Top Posts of 2014

Top Posts of 2014: Three Free Blog Planner Printables for 2014 // A Well Crafted Party


The “Top Posts” blog posts that are going around seem to get a 50/50 response to whether people enjoy them or not. Regular readers are probably bored by them because they have read all of the posts within the list… but, new readers get a quick hit list of posts to check out. I thought about this when deciding whether or not to include a couple of my own “top” posts lists. If anything else, it is a good form of blog maintenance for me so that I can keep track of what readers like to read and what I like to write. So, with no further ado… here are the top 5 posts visited on my blog in 2014 according to Google Analytics:


Top Posts of 2014: Three Free Blog Planner Printables for 2014 // A Well Crafted Party

Most visited post of 2014:

My top post of 2014 was the free printable blog planners. Check out the 2014 blog planner edition of the printables. Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter… the 2015 edition is coming very soon and blog subscribers get first downloads!

Top Posts of 2014: Free Potluck Printables // A Well Crafted Party

Second highest visited post of 2014:

My second most visited post of 2014 are the potluck printables I created. Click on over to download the free potluck printables! If you liked those potluck printables then you might like the holiday potluck printables and facebook invite cover images I created. Pin them for next year.

Top Posts of 2014: First Birthday Party Activity Ideas // A Well Crafted Party

Third highest visited post of 2014:

My third post that vistors frequented the most is actually a favorite from 2012— First Birthday Activity Ideas. I loved this party so much… but, we had even more fun at the kiddo’s second birthday a Town Themed birthday party filled with tons of town-themed party ideas!

Top Posts of 2014: Free Printable Cupcake Toppers  // A Well Crafted Party

Fourth highest visited post of 2014:

My fourth post that readers seemed to visit the most is another free printable post— Free Printable Mini Cupcake Toppers. The Luck in Love party (another highly visited post) featured these adorable toppers. I think they’d make for a cute Valentine’s party element.

Top Posts of 2014: DIY Cherry Blossom Branches  // A Well Crafted Party

Fifth highest post visited in 2014:

My fifth highest post that readers popped in to view is a DIY project that will be perfect for you upcoming Spring parties… it’s just around the corner after all! These DIY Cherry Blossom Branches are beautiful decorating the home or as a centerpiece at a party.


Photo credits: Potluck photos via The Spicy Bee // First Birthday photos via Motormouth Studio // Cherry Blossom Photos via Capturing Grace

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