Curvy Girl Style: Tunic Shirts & Ankle Pant

You ever have one of those days where you just feel great about how you look? Well, I don’t have those days too often… but, I totally felt great about the way I looked at our January Portland Bloggers’ meet-up this past weekend. I even felt good enough to ask my friend Macey of Motormouth Studios to snap a few photos of me!

Plus Size Women's Fashion from A Well Crafted Party

Yep, I totally popped my collar.

My outfit for the event was pretty simple. Black Old Navy Ankle Pants, a pink spotted H&M Tunic Tank, my favorite black kitten heels, and my Old Navy jean jacket. I didn’t even wear any jewelry! The outfit felt pulled together, yet comfortable. I could have easily have changed my jean jacket for a nice cardigan or blazer and worn the outfit to work. (None of the above links are affiliate links…. just sharing places I’ve purchased some of these items!)

Plus Sized Women's Fashion from A Well Crafted Party

I love these kitten heels!


What outfit do you have that just makes you feel GREAT about yourself? Comment below (links are great too!)

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