How do you follow?

I’m sure everyone has already heard the sad news…. Google Reader is going away. There will be some transition time… but, why not move things over now?

I’ve been reading everything on my cell phone (for the most part) through Reeder app. The Reeder app twitter feed calmed its many fans and said it was not leaving. However, they haven’t said really what they’ll be doing yet. So, if you’re a Reeder fan… are you staying on? I’m sure they’ll figure out a way to make the change seamless. Hopefully, I won’t lose my “starred” items in the process!

And, then… a lot of the people I know are heading on over to Blog Lovin. I hope that their servers were ready for a sudden influx of new followers cause HOLY COW. Everyone in my feed is talking about moving over to them. As a matter of fact, for now, go ahead and add my name to the list! I thought I’d at least try it out. But, for anyone who didn’t know… this blog has been on Blog Lovin’ for a while!

The change to Blog Lovin took a matter of seconds. You can easily import all of your Google Reader blogs right on over with a couple clicks of your mouse. I’ll be downloading the iPhone app and giving the whole thing a test run. I’m hoping to fall in love! 
How do you follow blogs? 

  1. Susannah
  2. Sarah @ Will Run for Pasta

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