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The little lady that I threw the Woodland Baby Shower for last January is now one! Time sure flies… Her mom and dad pulled off an amazing Rainbow Themed First Birthday for her recently. I’m super excited that they are letting me share some photos of the event. This makes for a wonderful first birthday party. I also think some of the party details could easily be transformed into an awesome Wizard of Oz party or, with the addition of a bucket of gold, a great St. Patrick’s Day Party. 

Rainbow Party Food: 

We could certainly taste the rainbow at this party! The menu was simple, but delicious. The party was hosted around lunch time so the hosts had a couple of pizzas set out on the kitchen island, along with sodas. The party food table was all about the rainbows though! 
The party food table menu:
  • Rainbow Veggie Platter— Cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, mini corn, snap peas, and cabbage made for a tasty, and  healthy rainbow. The veggie platter had ranch served on the side.
  • Rainbow Fruit Platter— Grapes, kiwi, bananas, cantaloupe, and strawberries were laid out on a platter to make a tasty display. The kids LOVED this platter. 
  • Rainbow-themed candy was also sat out the table, including, Skittles and Twizzlers.
  • The most addictive popcorn ever…. SO GOOD. Melissa made a sweet popcorn recipe that included white chocolate chips melted and poured over popcorn, along with party sprinkles and other goodies. This Birthday Cake Popcorn recipe is to similar.
  • A seemingly plain birthday cake with a SURPRISE inside! This cake was one of the best I’d ever eaten. It was not too sweet… as a matter of fact, it was barely sweet at all. Instead it was melt in your mouth delicious. And, isn’t this little lady the neatest cake eater EVER? 




Party Details:

There were so many great details to this party. The little lady’s mom used Pinterest to gather her ideas as she worked on the party. I love how you can see some of the inspiration on her Pinterest board, but also see how she worked her own magic on the party and didn’t take ALL of her ideas and put them in action. In my opinion, it is the perfect example of how to use a Pinterest board to help inspire your parties. 

Some of my favorite details:

  • The invitations asked guests to wear their favorite color of the rainbow. The party was so bright and lively! My little guy (pictured above) chose green for his color of the rainbow.
  • Rainbow details were used throughout the space. Streamers, in the color of the rainbow, were twirled across the ceiling. Rainbow stripes led from the rainbow streamers down to the table with all the rainbow food. Rainbow-colored paper dots shared cute information about the birthday girl. A rainbow mobile hung from the ceiling. And, a rainbow number 1 was framed and put on the wall.  Even the guests got in on the rainbow fun and many decorated birthday gifts with rainbow wrapping paper or tissue paper!
  • The favors carried the rainbow theme as well. Melissa made pinwheels out of rainbow scrapbook paper. She also made rainbow wands that my son carried all the way home. A bag with M&Ms, bubbles, and chocolate gold coins topped off the favors.
  • Melissa made the rainbow tutu that the birthday girl is sporting in her photos using a tutorial she found online. (Here is a tutorial that I like just in case you’d like to make your own.)

Rainbow Cake — Happy Flower Food Company
Photos— Justin Artoff (birthday girl’s uncle)
“1” rainbow sign— Remember Ink Wall Art (birthday girl’s dad, Zack Allot)

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    What a great party! I especially love that last picture–the look on her face is priceless!

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    I adore the last picture of the birthday girl. She has the most precious smile! Such a wonderful party theme. 🙂

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    that cake looks wonderful!!!

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    Gorgeous! SO well done:) I especially like that the cake is white on the outside and rainbow on the inside–so classic. And all your little touches are just lovely–all the clouds and rainbows, the coordinated fruits and veggies. Just. Love.

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