{What a Weekend} Featuring Jenn of The Elsewhere Blog

This post is a part of my new weekly Linky Party {Weekend in Review}. Each week I’ll share some of my favorite posts from the week before. Link up anytime from Monday to Saturday on each new week’s linky party with an Instagram photo, tweet, or blog post about your weekend! Life is a party… this is one way we are going to celebrate it! 


So sorry I’m posting this late…but, I didn’t want your to miss out on visiting one of the great blogs that linked up to last week’s {Weekend in Review} linky party! Today I’ll be sharing a bit about Jenn and her weekend last weekend that included a thwarted date night that ended up sounding like a great evening and a trip out to see Yo Gabba Gabba live.

Jenn’s blog is a lifestyle blog that delves into all kinds of fun updates. She has a sweet, sassy writing style that is so true to her as a person. Check out her beautiful photography skills, stories of motherhood, and office fashion posts all on her blog, Elsewhere: Live from Portland.

Check out some of my favorite posts from Jenn:

Thank you Jenn for sharing with the 
{Weekend in Review} Linky party! 
Check back later today for my weekend in review and a new linky party!

{Friday Finds} Portlandia

Instagram photos from my evening at Urban Farmer

Today’s {Friday Finds} it totally about the Portland area…. sorry to those who don’t live here! However, bookmark this post in case you plan on visiting soon.

I moved to Portland six years ago. And, while it is much more expensive and has a limited job market compared to my mid-western home, it is one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been. Living in Portland is like living in a big city that has the feel of a small community. We live about an hour from the mountains, an hour and a half from the coast, a few hours from the dessert, and close enough to get away to Canada if things get really rotten. 😉 This post may wax a little poetic about this town I’ve grown to call home.

So, here are some of my Portland {Friday Finds}:

  • Last night I had the opportunity to tour the kitchen, see a demonstration, and eat dinner at Urban Farmer. Urban Farmer has been on my list of restaurants to visit for some time now. I love their sustainable practices and the fact that they use organic, local food whenever possible. Last night’s experience confirmed it as an awesome dinner destination. I’ll be posting about my visit next week…. but, if you’re looking for a delicious steak dinner PLEASE visit Urban Farmer. You will not be disappointed if you get even a fraction of the experience that I had last night. I even ate beets there…. I am not usually a beet fan! (Although, I once made Beet Pierogies that were fairly tasty.)
  • After dinner at Urban Farmer you should totally check out the bar upstairs called Departure. It is like walking into a space ship. A space ship that serves good cocktails and has a beautiful patio with a view of the city!
  • The creative community here is one of the biggest reason’s that I am IN LOVE with this city. There are so many opportunities to build connections, do creative collaborations, or just be inspired by some pretty amazing creative people. If you are in the Portland area check out these awesome groups: Portland Bloggers (gotta plug it), Creative Connection (a women-only group of creatives), Portland Preservation Society (canning group… I can’t wait to be more involved with it), and The Crave Company (women entrepreneur group).
  • The Timbers (Portland’s MLS team) have started playing. I haven’t been able to get tickets to games yet, but it has been fun listening to updates and seeing my friends post photos from the game. I can’t wait to bring the little guy to a game.
  • Spring is near… and, with that the tulips are coming out! Today, Friday, March 8, all Whole Foods Markets are selling 3 10-stem tulip bunches for $10…. that is 30 tulips for $10. If, [cough, cough], someone’s husband thought to grab a bunch after work today then I’m sure it would make his wife extra happy.

Happy International Women’s Day!

* I did receive a free meal from Urban Farmer curtesy of the PR firm, Little Green Pickle, however no promises for positive reviews were given. I really enjoyed it and want to tell everyone I know about it! No other compensation was given for this post. *

{Working on it Wednesday} Portland Bloggers meet-up and real party posts

Today is one of those days where I have been so busy working on content for the blog that I didn’t get around to posting on the blog. But, as I usually post about what I am working on when Wednesday roles around, I thought I’d share a sneak peek into the items that have filled my to do list today!

1. Portland Bloggers’ Meet-Up— I’m not going to lie. This meet-up has kicked my butt. But, it is also going to be one of the most amazing meet-ups we’ve had yet. I’m not even kidding when I say that Portland has some of the most giving creative people. The collaborations and excitement from this event is overwhelming. I might have cried a bit in this whole process. The group has grown to be a really wonderful resource for local bloggers and businesses. I can’t wait to see what this year holds for it!
2. Real Parties— I’m prepping a post about a beautiful rainbow themed first birthday party. The photos are great! The details are wonderful. And, the birthday girl is a CUTIE.
3. Fashion— I’ve been doing the #7daysofstyle challenge with my kiddo. I tell you what… this has been so good for me. Not only have I been getting him out of his pjs, but I’ve been getting him out of the house and into the yard to take the photos. Which means that we’ve played together outside everyday this week. Today we played in the mud. It was refreshing and so important. Is it weird to say that this silly little clothing challenge has made me a better mom?
4. Real Parties—I’m also prepping another real wedding post that I cannot wait to share with you! I tell you what…. you’re going to be blown away with these photos by Katherine McClosky Photography.
5. Fashion— Last, but not least, I’m prepping a fun little “mom style” post that will include a GIVEAWAY from Cushe.

See the theme?
Party, Fashion, Party, Fashion with a little bit of blogging and motherhood sprinkled in?

Now it is your turn—What have you been working on?

{Toddler Style} A Challenge with Style

The idea behind me styling different pieces for the kiddo came from a styling project Lauren Hartmann, The Little Things We Do, did for her daughter on Instagram. She took 3 different clothing pieces and styled at least one of them into every outfit for 7 days.

