412 Days

412 Days


Before I had you I wondered often why people said “13 months” or “18 months” instead of “just over a year” or “a year and a half.” Then you came along. And, each and every day something new happens. You learn something new. Or, you do something new. Or, you say something new. 
If I could say, “He is 412 days old,” and not look like a weirdo then I totally would. 
You amaze me. And, saying that you are a year old doesn’t quite express all of the amazing things you have accomplished in this year. 
Take today for instance:
This morning you cuddled with me on bed and then you said, “nana, nana.” “Nana,” is your word for banana and really, any food in general. That let me know that you were hungry. So, I put you down on the ground, handed you your bottle and said, “bring this into the living room and we will get breakfast.” You took the bottle and walked into the living room. You were so in control and you understood me!

After handing your bottle to dad you looked at me and followed me into the kitchen. When I grabbed a banana you looked at me and clapped your hands. “Nana!” you said excitedly. You are associating objects with names which makes me thrilled beyond reason. 

In the afternoon you danced in circles to the sounds of the music playing in the background. You did a few new moves that I’d never seen before. You clapped because you knew you were doing something awesome.

After you had “done your business” you walked up to me with a package of wipes that you had gotten out of your diaper bag. You handed them to me expectantly and then followed me into your room when I suggested we change your diaper. 

Sure, we had to do a time out today. You like to test me when I tell you that you can’t go into the kitchen. But, it sure is hard not to smile when I see that you know what you need to do and keep looking to see if I am watching you. The way you barely put your foot over the line that separates the kitchen from the living room makes me laugh all over on the inside (even if I say no sternly on the outside). 
And then, this evening you melted my heart when you greeted your father with a huge hug. You didn’t want to let him out of your sight. You followed him everywhere as soon as he got home. You then went outside with him and walked around the house, picking up the apples that had fallen from the trees. 
Part of me wishes you could remember today. The other part is thankful that years from now you won’t have to remember what it was like to have your mom clean your backside or how it feels for those four teeth cutting through your gums. But, today you were happy and you learned so much. Today, number 412, was a day I will never ever let myself forget. 
I love you,



Most of the 30 people who read this blog (THANK YOU!) know that I started blogging over at A Well Crafted Party. I love writing about parties and DIY events. But, after having the kiddo I really wanted to write about more. I started incorporating “Mommy Monday” into A Well Crafted Party. But, after a while I realized that I had more to say than just once a week, it wasn’t always party or mommy related, and I was losing some party fans with the change in content.

Yes, I could have just changed the nature of the blog and made it about both parties and babies. It didn’t feel right though and certainly didn’t fit with the name. So, I created this site.

I love this site. I created the banner, buttons, and all and I am thrilled with how it all turned out. Writing on this blog makes me super happy. But, I don’t want to give up my other blog. I still really enjoy everything that it is about.

After the Portland Bloggers meet-ups became a regular event and we really wanted to start growing the community I decided it was time to have a site for that as well. Thus, Portland Bloggers the website was created and I had yet another URL in my name.

I seem to be doing okay with all of these sites. They take a lot of time to keep up. I am getting into a groove with that though. Eventually it will become easier. The hard thing was deciding what blog to promote when I as out at networking events. My business cards was a mess with three different urls, Facebook pages, and then my twitter and Instagram.

So, over the weekend I worked on branding myself a little better. I finished the touches on my website and designed and printed new cards. Now when I go to networking events I can steer people to one site that explains ALL of my side projects and introduce them to my freelance services.

my new business cards

I decided to go ahead and add the Portland Bloggers site to the back of my cards since I often am attending networking events in Portland, Oregon. But, the front of the card says my name, my title, my website (www.jennibost.com) and my Twitter handle. So much cleaner!

My new site really shows how much I am interested in and all the different freelance items I offer. Speaking of… I just added business card design and web element design to my Etsy store. So, if your blog is wanting of a make over then contact me and we can get it looking fabulous!

This doesn’t change things for any of my current blog readers. You can follow along however you’ve been following. Maybe eventually I can create a combined feed on my site that allows for people who just want to read all three of my blogs (hi mom!) to do it in one place. But, I think the branding will benefit my freelance work and networking attempts.

How did you brand yourself and your blog? 

Monthly Photos: 10 Month Photos

Monthly Photos: 10 Month Photos

Wow! I am BEHIND on posting my little man’s monthly photos. I somehow managed to actually keep up with taking monthly photos. Most of them were taken on my phone and are not the best quality. (Didn’t have a DSLR until recently.) But, I don’t think any of that matters in the long run. Sure, it is nice to have great photos. It is wonderful on a blog to have pretty photos. But, in the scheme of things. I’m going to love that I took these photos whether or not they were taken with a fabulous camera or my iPhone. Anywho… here are his 10 Month photos!

Had to take a break in the middle of photos this time to be silly.

Check out all the lil man’s Monthly Photos to see how much he has grown!

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