Open Faced Prosciutto Sandwich

Open Faced Prosciutto Sandwich // A Well Crafted Party

Open Faced Prosciutto Sandwich // A Well Crafted Party
There is nothing quite like a good sandwich. This sandwich is no exception. It is super simple to make, and freaking full of flavor. A big part of the flavor punch is due to the great ingredients. Believe me when I say that sometimes it makes a HUGE difference whether you buy quality ingredients over value priced items. Making a big stew? A few value items aren’t going to make a huge difference. But, when you have an item like this sandwich where there are few ingredients and you aren’t going to be changing the flavor profiles with a ton of seasoning and cooking… quality ingredients is where it is at.

Take for instance the butter in this sandwich. Sure, I could go with just any ole butter. But, a nice rich Irish or European style butter will lend a nice base for this sandwich. Heck, a great butter on a piece of bread with a sprinkle of salt is a treat in itself!

Open Faced Prosciutto Sandwich // A Well Crafted Party

Open Faced Prosciutto Sandwich with Fig Spread and Black Pepper Cheddar

This recipe tells you how to build an individual sandwich. The amount of sandwiches you can make depends on the size of the bread that you buy and the amount of prosciutto comes in a package. Because these things are not standard, I didn’t elect to dictate serving size.

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  1. Spread butter on thick slice of bread.
  2. Season with salt and pepper
  3. Spread fig spread onto butter
  4. Top with slice of black pepper cheddar
  5. Top with slide of prosciutto
  6. Enjoy!

We enjoyed these at a picnic along with my open-faced crab sandwiches. But, these would also be fantastic made in miniature and served as appetizers at your next party!

Open Faced Prosciutto Sandwich // A Well Crafted Party


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