Introducing [IN]Complete Magazine

Introducing [IN]Complete Magazine

Online Magazine [In]Complete Magazine


I am excited to announce the beginning of something amazing. Just over six months ago my friend Macey talked about her desire to create a positive, beautiful space—a magazine—that celebrates people just the way they are. Knowing Macey, a person who absolutely celebrates everyone she meets in exactly that way, I knew the project would be something worth investing in. Last week [In]Complete Magazine debuted! It is gorgeous and I’m proud to say that I am taking part in helping it grow!

I’m working as the Inspiration Editor of the magazine. I’m excited to curate inspiration, DIYs, and motivational posts for the website. I hope to contribute to many different parts of the magazine and to encourage others to contribute to the project.

“We believe in the empowerment of all and feature stories from men, women and children – everyone has a voice worth hearing and a story worth telling.[IN]COMPLETE is a celebration of being present, now…We believe in goals, in fact we encourage them, but we also believe in slowing down, breathing, and celebrating where we are, now.” —from the [In]Complete Magazine Philosophy

[In]Complete Magazine New Year Same You Printable

[In]Complete Magazine New Year Same You Printable

Check out the post “New Year, Same You” for a great motivational article by Kayla Moothart and a free printable from me! Visit the magazine and let us know what you think!


Written by Jenni

Jenni is a freelance writer and media assistant based in Portland, OR. A Well Crafted Party is a blog about all the little things to celebrate in life. Follow Jenni or A Well Crafted Party with BlogLovin, RSS feed, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

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