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Blog Maintenance Worksheet - A Well Crafted Party

Sometimes having a blog is very much like owning a home. While it seems all fine and dandy to get it decorated like you want it and set up your furniture just right, the day to day use of your space causes things to get a bit messy. Links go dead, plugins need updated, photos take up all your free space, etc.

In looking to tidy up my blog home I have realized that a daily or weekly routine of maintenance (just like in a home) helps make the job of cleaning up my blog feel less daunting and impossible. I have a cleaning checklist that I use in my home to help keep me on track from day to day, so why not for my blog?

Keep your blogging home spick and span with free printable blog maintenance worksheets


In creating my worksheets for blog maintenance I tried to think of what tasks needed to be done on my blog and how often I was actually able to do those tasks to help maintain things. Sure, if I had all the time in the world I’d do many tasks daily or weekly just to make sure my blog was spick and span. Though, that is just about as realistic for me as being able to clean my bathroom every day. It just isn’t gonna happen. Some people can make that a priority and give them kudos. SERIOUS KUDOS. For me though, I have to space out tasks over a period of time so I can get them done in manageable chunks as needed. Take the blog maintenance worksheets and make them work for you instead of letting the tasks work you.

Blog Maintenance Worksheet - A Well Crafted Party

Worksheets included:


  • Post Maintenance Tasks— a checklist of items to do every time you post, whether it is multiple times a day to a couple times a month. Many of these tasks can be completed with scheduling tools so that you don’t have to actually do these tasks when your post launches. Other items you’ll need to do as a follow up to your post (ie responding to comments!) Personally, I don’t have the time to respond to my comments daily, I try to respond to comments once a week instead.
  • Weekly Tasks & Goal Tracking— a checklist of blog and social media tasks that I try to do weekly such as checking for updates, backing up my blog, checking the advertising on my side bars to make sure it looks okay, etc. I’ve also added an at a glance goal tracking section to this worksheet.
  • Monthly Tasks & Goal Tracking— a checklist of blog and social media tasks that I try to do on a monthly basis. Most of my monthly tasks include tracking of costs and income. I also try to revisit a handful of old posts on a monthly basis to clean them up a bit and make them more relevant. I’ve also added an at a glance goal tracking section to this worksheet.

This is a monster of a free printable! It is meant to be a workhorse for bloggers of any field. If you love it please let me know— Tweet me or Instagram with me at @JenniBost or using the hashtag #awellcraftedparty! Share A Well Crafted Newsletter with friends so that they can sign up to receive goodies as well.

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Thank you for reading and Happy Sunday!

Jenni Bost

Jenni is a freelance writer and media assistant based in Portland, OR. A Well Crafted Party is a blog about all the little things to celebrate in life. Follow Jenni or A Well Crafted Party with BlogLovin, RSS feed, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.
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    • Amy
    • July 6, 2016

    Thank you Jenni 🙂 This is awesome. Love the layout!
    This will come in very handy for my dog photography blog 😀

    1. Jenni

      Yay! So glad to hear!

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