{Weekend in Review} Petting fish, Packing, & Prepping

After eating way too much delicious pie on Thursday I needed a low key weekend. And, though we got a LOT done, we didn’t DO much at all. I’m actually really looking forward to see all the fun {Weekend in Review} posts, Instagram pics, and tweets that are linked up this week. Someone out there had to have done something for St. Patty’s Day weekend!

Friday I went with some friends and my little guy to the Portland Aquarium in Milwaukie, Or. I didn’t go in with any expectations at all because I hadn’t really heard much about it. And, in all honesty, I have mixed feelings about the experience.

The good:

  • Hanging out with my friends and the kids while they were oohing and ahhing over the fish and sea-life was pretty awesome. My son was entranced. He loved every moment.
  • The staff was awesome. One guy in particular was so good with my son and comfortable in his job. He was holding a giant snake and I didn’t feel like fleeing… so, that is a bonus. I’d like to teach my son to be interested (safely) in things that creep me out. I was thankful there was someone there explaining about the snake and introducing it in a safe way to my son.
The not-so-good:
  • The price was fairly expensive in my opinion. My son was free (he is under the age that starts charging), but my ticket was $10 for a five room facility with two of its exhibits down. I also bought $5 dollars of fish feed… at the time I thought it was way too pricey for the amount given, but I had some left over still after visiting all the rooms, so I feel like that was probably pretty reasonable. And, the kids LOVED feeding the fish. 
  • I was glad that they had hand washing sinks in several of the rooms. The floor was dirty. And, go figure, the place smelled like fish. I was in severe need of several hand washings.
  • I didn’t find this out until after visiting…. but, the owner of the Portland Aquarium has been in some pretty nasty legal issues lately. They are not involving the Portland Aquarium, but rather a similar facility in Boise. While I love the idea of my son and other children learning about wild-life. I feel like it should be in a completely legal, safe, and good-for-the-animal kind of way. 
Did we have a good time? Yes. Will we go back? I’m not sure. I do hope that the staff gets the wonderful attention they deserve though. They were very good. 
Well, I certainly didn’t mean for this post to turn into a review of an aquarium… but, that was the most interesting thing that happened this weekend! Saturday I was able to meet up with a friend to talk about life and the upcoming Pacific Northwest Blogger meet-up. I’m excited that details will be released soon! I talked more than any human should find possible. Talking to a toddler all day has done some wicked things to my social skills. 
The rest of the weekend was spent working (writing) and prepping for my upcoming adventure back home to see family. Just me and the kiddo are going to brave flights to LA and on to Texas. Then a drive up to Oklahoma. We’ll be visiting friends and family in both TX and OK. Not sure how we’ll do it… but, I’m super excited about it!
Oh, and we can’t forget that we did a low key St. Patty’s Day celebration. We wore green, ate cabbage, and drank a bottle of beer. 🙂

Now… tell me all about YOUR weekend! 
Link up your posts/tweets/instagram pics of something you did this weekend.
 I’ll share some of my favorites on Sunday for my {What a Weekend} feature post!

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* This post was in no way sponsored by The Portland Aquarium. I did not receive anything from the Portland Aquarium. I paid for my own admittance into the venue.

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  1. Reply

    I have heard nothing but great things about the Portland Aquarium staff, but that’s about it. I’ll be skipping it and heading to the Newport one 🙂

    1. Reply

      I want to visit the Newport one so bad!

  2. Reply

    I’ve been wondering about the aquarium. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it. Have a wonderful trip!!!

    1. Reply

      You’re very welcome! And, thank you for your trip well-wishes!

  3. Reply

    I’ve always wondered about the Portland Aquarium. I hope that your trip will be so much fun!!

    1. Reply

      Thanks so much! It is almost over now.. and, it has been fun!

    • Kira
    • March 18, 2013

    I didn’t know there was controversy concerning the owners of the aquarium. We just haven’t been because I heard it was both small and expensive like you said. I hope you guys have a great trip!

    1. Reply

      The kiddo really loved the fish and the staff was great… but, yep, it was a little much for a one hour excursion. I’m hopeful that the owners are doing things all above board here in OR. Guess we’ll find out!

  4. Reply

    when it doubt day trips to Newport are always the best 🙂

    1. Reply

      Good to know… I need to visit!

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