A Much Needed Ladies’ Night

A Much Needed Ladies’ Night
I was REALLY into whatever story I was sharing. Photo via @motormouthmacey 's instagram

I was REALLY into whatever story I was sharing. Photo via @motormouthmacey ‘s instagram

Macey and Rachel instagramming and sharing stories

Macey and Rachel instagramming and sharing stories

Dr. Shannon in the house.

Dr. Shannon in the house.

Last night a couple of friends and I had planned on getting together to work on our goals and talk about some projects we had coming up. I was so stinking excited… I even told the cashier at Trader Joes. He looked at me like I was all kinds of crazy. I’m that kind of person. I like goals, lists, and plans. I like making them. I like tracking them. And, I love achieving them! I brought a binder full of spreadsheets, calendars, my January goals, and my current stats.

That folder never really made it out of my bag. I’m so thankful it didn’t either. Instead we had a wonderful ladies’ night!

Once five of us girls got together with a table full of snacks and several bottles of wine… no speaking of goals happened. (Should have guessed!) We chatted and chatted. We caught up on each other’s lives. We laughed our asses off.

It reminded me that I need to take some time off every now and again. It reminded me that I have some really wonderful friends. It reminded me that I had a supportive and amazing hubby that took yet another night of single parenting.

Today when I was freaking out because my server was down and the site was no where to be found, I had to remind myself once again that sometimes it is okay to take a break. The site is still going in and out as I type this and I’m not sure if this post will get up at all today. Boo.

In remembering that sometimes it is good to take a break and moments for making memories are fleeting…I am going to go spend a little time with my son and work on his second birthday party. If you want some really great reading then you should check out the blogs of the friends I hung out with last night— they are kind of awesome.

The Spicy Bee / Macey Perseveres / Kung Foo Feltus / Tossing the Script

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