Pause and Breathe

To my friends that follow this blog. Thank you.
This blog has been such been a great creative outlet for me. 
It has given me space to share my love for parties, crafts, and DIY. 
But, lately, it has also become a source of stress, and guilt. 
I feel like I NEED to post a certain number of posts a week.
 I NEED to have events and DIY projects to post about. 
I NEED to stay up all hours, keep up with blogs, tweet, and socialize. 
When I don’t do those things I worry, stress, and often avoid other responsibilities in order to get something done for the blog.
I realize it is me that puts this type of pressure on myself. 
I usually flourish under creative pressure.
This has been a really tough year for me and my family though. 
The economy just isn’t getting better. 
Now we have an extra mouth to feed, body to clothe, and head for which to provide shelter. 
It was a choice I’d never go back on, but it hasn’t made life easier and it is time for something to give. 
I need just a little time to
Pause. Take a Break. Figure some things out.
Breathe. Relax. Take care of me and mine.
So, I’m taking a break from blogging. 
I’ll still post photos on Instagram (I’m addicted).
 I’ll occasionally Tweet (also, addicted).
I plan to keep my Etsy store up and running.
I’m keeping this website open and might throw a post up now and again when I have time/desire to post something. I hope to come back to regular blogging after some time dedicating myself to pausing and breathing. I don’t know when that will be.
Again, Thank You for reading and I hope that I will see you when I get back.

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    Aww… I’ll miss your posts, Jenni, but I’m glad you’re taking time to get your life back to normal. That’s 100% more important!

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