Summer Wedding Travel Tips: Travel Basics

Summer Wedding Travel Tips from A Well Crafted Party

Anyone else traveling for a wedding this Summer? While weddings happen year round… Summer is wedding season. When weddings are in town there is always some prep. But, there is nothing quite like traveling for a wedding.

Summer Wedding Travel Tips from A Well Crafted Party

Our flights are booked for an upcoming wedding in Texas. I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off to get everything done and finish up some freelance projects before going. My husband, toddler, and I will be traveling from nice, cool Portland to the HOT HOT HEAT of Texas. Not only do we need to prepare ourselves for the heat, but we need to plan for several wedding related events. On top of all that we want to try our best to get all of our clothing in 1 bag— who really wants to pay for extra luggage!? I thought I’d share some of my must-haves for traveling to a Summer wedding.

Summer Wedding Travel Tips: The Basics

Why is it that traveling for a wedding is SO different that regular travel? For one thing, you need all of the travel basics, but you also need wedding specific items as well. And, you still want to do all of that in as little space as possible. No one really WANTS to be the person hauling several bags through the airport, do they?  Or the person PAYING for all the bags they are hauling. I’m not only attending several wedding events at this next wedding, but also helping with the planning and decorating. Of course, planning a wedding event from afar is a different post completely. Below are some of my tips for traveling for a wedding during the Summer. Obviously, your list will change slightly depending on your travel location and style of wedding.

Most of my Wedding Travel Basics are the same things you’d want for any trip. Packing well for a trip for me starts with these basics and then moves on to the more detailed list.

travel basics

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1. Brightly colored suitcases that don’t get lost in the shuffle. I like these (AL)  mustard yellow suitcases from US Traveler Rio. The suitcases come in several different colors. If you already have a perfectly good black, brown, or blue suitcase that ins’t very distinguished then think about adding a brightly colored ribbon or luggage tag.

2. Speaking of luggage tags…. make sure your bag has one! I’m especially fond of this  (AL)  brightly colored initial luggage tag from PB Travel.

3. Toiletries— I really like having my own toiletries with my own brands along with me when I am traveling. My skin always reacts weird to different types of water and to the crazy toll of traveling. I don’t want to add to the problem by using brands my skin/hair/nails are not already familiar. These simple (AL) travel containers are refillable so that you can travel with any type of product you like…. including the increasingly popular “no poo” shampoo-less hair cleaning mixture!

4. Ziplock Bags— I use ziplock bags to organize my bag and to keep small items from getting lost in the mix. Plus, when you squeeze out all the air it gives you a little extra room for packing. I keep a set of (AL) gallon Ziplock bags and (AL) quart sized ziplock bags in my suitcase for use and reuse.

5. Travel Blanket— I always get cold on planes and I HATE fleece. (Weird, I know.) So, I bring a soft and thin (AL) travel blanket with me on all trips.

6. Personal Item Bag that can carry my laptop, DSLR, travel blanket, and at least one or two magazines. And, of course, since I am traveling to a wedding I’ll most likely be bringing along a (AL)  Martha Stewart Magazine and a (AL)  Brides magazine. I just have a gigantic bag right now… but this beautiful bag from Jo Totes is on my wish list.

Of course other than the items above you’ll want your everyday clothes, wedding event clothes, wedding gift, and any items you may need for the many wedding events.

What are your Travel Basics that you just won’t travel without?

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  2. Reply

    I’m obsessed with packing list for trips! I get as much fun out of planning my packing as I do the trip itself. Weird, I know… thanks for the tips. I really got to get me a brightly-colored luggage tag. I am forever using those little paper tags they give you at the airport.

    1. Jenni

      Me too! I like it when I have the time to really organize my packing too. It becomes FUN then. Go figure. 🙂

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