Hair Do or Not to Do?

My changing ‘Do over the past five years.

I just realized that for the first time in my life I don’t have a job that dictates how I look. Nearly all of the jobs I’ve had since I was sixteen dictated, in one fashion or another, what I could or couldn’t do regarding my hair, tattoos, piercings, nail color, and/or dress.

I have always liked changing up my hair. It was my one way of controlling something when all was going crazy or my one small way of rebelling against the status quo without going out of my comfort zone. I put together the above collage of my hair over the past five years or so just as proof that I like to change things up. (Please excuse the fact that I now have a mega collage of my face on the internet.) Short, Medium-Length, Long… blonde, red, brown, black… I’ve done them all. But, now I can really do ANYTHING I want. So, I’m thinking it might be fun to get a non-natural color.

Sources: 1. UK Hairdressers 2. Soul Prophet 3. Gigi Pandian 4. Shanaz Hair Design

Above are some of the ideas I’m playing around with for the new do. Are the ideas played out? Should I do it or wait a bit and see if this crazy urge for change passes me by? And, if I wait… how long?

What has been your favorite personal hair experiment?

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