Happy Birthday to an Awesome Husband

I have a wonderful husband. He is supportive. He is kind. He is helpful. He is a fantastic father. And, he eats whatever I make and tells me it is delicious. Today is his birthday.




I love everything about this guy. I could go on and on and on. But, I’ll save you from all the mushy stuff. If you’re into twitter or Instagram then give my guy a Happy Birthday shout-out. I’m sure he’d be tickled pink! You can find him on both with the handle @PortlandPorter (or click here for Instagram & here for Twitter). Also, the guy is an AWESOME Instagram photog.

I’ll be back later today to share about the Whole Foods wine tasting and beer tasting Twitter parties that the husband and I got to enjoy this past week. So fun getting to share some of this blogging business with him!  UPDATE: You ever have one of those days that just gets away from you? Yea, that happened. I’ll have the Whole Foods post up soon. Cheers!

UPDATE: Check out the Whole Foods Wine & Beer Tasting Post Here!

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