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A couple of weekends ago I had the exciting opportunity to travel up to Seattle with fellow Pacific Northwest Bloggers for a kid-free evening of socializing and talking shop. I love the PNW Blogger meet-ups and was thrilled to be asked by Chelsey, The Paper Mama, to help her plan this Seattle event.

Me and Sarah blowing bubbles at the PNW Blogger event Photo via Linnea Paulina Photography

Today I want to share some of the beautiful images that our Pacific Northwest photographer, Linnea, captured of the networking that happened at the event. I’ll be back soon to share about my experience of having a full day and night without my son, traveling to Seattle with two (awesome) bloggers, and having a bellhop question me over 50 packages of donated LoSalt and Honest Tea that he was lugging into our room, and the swag that filled the giveaway table and goodie bags!

Gif of photos from the event photos taken by Linnea Paulina Photography
Me taking an Instagram photo! Photo via Linnea Paulina Photography

Three Tips for Networking at a Blogger Meet-Up:

  1. Bring cards! I totally forgot to get more cards printed and was just going go without until I got a scolding from my hubby. “That is the WHOLE point of these events,” he said. And, while I don’t quite agree that it is the WHOLE point… connecting with other bloggers and brands is certainly a big attraction to events like these. I bought little wedding bubbles and attached my blog name to them. I was happy when a few people started blowing bubbles at the end of the evening. (As you might have noticed from the photos… I joined in on the fun!)
  2. It is okay, even expected, to have your phone out at these events. Everyone is tweeting/instagraming/facebooking at these types of events. It is a great way to connect. It is a fabulous way to thank sponsors. And, everyone is going to understand why you are taking photos of your drinks, food, shoes, etc. Take advantage of it!
  3. Talk to several people, but try to connect with a good handful. I’ve made a lot of friends through events like these… but, I’ve also met a lot of people beyond those that became my friends. When my goal is to go in to meet as many people as possible, I come out with a bunch of cards and no memory of who they belonged to. When I try to have a few meaningful conversations, I find that I remember and am remembered more often than naught. A good rule of thumb for after the event, is try to connect via social media or email to those people who you did get cards from so that you can build a relationship online as well!


A big thank you to all of the awesome sponsors of the PNW Blogger event! 

 photo mooreaseallogo_zps14034698.pngblowfish photo Blowfish_Logo_zps225490e6.jpg photo foldingchairdesigns_zps77d03fd6.jpg
 photo deifratellilogo_zps3b65d4d8.jpg photo fawnandflora_zps9d09e684.jpg photo logo2_zpsdc946c5b.png photo TK-logo_zpsa6418afb.png

 photo losalt_zpsc55bc359.jpg photo FlourishandLeather2013_zpsd9ae48c2.jpg photo 300_200_simplydarrling_zps37b5719b.jpg
 photo linnea_zps7e8e58a7.png photo LarkCrafts_zpsb1585c98.jpg photo HonestStackedLogo_zpsc1cb4c34.jpg photo gela-skins-logo-1024x290_zps870d1b41.png

Arsenal Pulp Press photo logovertical2006_zps08f96dfc.jpg photo HerbalPhilosophyTeas_zpsd57bbf41.jpg photo justlovely_zps71e50056.jpg

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  1. Reply

    I love your pictures! You looked so pretty!

  2. Reply

    looks like it was a great event!

  3. Reply

    Thanks for throwing such a great party! I love your new design!

    • Kristine
    • May 31, 2013

    I’m so upset I couldn’t make it to the meet-up! I’m hoping to catch the next one! It looks like a blast!

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