Things I’m Loving: Throw Back Parties

Macrame Vase

Macrame Vase

I love the recent emergence of the throw back parties and party crafts. Over the weekend The Paper Mama shared a retro craft with a few of us at the very first Pacific Northwest Blogger Photo & Craft event. As we were talking about how pretty the macrame* vases were we chatted a bit about how a lot of the crafts floating around Pinterest lately are actually updates to old, well-used crafts.

Then, today I was reading through the many blog posts that are filling my Blog Lovin’ feed and came across Hank & Hunt’s new series “Retro Redux: Revisiting the Classic Party.” I am SO excited to see all the fun that the series will bring.

In the meantime, while waiting for the series to kick off:

Here are a few of my favorite retro party ideas:

  • I love that a lot of people are now favoring classic martinis and cocktails over crazy concoctions for signature drinks. (Don’t get me wrong… I love me a crazy cocktail concoction… but, there is just something so awesome and elegant about the simplicity of a classic cocktail.) My favorite classics include the Extra-Dirty Martini . I am also loving that people are totally bringing back the bar cart!
  • While I am a huge fan of digital art for party goods I am really loving the emphasis on beautiful hand-lettered paper items. The work of Lauren from A Fabulous Fete is the perfect example of a modern twist on a vintage craft. I mean… seriously, check out this fabulous set of name cards and menu!
  • Paper poms are all the rage right now. But, did you know they were first created in the 1930s!? They were decorative supplies used by cheerleaders that later led to pom poms. Nowadays you can find paper poms creating breathtaking backdrops or hanging above baby’s cribs. 
  • The throw back party doesn’t end at decor and drinks. The REAL vintage loving hostess will also pull out the old cook books and give them a spin. Meatballs with pretty skewers, beef bourguignon, or mini gherkins wrapped in a meat blanket  are likely to grace the tables of hostesses just as much as any complicated and modern dish.

*I had NO idea what macrame was before talking to Chelsey about her craft. As we were talking about the crafts we were teaching I embarrassed myself enough that anyone listening would have wondered if I ever crafted before in my life.
Me: “How long does your craft have to dry?”
Chelsey: “It’s macrame, Jenni.”
Me: ::blank stare::
Chelsey:”It’s yarn!”
Me: “So, uh… no time then? Ha!”

So, in case you didn’t know, macrame is a form of textile making using knotting instead of weaving or knitting. Chelsey will soon be posting her macrame project on her blog, The Paper Mama. So, if you like the pictured photo above then head on over to her blog and make sure you are subscribed!

What is your favorite retro party idea that you are using when you entertain?


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    and let’s be honest, how good are meatballs?!

    • Pech
    • July 16, 2013

    I’m with you on the blank stare when you mentioned macrame. Thanks for making me feel better about it. However, you still have not talked me into the time intensive Beef bourguignon. Now wrapping gherkins in little meat blankets, that is adorable and delicious.

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