Readers’ Poll: What to do in A Well Crafted Party Redesign!?!

Happy January! Boy oh boy…. has the last couple of weeks KICKED my butt. Combine visitors, head colds, stomach flu, and a toddler all together and you can imagine what my January has looked like so far. I’m so happy to be back to 100% healthy again. Now to get back into the swing of everyday life and catch up on everything I put off while sick. Yes, my Christmas decorations are still up.

A Well Crafted Redesign and ReThinking:

I’ve finally gotten around to writing out my resolutions for the year and making goals. One of my BIG goals is to redesign this website and *possibly* make the move to WordPress. I love Blogger and think it is the best blogging platform out there for beginning bloggers. So much to offer! However, there are a lot of fun abilities on WordPress that I just can’t do here. It is a big move though with a lot to think about. It isn’t going to happen quickly!

One of the things I’m mulling over with this redesign is making “A Well Crafted Party” a blog that is more than just parties. I love writing about celebrating events and making the everyday a little more special. However, I have a lot more going on in my life. And, some of it, people may want to read! Currently I am writing/designing/producing content on two different blogs. But, it means that my content for both blogs is sporadic at best. It also means I am juggling a whole bunch of different calendars and to-do lists.

My first blog header… I cringe now when I see it! 
First Blog “Redesign” created by Smitten Blog Designs in 2011. Love it still…. but, it is time for something new! 

Life is a party, right? 

I think making A Well Crafted Party into a full-on lifestyle blog with emphasis on celebrations and crafts would work. But, I am not my reader. I am coming to you for your thoughts on this. Do you like reading about the lives of the bloggers you read? Do you want to be able to visit one blog and see parenting tips one day and fun party tips the next? Or, would you prefer to visit this blog for party goodies only, even if it is less often?

I’d love to read your comments on this matter… If you want to just push a button then please let me know how you feel via this poll below. Thank you!

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  1. Hey–just followed you over from FB–maybe I will jump over to one of those pdx meet ups 🙂 Thanks!

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