Update and Week in Review: Holiday Fun, Writing Projects, and Portland Bloggers’ craziness

Wow… I’ve been gone from the blogging world for a bit now. I have a lot of things going on and I’m sure they will result in a ton of posts as soon as I find the time to sit down and write them. 😉 Here is a quick update on whats been going on with me and mine….

Portland Blogger’s Meet-Up: November SEO Event

I really think that this past Portland Bloggers’ Meet-Up was the best yet. I learned SO much about SEO and really enjoyed hearing everyone’s thoughts and opinions on the subject. I’m excited about the idea of having a lot more blogging skills workshops over the next year. A review of the event and SEO information will be going up throughout the week over at the Portland Bloggers Blog.
Goodies from the Portland Bloggers’ November Meet-up. A mug made by me, an awesome blogging print from Motormouth Studio, and a print and pin from Misha Ashton Photography!

First Haircut

X’s hair finally got long enough that we went in to get a haircut. He was good and still for about five seconds before squirming like crazy. I asked the lovely hairdresser to just trim the top a bit, because I love his little cowlick.


We had a wonderful holiday with our friends at our annual Thanksgiving bash. I made a signature cocktail that I plan to share over on my party blog later this week. It was SO tasty, if I do say so myself. The kiddo looked mighty dapper in his tie and sports coat. He didn’t like posing for pictures .. but, I got a few that I will share in a baby style post this week. We didn’t do much else besides eat and relax. What did you do for the holiday?

Portland Bloggers’ Collaboration

I spent this past weekend working on a collaboration with other Portland Bloggers on a super secret fun party shoot that will make its debut later in the month. I’m super excited about how everything turned out and can’t wait to share it!

Other than all of that…. I’ve been working on a writing project that has been kicking my butt. I have never felt so blocked creatively. I’m hoping that I can finish up the first (and hardest) part of the project today/tomorrow. I need to get it done!

Posting will commence as soon as the project has been finished!

In the meantime…
tell me about your holidays so far! 

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