{Weekend in Review} A trip to Texas and Oklahoma

{Weekend in Review} A trip to Texas and Oklahoma

I was on vacation from last Tuesday to tomorrow… So, it feels like a gigantic weekend! Let me say though… vacation when you are a freelance writer and mom is not the same as when you take a vacation from a non-work-from-home job or school. I felt like I was ON the entire week and BEHIND the entire week. I’m so thankful for wonderful family who let me get some time on my computer and helped so much with my toddler. The week would have been impossible otherwise. And, it was so nice seeing family!

For some of my family this week was the first time they got to meet my son. And, for others, it was the first time they’ve seen him as a toddler. That part of the trip was amazing. I loved seeing how he responded to my (and my husband’s) family. I loved seeing how our families responded to him.

I hardly took any photos of the trip because I was entirely too busy catching up with friends and family  or wrangling a rambunctious toddler. But, below is a quick overview of my week via iPhone photos!

Row 1: 1. X and myself had the opportunity to meet a friend’s kiddo that we’ve only seen so far on Instagram. I had a good time catching up with his mom (a friend from high school/college years) while X his new pal played. X was cranky though….so, it was a quick visit. 2. My youngest brother got to meet his nephew for the first time… they look so much alike! 3. My sister and her husband watched the kiddo so I could have an evening out with my two BFFs from H.S. It was wonderful catching up!
Row 2: 1. One of my best friends from HS has an adorable 10-month-old boy…X loved hanging out with him! He pushed him around in the stroller. It might have made my baby rabies come back a tad. 2. My sister showed X how to play trombone. He loves music and had a blast in his aunt & uncle’s music room. 3. My sister (doesn’t look a thing like me) took me out to pedicures. SO NICE. It has been ages since I had a pedicure and my feet NEEDED it!
Row 3: 1. One of the restaurants we visited had a pool table and the little guy was enthralled with how my brother hit the balls. 2. It is hard sharing the bed with a toddler. 3. X got to meet some of my husband’s side of the family while we were in TX. Made me miss my honey!

Now… tell me all about YOUR weekend! 
Link up your posts/tweets/instagram pics of something you did this weekend.
 I’ll share some of my favorites on Sunday for my {What a Weekend} feature post!

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