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***If the title didn’t give it away… this post is all about ME. It is ego-centric and reflective. If you don’t want to read the word “I” a bajillion times then I’m glad you stopped by, but stop reading now. 
I’ll be back soon with something less me-centric. ***
I’ve been super reflective lately because of a few huge things that have/are happening to me right now:
  • I’m very soon to be turning 29 years old. I’ve been looking forward to this birthday most of my life (12/12/12) and have always had certain expectations for where I would be and who I would be at my 29th birthday. 
  • I quit my service industry job of 6 years to pursue writing, look for full-time career-style employment, and/or stay at home with my son. 
  • I moved into a house rather than an apartment for the first time in our marriage.
  • We started weaning and I have my own body to myself for the first time in nearly 2 years. Don’t get me wrong… loved sharing it with my little guy for his enrichment and development. But, I’m happy to have it back. 

 These changes have cause me to really examine my life and what I’ve been doing for the past 29 years.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with me.
 I feel like I’ve become the type of person I want to be and I want to teach my kid(s) to be. I try my hardest to be confident, kind, non-judgmental, giving, and thankful. I’m certainly not perfect. But, I don’t expect myself to be perfect (anymore, that is a whole other story though) and I don’t want my kid(s) to expect perfection out of themselves or out of me. 

But, as for where I am at in my life. 
I expected more from myself. 
I’ve allowed the lack of funds or fear of failure to dictate my achievements for too long. I’ve worked for free to “build my portfolio” or “because I’m not a real pro” for too long. I’ve downplayed my worth for too long. 

And, I’m learning to be okay with that. 
It has all been a part of building the WHO I am part of me. 
But, now it is time for me. 

This is going to be MY year. 
(I plan on being as supportive as ever to my husband and son…
 but, other than that there is going to be a lot of putting ME first this year)

My goals this year: 
  • Finish my novel. I have been working on a novel for three + years now. And, in my freelance gig I had to write a novel in a month. So, now I know I can do it. I am going to focus on my novel and get it done. I’ll be looking for (free/cheap) editors friends who like to read. :)
  • Develop my E-course/E-book idea and have it running before the end of 2013. I’m super excited about developing and collaborating with a few friends on this project. 
  • Spend time putting my physical well-being a priority. I will be posting on this later in much more detail. Overall I am pretty healthy, but I have had some significant pain over the past four years that are semi-directly related to my weight. It is time to make this a priority, but I want it to enrich my life rather than take away some of the joy. Finding the balance and implementing a routine will be a huge goal for this year. 
  • Party like its 12/12/12. Silly goal, I know. But, when ever since I turned 12 and my grandmother made a HUGE deal out of the the fact that I turned 12 on 12/12 I have looked forward to my 29th birthday. And, I throw parties. Financially throwing a party right now is irresponsible and not at all possible for us. But, my hopes are that I can score enough freelance gigs to make a small celebration happen. 
Are you where you want to be in your life? 
What are your goals for YOU? 

Real Parties: Elegant Disney Princess Party

When I saw the following photos that a friend of mine from the high school days posted of her daughter’s birthday party my jaw literally hung open. Lora Scantling is a talented photographer, wonderful mother, and all around awesome person… and man, can she throw a party! We featured her daughter’s Mad Tea Party a while back. Her little girls will have many fond birthday memories for sure. With no further ado… enjoy this submission from Scantling Photography (Yukon, Oklahoma)!

Look for great DIY elements, beautiful photo based invitations, and creative uses of the fairytale stories!

Portland Bloggers’ August Meet-Up Party Details

I’ve missed you friends! But, know that I haven’t been gone all this time with nothing to show for it. I am still looking for full-time employment in my field… but, I have been lucky enough to find some great freelance gigs. They are time consuming (which is why it has been so long) but, certainly helpful. In the very little free time that I have had I have been able to create a few fun party items. So… I am hopefully back to blogging and sharing real parties, party DIYs, and much more!
Attendees of the August Portland Bloggers’ Meet-Up photo by the fabulous Motormouth Studio
Every two months I get together with some fabulous bloggers here in the Portland, Oregon area. This August we met at the beautiful (and fairly new) Belmont Library for a Photography Workshop.
 Becky from Studio 623 Photography and Macey from Motormouth Studio spoke about photography and gave us some really great tips at the workshop. 
I created a lot of the little party details and wanted to share some of them with you. The easy black and white color scheme can be used for several different style of events. I hope you find something that can easily inspire you for the next event you throw!
We live in a world of hashtags and social networking. Instagram and Twitter has made it super easy to gather together all the photos taken at your event by the use of a simple little pound sign. 
When wanting the whimsical feel of chalkboards, but not wanting to buy or create a ton of boards for one party, try using a white gel pen on black cardstock. It will also give you more control over the look of your text. Personally, I can’t write pretty with a piece of chalk, but I can rock a gel pen. 
Also, want to have pretty floral arrangements without busting the bank? Hit the local grocery store, pick out a couple of bunches of flowers in one single color scheme and then mix together. Simple and beautiful arrangements for little money.
I am a huge fan of party favors. It is a momento for guests to remember the great time they had at your party. For the photography workshop I wanted guests to have something to take notes on so I created little notebooks with cardstock (I had on hand), scrap paper, a stapler, and a white gel pen. It took me about an hour and the cost of one pack of pens to create these favors. 
And of course… no event is complete with out all of the amazing people who helped make it happen.
A big Thank You to all the event sponsors and volunteers!
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