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Okay, I promise that I will stop posting photos of this adorable wedding after today…but, I couldn’t NOT post these adorable photos taken by Sash Photography. This is the kind of wedding photographer that I would want if I were getting married again. Briena was fantastic on site, came prepared with back-up everything, dressed nice, and took all the traditional shots as well as a ton of images of the guests.

While most couples want to remember their wedding party and how wonderful they look on the day…. I really feel like they want to remember how they felt on the day and they want to see how much their guests enjoyed the day. And, guests love to have keepsakes of the day and all of the good memories. Photographers who take the extra time to take photos of the guests, edit them, and put them up for purchase add to the overal memory of the day.

When I look at these photos I remember how much fun it was to share this day with Alishia and Ryan… but, I also remember dancing with my son during the mother/son dance (after the groom and his mom, of course). I remember thinking that someday I may be dancing with my son as a grown man as he marries the person he chooses to love. I remember how amazing my husband was taking care of our rambunctious one-year-old as I helped the wedding run smoothly.

I can’t even believe the kiddo was ever this small! So, if you are in the Portland area and are looking for a fabulous wedding photographer then get in contact with Sash Photography! And, I was not paid for this post or any words that I have said about Briena… I just really loved her work.

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