I asked her if she minded that I totally copy her and do the same with my kiddo. I thought it would be a challenge to do something cute on a little boy and an excuse for me to get him out of his PJs everyday. She didn’t mind… as a matter of fact, she invited anyone to join in on #7daysofstyle on Instagram. I’m excited to be meeting moms of other little boys working with this challenge as well.

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{Weekend in Review} Dinner with friends and Home Decor Work

This weekend was needed. It was restorative and easy. Next weekend (actually, this whole week) is going to be GO GO GO. So, a laid back weekend was ideal. We had friends— Bee from The Spicy Bee and her husband, Kevin— over for dinner on Friday. Homemade pizzas, drinks, and lots of talking ensued. I think that staying at home with a toddler has made me starved for conversation. I don’t think I stopped talking on Friday. We made and ate THREE pizzas. Bee, being awesome, made a homemade dough and created a spicy, thin-crust pizza. I bought some pre-made dough to try in my cast-iron skillet with rosemary… YUM. And, I tried making a pizza on puff pastry. I liked the puff pastry dough  a lot… although, notice how poofy it got! Next time I’ll do the puff pastry, but put olive oil and a good sea salt on the pan so it cooks into the dough.

Saturday I printed out a few photos, put up curtains, and bought a rug. We’ve had essentially NO budget to work on our home. But, a few little pieces here and there and things are finally coming together. We’ll be doing some painting of furniture as soon as the weather is better. I’ll post photos if and when we finally get things together!

Sunday I spent the day making crepes! I used Food For My Family’s recipe/tutorial for crepes, but the batter made so many crepes that we had them for breakfast, lunch, and dessert on Sunday. They were delicious though, so I am not complaining!
I also picked out three clothing items to style for a Seven Days of Style challenge I am participating in this week and sketched out my ideas. I’ll post more about that tomorrow! If you want to follow along to see some cute baby/toddler styles during the week check out my Instagram profile @JenniBost  or the hashtag #7daysofstyle .

What did you do this weekend?

Link up your posts/tweets/instagram pics of something you did this weekend.
 I’ll share some of my favorites on Sunday for my {What a Weekend} feature post!

Linky Party Suggestions:

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{What a Weekend!} Featuring Kayla of Fit Life Forward

This post is a part of my new weekly Linky Party {Weekend in Review}. Each week I’ll share some of my favorite posts from the week before. Link up anytime from Monday to Saturday on each new week’s linky party with an Instagram photo, tweet, or blog post about your weekend! Life is a party… this is one way we are going to celebrate it! 

Last week, the first of the {Weekend in Review} linky parties we had a fun post from Kayla letting us know about her Fulfilling Weekend and the meal plan for this week.

Check out her post to read all about her weekend that included an 18 mile run as well as a wine & chocolate tasting.

Kayla’s blog is a fitness and lifestyle blog with witty writing and informative posts. Other awesome posts of Kayla’s that you might like:

I love that Kayla shared her meal plan for the week. It is a great way to stay a little bit more motivated to stick with it.

Readers: Do you like to meal plan? How do you go about planning out the meals for the week? 
Thanks for sharing your post with us Kayla! 
Want more to read? Check out my post on tips for successful meal planning (and, free menu planning printable).

{Friday Finds} Glitter, Party Circles, Pizza, Fashion, and Random Tidbits

Glittered Jewelry Dish Project via A Beautiful Mess

Today’s {Friday Finds} is brought to you by the letter R. R as in random. I’ve been trying to incorporate more of my life into this blog to go along with my idea (not original idea by any means) that life is a party and we should celebrate it. So, in that theme of things you’re going to get a peek into my very random brain. I’ve found these links throughout the week and wanted to share!

  • I love glitter. It is a problem. My husband does NOT love glitter. So, of course when I showed him the above jewelry dish project I could see the fear in his eyes. I think it is a great way to bring just a little bit of sparkle into the everyday. I’d use the project on a tray and put letters and/or pretty magazines in it. I think it’d be just BEAUTIFUL. I wonder if the glaze is hard to work with… anyone out there ever done something similar?
  • Every wondered what all you could do with the cupcake topper or party circle printables? I love this {Party with Paper} series that Hostess with the Mostess has included on their site! I also really like that they call the printables “Party Circles” as they do so much more than just top cupcakes! “How to cut a party circle {3 ways to use it}
  • Now that you know what to do with those party circles why don’t you stop by my “Free Printables” page and see what party circles I have made for FREE download.
  • Tonight I have some friends coming over for blog talk, beer, and homemade pizza. I’ve been playing around with crust recipes and have been drawn to the following recipes:
  • I have lot of fun dressing my toddler in cute clothes. (Check out my Baby Style posts for proof.) He is a stylish young kid… but, lately it takes a ton of effort to make me want to get either of us out of our pjs during the day. One of the Instagramers/bloggers I follow, Lauren Hartmann, did a 7 days of style challenge for her little girl and is now opening it up for others to participate. I thought it would be a good way for me to get the kid out of pjs for a week. One of the challenges is to take three items and style them throughout the week, which is great practice for my upcoming trip to Oklahoma with just me and the babe.
I hope you found a link or two that interests you!
I’m excited for a fun, easy weekend. I hope that you get a chance to create a {Weekend in Review} post for this next week’s linky party! I’ll be sharing some of my favorites from each week.

Hand Lettered Love

One of my favorite parts of elementary school was learning cursive. I’m actually sad to hear that a lot of schools are no longer teaching kids cursive… But, that is beside the point.

I love the way script looks and have always loved the way letters can curve into one another, fly off the sheet, or stand tall and impressive. I’ve been doodling and playing around in notebooks for as long as I can remember. I enjoy the practice of it. I love different types of pens. I love drawing cute little illustrations or sketching my friends and family. When life gets tough and I want to withdraw from everything a few hours with my sketch pad typically makes me feel better.

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