Hipster Wedding

Hipster Wedding

I just had to share a link to this lovely infographic from Refinery 29: Are You at a Hipster Wedding?.

I love some of the qualifying items: Does the wedding have a hashtag? Are there lots, and lots, of Mason jars? Did you get a handmade favor?

Bahaha.. I think that Hipster Weddings are now my favorite type of wedding. When I throw my 10 year anniversary party it will certainly be part hipster. It will be chock full of organic, locally made food (most likely from a food cart), a hashtag will be necessary, and there will be succulents everywhere. Oh, and everyone will be encouraged to have out their smart phones for lots of instagramming and tweets: #10yearsofawesome. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Here is to hoping that Hipster weddings are still in vogue and Instagram still exists four years from now!



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    That was hilarious! My sister is totally having a hipster wedding-mason jars EVERYWHERE, dress looks slightly thrift store-ish, held in a BARN… geeze louise.

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    Haha! I went to so many hipster weddings this summer! I love it though. They are so cute and crafty!

    Burlap? Check. Mason jars? Check. Chalk board signs? Check.

    pinterest/hipster wedding complete.

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    hahahahahahahahaha!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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