom, the joys of a working mom or any story about working during motherhood then please share with the hashtag #wellcraftedworkingmoms

A huge thank you to the women who volunteered and participated in the interviews and photoshoot. Thank you to Momma Bear Magazine for coming and shooting some amazing images that we will be sharing this April and to Madeline Roosevelt from Up Close with Madi for hair and makeup!

Note: This is not a series saying that working motherhood is the way to do things. It is simply women sharing their stories about working in motherhood. I’m not here to add to the mommy wars. I am currently a working mom and wanted to hear the stories of others in the same situation.


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