{Ramblings} Thoughts about weddings

{Ramblings} Thoughts about weddings

Today a ton of my photographer friends have been sharing an article from The Huffington Post by Anne Almasy, an award winning photographer. 

At first read of the article, “Resolution,” my heart kind of dropped. I felt saddened that so many of my photographer friends agreed so whole-heartily with something that felt as if it went against what I do and my little contribution to the wedding industry. However, after a few (like 10) more reads… I had some other thoughts about the article and my friends’ response to it.

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{Inspiration} Spring Centerpiece

{Inspiration} Spring Centerpiece
I’m SOOOO ready for Spring to get here.
I’m ready for flowers, gardening, Spring clothing, and some sunshine! I’m not looking forward to allergy season… but, my readiness for spring is overriding my fear of another sneezing season. In my desire for Spring to get here I decided to create some Spring-like centerpiece items. I used them as decor at the Portland Creative Connection event… now they sit on my diningroom table making me happy all day long. I think these decorations would be cute for any Spring event including Easter dinner, an afternoon May day celebration, or a Mother’s Day brunch.

{Weekend in Review} Party like a one-year-old, networking, and blog posting

{Weekend in Review} Party like a one-year-old, networking, and blog posting

Happy Monday! I spent three days of last week as a solo-mama as my husband was in California for work. Of course, that meant that I had very little time this past week for the business of posting/working. It also meant that we packed our weekend full of events.

During our time of just the two of us, the kiddo and I both had visits to the salon to get our hair done. I visited Franny from Edward Wadsworth Salon for a much needed hair appointment. I haven’t had my hair done by a professional in years… she did a great job explaining the costs, color ability, and best cut options for my hair. She was the perfect mix of chatting and being quiet. Sometimes I really just enjoy resting and letting someone take over! She did a great highlight job on my hair! I’ll be seeing her again in 10 weeks for another lightening. Just in time for summer!

The boy visited Little Clippers in Lake Oswego. The place was AMAZING. It was like we were walking into an indoor playground. He was thrilled to see cars, slides, and lots of bright colors. I was afraid, from past at home experiences, that he would be too wiggly to get his hair done. Instead he was completely content the entire time! His stylist, Lolita, did an AMAZING job. She was quick and able to anticipate when he was getting bored or uncomfortable. We even hung out a bit after the hair cut so the little guy could enjoy the toys.

On Saturday we visited our friend’s home for little A’s first birthday. The rainbow themed party was just ADORABLE. And, all of the attendees wore their favorite rainbow colors. I can’t wait until I get back some of the better photos taken at the party so that I can share all of the fun details her mom put into the event.

Saturday evening I was able to meet-up with some awesome women for Creative Connection. Some fun collaborations are sure to come of this great event. Twenty Portland creatives in one room created such a buzz of energy. There was some major power-houses in that room! A big thank you to Margaret for putting it all together! Oh, and the cute decorations above will be on the blog later this week.

What did you do this weekend?

Link up your posts/tweets/instagram pics of something you did this weekend.
 I’ll share some of my favorites on Sunday!
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