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Alycia of Cup of Ting

As part of my Summer Entertaining Series I’ve asked several of my favorite bloggers to share tips, parties, recipes, and ideas for great Summer parties. Today I’ve got one of my FAVORITE bloggers’ sharing her advice for Summer wedding attire. Please welcome Ting from Cup of  Ting! This is especially relevant to me today as I don my own Wedding attire as I enjoy my sis-in-law’s wedding! 

Hi, I’m TING!  Jenni was sweet enough to invite me to share some sunny fun with you while she’s out getting her vacation on.  I suppose you might want to know a little about me, so here I go…

I play house for a living!  I’m a foodie who loves all things stripes + I still play dress up.  As a dancing queen + healthy lifestyle cheerleader, I read cookbooks in my spare time + am not your typical stay at home mom.  Come play with me sometime in this little blog world of mine called Cup of TING… giving you a sip of my Fashion, Food + Fun!

Now, summer is a coming + do you hear what I hear?  Oh yeah, it’s wedding bells, champagne bottles popping, cheers + laughter all around.  Here’s the age-old dilemma though… what to wear.  My go-to for any summer wedding is the classic Little Black Dress.  Here I’d like to share some options to jazz up YOUR little black dress attire.

Summer Wedding Attire Tips

Why LBD you ask????  I love to eat, dance + have a good time at a wedding.  This LBD is wonderful because it flares out, allowing me to eat as much cake as I want.  It is also really comfortable + just plain sexy.  A LBD stands out + is not too loud or obnoxious that you take the thunder from the bride.  Add a side braid for a playful touch.  As for shoes, this will depend on the wedding location.

Little Black Dress

For a grassy day wedding…. go for this Tory Burch ombre clutch for a pop of color, Marc by Marc Jacobs sunnies + nude wedges.


For an indoor hotel wedding… I would wear these beautiful strappy sandals + have my lovely silver fold over clutch {only 100 bucks, such a deal!}.


For a beach wedding… the color red is good fortune in the Chinese culture, so choosing red flats + this beach bag would be the perfect combo.  The beach can be a little chilly at sundown so you may want to also pack this heart scarf just in case.


Cheers! —Ting

Alycia of Cup of Ting

Cup of Ting on Instagram

Thank you so much to Ting for contributing to the Summer Entertaining Series while I am on vacation! If you haven’t been to her blog then you have to go check it out. She has some fabulous posts on fashion— I just love her style!

What is your “go to” Summer wedding look?

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    I like the idea of taking one dress and giving it three different looks!

    1. Jenni

      Right? So smart!

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    So happy to give others helpful ideas, thanks for reading!

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